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4 Easy Sugar Facial Waxing Steps

facial waxing

The sugar hair removal technique is one of the most popular hair removal methods in Austin, used specially for removing female facial hair.

facial waxing

To perform female facial hair waxing using sugar, follow these steps:

Prepare the Sugar Waxing Mixture

Combine one cup of sugar, juice from ½ fresh lemon, and ¼ cup of honey in a small mixing bowl. Heat the mixture on a stovetop in a low heat for three to five minutes. Heat the mixture until the sugar dissolves and it gains a smooth consistency.

Allow the mixture to cool to a temperature that’s a bit warmer than room temperature.

Clean the Area to Be Waxed

Clean the area you want to wax and dry it thoroughly. Dust it with cornstarch to draw out moisture and aid in your skin’s tautness, reducing the pain.

Apply the Sugar Waxing Mixture

Spread a thin layer of the mixture onto the cornstarch-dusted area using a tongue depressor. Lay a fabric strip over the top of the mixture and then press down while rubbing in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Run your hand or fingers over the strip three to four times to make sure all the hair stick to it.

Pull Off the Fabric Strip

Pull your skin taut. Grab the end of the strip and then pull quickly against the direction of the hair growth. Don’t hesitate while pulling or the pain will worsen.

Sugar waxing is an ideal facial hair removal technique that’s easy and gentle on the skin as can be. With that said, consider using this technique, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Living With An Eye Disease: Why Some People Wear Sunglasses Indoors


Sunglasses are an accessory popular among all ages, races, and countries worldwide. While most people wear shades for sun protection or as part of fashion, other people use it for more worthy reasons.


In fact, some people have medical reasons to wear their sunglasses both indoors and out: a disease known as thyroid eye. It happens more often in women. It is usually not life-threatening.

These medical reasons include:

Dry, irritated eyes

This is likely the most prevalent cause of thyroid eye disease. It’s a condition marked by swelling of the muscles and fatty tissues surrounding the eyeball within the eye socket. If the muscles become swollen, it can affect how the muscles control the ability of the eyes to move.

Light sensitivity

Healthy eyes produce tears to lubricate the cornea, which is the thin tissue covering the iris. A lack of lubrication, however, causes changes in the cornea’s pain fibers that may make eyes sensitive to bright lights. This is why some people use sunglasses indoors as a protection from light, which causes discomfort in the eye.


Thyroid eye disease or Graves’ disease has a number of noticeable symptoms, including redness, in the early stages of the condition. As the swelling worsens, they start to have bulging eyes, which makes many people insecure about their appearance.

Just as a gentleman always removes his hat while inside a room, sunglasses are rarely justified indoors. For those who don’t suffer from an eye disease, it’s time to take off the shades when inside. It’s not just polite, but also good for the eyes.

Form Meets Function: 3 Ways to Turn Your Bar Into a Hotspot


Australia’s business centres are never complete without after-work destinations like bars and restaurants. Most of the time, after long hours of work, career people really just need a drink to calm their nerves, and bars are the best places to get such relaxation. Customers, however, choose their favourite bar based on a number of factors, such as the layout of the area and its drink selection.


Here are some tips to provide quality customer service for your bar guests:

Choose the appropriate style

Design the place based on your desired clientele. A bar located in the posh financial district should have a sleek, modern design. Hire bar interior designers in Perth who come up with a concept or theme that appeals to the desires of your target demographic.

Install fixtures conducive to your theme

It’s not just the goods on sale that draw people into business. Choose space-enhancing artwork, lighting, and music. Select chill-hop music for an upscale establishment, or classic rock for a bar with a cosy neighbourhood design.

Strive to be customer-centric

The actual bar layout creates traffic. Determine the measurements of the bar and make a blueprint. Interior design companies in Perth can help you design an appropriate layout for the space constraints.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can make innovation a reality for your bar. If you make your bar fun, you can be sure that customers will be back soon.

Notable Search Tactics to Look Out for in 2014


With the many changes Google is constantly implementing, many businesses seek help from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies to improve rankings on organic search results. Here are some search tactics to take note of this year:


Brand Authority

From keywords to context, brand and domain authority are now more important because of the Hummingbird update. What will matter this year is how authoritative and relevant web pages are from the perspective of Google and the searcher. Websites need to provide all necessary information, so visitors will stay on their initial visit or frequently refer to the site for more information.


Smartphones dominated the market in 2013 and experts believe that it’ll continue to rise this year. More people will access information through mobile devices, so responsive design is necessary when developing websites for such platforms.

According to Matt Cutts, head of the Webspam team at Google, sites that aren’t mobile-friendly will rank lower, especially those that display heavy Flash and redirect mobile traffic to the homepage. At present, the increase of mobile traffic can make or break a website.

These are only among the important things to take note of if you want to improve your organic search engine optimization efforts. Find a good and reliable SEO company to do these successfully.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: The Trustee’s Roles


Apart from a trusted bankruptcy attorney in Van Nuys, another entity that will make a big impact on your Chapter 7 case is the trustee. Read on to learn more about the trustee’s roles in your case.


To Review

The bankruptcy trustee will check all the information you put on the petition. It is their responsibility to make sure all computations are correct through cross-referencing with the provided data and other independent sources.

To Examine

During your first hearing, the trustee will be the one to conduct the hearing. They will examine you under oath about what you stated in the provided documents.

To Sell

The trustee can liquidate your non exempt assets. They will find out the value of your property and check your possessions if you have assets that can be sold to settle your debts.

To Avoid

The trustee has the power to avoid wrongly executed security interests and preferential transfers. Thus, this entity can sell property clear of lien provided that the creditor did not create one for a certain asset.

When facing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you shouldn’t be on your own. It is best to seek help from entities such as the Office of the US Trustee and Law Offices of Hamid Soleimanian, as well as read different online resources from Forbes, Bank rate, and other trusted sources.

Getting Ready for Plastic Surgery: Tips and Advice

plastic surgery

Undergoing a plastic surgery procedure is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you could make in your life. Now that you’re only a few days away from the big day, it’s important to set your expectations, have a proper mindset, and calm your nerves. Here’s how you can prepare your body for the procedure:

plastic surgery

Get in Shape

Prepare your body for the surgery by eating food rich in vitamins and minerals. Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you consume and lessen junk food and soda. Drink plenty of water, and exercise and get enough sleep.

Know the Side Effects of the Procedure

Every procedure has a side effect. Make sure you are aware of what will happen after your surgery. Read online materials and ask your plastic surgeon in Virginia Beach about the effects of the operation, the procedures involved, and the recovery time.

Stop any Addiction

Any addiction, whether it’s alcohol, nicotine, or recreational drugs, can make your recovery more difficult. Limit or cut smoking and alcohol or drug intake to avoid complications and more serious problems.

To get the most out of your cosmetic surgery procedure, be informed, prepare your body, and set positive and realistic expectations.

Getting the Best Paint Money Can Buy


Choosing a new paint is like picking a new toothpaste. Even though their colours can all look the same, these products can differ in price considerably.


It’s true that affordable options are often attractive, but many higher-priced products have better quality and are available in more brilliant colours.

If you talk to WA painters, you’ll learn that all paint contains the same ingredients, and these ingredients affect the material’s quality and colour.


The more pigment a paint contains, the more it retains its true colour.


Binders hold the paint together and allow the material to stick to different surfaces. They also help the product resist cracking, blistering, and peeling.


Quality paint have higher ratio of solids to liquids. The more liquid a product contains, the more it evaporates during the drying process, creating the need for additional coats later on.


Additives are different ingredients that give paint special properties, such as mildew resistance or extra durability.

Higher-priced products can offer more exceptional palettes. In fact, some lines even offer colours that can’t be found in other brands or duplicated without using high-quality ingredients. With that said, it’s not about choosing the most affordable, but picking the most suitable paint when painting in WA.

Behind Every Great Video is a Well-Planned Storyboard


Whether you’re venturing into an online video production, a demo video, or a short film, creating a storyboard should be part of your game plan. A storyboard is simply a graphic representation of how events or transitions in your videos will unfold. Essentially, it’s a series of pictures, and may even look like a page from a comic book. This is what you’ll hand over to production houses or online outfits like Creativo Media so they can understand what you’re trying to convey.


The Importance of a Storyboard

Technically, storyboard serves as the bridge between the levels of understanding of the production house and the idea generator. Sometimes, an advertising creative or those who think of the story find it hard to explain their vision. A storyboard will show the director, the actors, and the production staff how a certain scene should play out.

Planning and Creating a Storyboard

In a video production, you will need a visualizer or an artist who will draw the events of the story. The visualizer will draw a series of squares that represent video frames. The scene will be drawn in each square, and under each square is the dialogue of the characters or some special instructions.

Before you even tire yourself with finding a provider of video production solutions, make sure you have everything planned out, so execution will be smooth and successful. Put storyboard on top of your pre-prod needs.