Behind Every Great Video is a Well-Planned Storyboard

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Videos: Connecting People through Story Telling

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Understanding How Short-term Staffing Services Work


Small business owners need to minimise their expenses to ensure smooth cash flow. But sometimes, work load may pile up and the need for a short term secretarial assistant may arise. Thankfully, you can hire a temp agency offering administrative support to address your staffing needs.


The manner in which staffing service companies charge is as follows:

  • As the client, the company that hires the short-term assistant will be billed on a regular basis for the number of hours the employee puts in at the company. The client will be charged based on hourly billing. This will cover the rate paid to the employees plus a fee to the service company. This charge is to cover the insurance, commission, and profit, among others.
  • The hourly rate and the additional charge will largely depend on the job location, type of work, and the volume of business the client company gives to the service-providing agency.
  • The mark up charges will also largely depend on the skill of the employee recruited. Therefore, a simple secretarial assistant will cost less than a specialised computer programmer.
  • The location will determine the cost of the living, which varies from place to place. Thus, different locations mean different rates, even if the job is quite the same.
  • If the client prefers to go to the same temp agency for a few administrative requirements, then a discount will generally be offered by the service provider.
  • The client company will decide if they want the same servicing company to fulfil all their staffing requirements or not. When technically skilled personnel are required, they can choose to go to a company specialising in that particular field.
  • It is advisable to go to a service company that is transparent in its method of formulating bills to all clients. They should share with the client the breakup of what percentage they are paying their employees and what extra charges they are structuring in for other expenses.

Everyday Staycation: Create Your Ultimate Backyard Escape

Hammock in the backyard

The idea of relaxing in a remote island or having a dinner seaside may not always fit the budget of many. Just because you can’t do all of it, however, doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself. According to experts, it’s now becoming common for some people to choose a “staycation.”

This summer, relax and spend your vacation at home. After all, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, and Miami are not your only vacation options.

Enjoy your own pool

You can still enjoy a paradise in your home by having your own swimming pool or spa. If you don’t have a pool, this would be the perfect time to have one installed before the summer season starts. There are many inground pool and spa design options you can choose from. With your own pool, you can have a fun vacation without the hassle of packing up and dealing with airline ravel. Having your own pool seems like a party waiting to happen, and all you have to do is invite your friends and add some snacks.

Create an outdoor dining room

Create a cozy place to host dinner with your family and friends. Whether you have a big backyard or not, you can throw a dinner party on a summer night. Design a place that makes you feel like you’re on a tropical island. A dining room outdoors will definitely feel like a getaway.

Hammock in the backyard

Camp under the stars in your backyard

If you’ve never experienced camping before, try it in your backyard. Install your own tent and snuggle up with great books. It may be simple, but it’s a great way to enjoy a quiet area. You can make this your personal vacation spot every weekend.

Even if you can’t make it to that island you’ve been dreaming about this summer, you can still enjoy a fun vacation. Try these ideas to turn your home into an outdoor oasis.

Sparkling Teeth for Brighter Smile

Girl smiling

Technology has made improving the quality and appearance of the teeth simple and more accessible. With advanced cosmetic dentistry, people can now achieve their desired smile. The Dental Design Studios offer the following guidelines for proper oral healthcare:

For children

Proper oral health care should start in childhood. Parent should consult their children’s dentist during one of the regular visits to know of any future dental problems the child might face. Once the permanent teeth start growing, the dentist will be able to give advice on any braces or wire that might be required. This can help the growing teeth remain in proper alignment.

Girl smiling

For adults

Adults can also use braces to straighten their teeth easily. There are transparent brackets set behind the affected tooth. Retainers also can be used later to keep the teeth straight. Crooked and misaligned teeth not only look unattractive but also lead to health issues. As cleaning is difficult when they’re not in line, they decay faster. Sometimes, they cause stress on the jaw, too.

The second problem faced by many is yellow, discolored teeth. This can be solved with modern methods like teeth whitening. Teeth whitening should be carried out only after making sure that the teeth and gums are completely disease-free.

The three options are deep bleaching, home or office whitening. Home whitening is easy and affordable. Patients can use prescribed powder or gel at home as advised by the dentist. Office whitening means you need to visit the clinic and have the dentist clean it. Deep bleaching is only recommended for very bad discoloration.

Knowing that you have a wonderful and pleasing smile does wonders for your confidence. Cosmetic dentistry specialists can enhance the beauty of your smile by using a few advanced techniques.

Converging Creativity: Music, Arts, and Creative Writing in Makati

Ayala Museum, Makati

Most people think that when you live in Makati, you’re close to business hubs. But it goes beyond that. For people who rent a house in San Lorenzo Village, Makati is a place to reawaken the love for the arts and literature. It has become the go-to place for people who appreciate culture.

Who would have thought that a place for businesses and young professionals could also be a venue where art pieces highlights the creativity and talents made by the local artists. When you decide to rent a house here, you will definitely not miss the posters that speak of the words “art” and “Philippines.”

Ayala Museum, Makati

Photo by Manilaspirit via License: CC BY-SA 3.0

For art enthusiasts

If you love art, your idea of happiness could be staring at history’s greatest masterpieces. Makati City will not fail to impress people who like art exhibits. The city boasts a number of museums such as the Yuchengco Museum and the Ayala Museum. These museums feature local and international artists every now and then.

For creative thinkers and writers

Makati has always been devoted to making its writing workshops accessible to all. If you’re interested in feature writing, now is the great time to explore it. The Ayala Museum together with Ruel De Vera will be holding a series of feature writing workshops on April 7, 14, and 21. The people behind the Ayala Museum invites everyone interested in learning the art and craft of writing. The workshop fee includes one day free access to the library and museum.

For music lovers

The city aims to bring music closer to everyone. Makati can satisfy your music hunger. Ayala Triangle and Circuit Makati are excellent venues and famous for music events and activities. There are many concerts year-round, which music lovers will enjoy.

The joy of living in Makati is not just about success, it’s also about being closer to arts and culture. The wide selection of events, art museums, and concerts in the city will not disappoint.

Full Workout: Fitness Equipment and Accessories to Have at Home


Diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases – these are some of the top causes of health problems and deaths around the globe. To reduce health risks, some people limit their calorie and fat intake while others spend countless hours in the gym.

Why go to the gym when you can exercise at home? Here are some fitness accessories and equipment to help you have a full body workout:


The treadmill is a popular piece of equipment for many fitness enthusiasts. As you can control all factors of the exercise, it is perfect for different individuals in any fitness level. Whether you are just starting out in your journey to a better body or preparing for your next marathon, a treadmill can give you a good cardio workout.



Many people don’t like lifting weights, as they think they will get big, bulky muscles. Fortunately, this isn’t true. You will only have big, bulky muscles when you lift weights with a particular intensity, a particular volume. When you don’t meet any of these factors, your muscles will not look like those of a body builder’s.

Yoga or Stretching Mat

Stretching is an important exercise regimen. It helps prevent injury during and after a workout. Furthermore, you can do many floor exercises to tone your body with a mat.

Who said you need to go to the gym for a full workout? With the right equipment and accessories for fitness, you can stay healthy and in shape without spending a fortune on gym memberships.

Fight Glare with Car Tints

Daihatsu Sirion (M100RS) hatchback

Driving during daytime can be a hassle due to bright sunlight. You’re not spared even in cloudy days, as the UV rays can make it harder for your eyes to adjust to the glare. Eyeglasses help, but it would be better if you had your windows tinted. This not only reduces the amount of sunlight going through your car, but also allows you a minimal amount of privacy.

Daihatsu Sirion (M100RS) hatchback

How Dark Should Your Windows Be?

You might want to make your car’s windows to look really dark, but that can make you liable for breaking traffic laws. In Utah, car technicians applying tints have to follow specific regulations. The windshields, for instance, should only have transparent tinting on the top four inches with 70% transmittance for the rest of the glass. The rest of your car’s windows, on the other hand, can have full tinting if they let a certain percentage of light in.

Should You Apply Tint on Your Own?

This makes it necessary to consult car tint specialists in Utah before you apply window films yourself. Their knowledge of the law and the correct ways to install gets the job done right the first time. Check out different shops to compare rates and tinting results.

Why Regular Dental Visits are More Important as You Age

Dental clinic

Expense is the main reason most Americans don’t go to their dentist as frequently as they should. They fear the price would be too high due to the length of time that passed since their last visit. The good news is there are reliable family dentists  who provide affordable oral care. You can have regular dental visits without spending beyond your budget.

Here’s why you need to visit the dentist frequently as you age:

During Your 30s

Higher levels of estrogen and progesterone may result in puffy gums vulnerable to minor infections. Floss your teeth regularly as it helps reduce the risk of gum disease. Recent studies link untreated gum disease to preterm and low-birth-weight babies. Your family dentist helps diagnose and treat gum disease to preserve your smile.

Dental clinic

During Your 40s

No matter how busy you are, you still need to allocate time for dental visit. Find affordable dental services to spot early signs of illnesses you shouldn’t ignore. For example, a gum disease may be a sign of diabetes. You should also keep in mind that oral cancer is more common after the age of 40. This is why regular dental check-ups are essential to your overall health.

There’s more to dental care than having a beautiful smile. Beyond the appearance of teeth and gums, oral hygiene can have a significant effect on your confidence and overall health. Schedule a regular dental visit to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

The Sound of Music: Top 3 Must-Have Gadgets for an Audiophile

good quality headphone

Notice that your favorite songs help you relax and make you feel better. That’s because what the experts say about music is true: it can really soothe the soul and the mind. Recent studies show that music can even make people smarter.

good quality headphone

Technology today gives everyone a good reason to listen to any specific song. With digital music available right at your fingertips, it’s now about finding ways to get the most out of your music-listening experience. If you’re looking for the perfect music device, here are some suggestions not to miss:

Spin headphones

This type of headphones will turn DJ amateurs into pros. You can make music on the go and even get some exercise at the same time. Spin headphones allow users to mix some tracks through one headphone and scratch with the other.

Portable speakers

Transform your phone from mobile device to sound system with small portable Bluetooth speakers. You can stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device including your phone or laptop. Some wireless Bluetooth speakers can even act as a speakerphone for conference calls.

Wireless in-ear headphones

This is perfect for someone who enjoys working out. Wireless headphones are lightweight and sweatproof. Some of these have a special reflective band on the back that helps keep runners safe at night.

Whether it’s pop, rock, or classical, these music gadgets feature some of the best advances in technology.


Estate Liquidation: Three Things You Need to Know

agreement form

People have varied reasons for letting go of their properties through estate liquidation. Usually, it’s because someone in their family passed away and the surviving members want to move on from their grieving. But it can also be because of an impending long-distant relocation, divorce settlement, or bankruptcy.

agreement form

Whatever reason you may have, it is best to understand what happens in estate liquidation. There are many reliable estate liquidation companies in Anaheim that can help you with the process. Before you call them, take a look at the following:

The Main Difference

The two processes, estate sale and liquidation, are essentially the same. The only difference is that the latter includes stocks, real property, artwork, or anything that needs professional appraisal. Realtors, CPAs, lawyers, and appraisers are usually involved in the liquidation processes.

Tag Sales

In some places, people call estate sales as tag sales. This is because the items are already tagged with a set price. Buyers can still bargain and lower the price, depending on the owner and the company that oversees the sale.

First Come, First Serve

One key feature of an estate sale is its orderliness when it comes to the buying process. The ones who arrived first at the venue of the sale are given the priority to choose the items they like and buy them.

Estate sales can be a bit overwhelming, but with the help of expert estate liquidation companies, you can overcome the challenges. What is important is that you are able to move on after letting go of your property.

Before You Bid: Understanding and Preparing for Vehicle Auctions

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Auction houses are ideal places for finding vehicle bargains. Before you commit to a bidding war, however, make sure you know your rights, your budget, and the auction. Read on to learn more about how these events work.

How Auctions Work

Vehicle auctions are basically bidding battles; the starting price of every vehicle depends on its make and model, and the condition of the car. An auctioneer announcing the price of the car signals the start of the bidding process. The person who makes the highest bid will be committed to buy the car.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Keeping Emotions in Check

As auctions can be exciting and fast, it is easy to get carried away. Always keep your emotions in check when bidding for any item. You have to make sure that you don’t overextend your budget when you are caught up in the competiveness of the bidding process. Keep in mind that once you make a bid, you cannot withdraw it.

Bidding on Your Budget

Typically, the participants are allowed to check the vehicles before they start the bidding. If you don’t know anything about car inspection, bring a friend who does. Always decide on the bidding price based on your budget.

Find great deals on cars and trucks by visiting auction houses and companies. Look for an upcoming auction hosted by reputable auction houses.