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Different Rug Types for Your Home Decorating Needs

weaving a rug

According to Modern Style Rugs, one of UK’s leading rug stores, area rugs are a great means to add warmth and style to any room in the house. Rugs serve to tie the entire room together or as an accent piece. Not only are they stylish, but they also serve a utilitarian aspect. Here are some of the different types of area rugs for sale.

weaving a rug


Among the different rugs on sale, wool is considered the one that offers the best durability, level of comfort, and easy maintenance. They also are quite costly when compared to other types of rugs available. Wool can absorb dyes better than other natural or artificial fibres, giving it unprecedented depth when it comes to colour. Wool rugs actually improve with age. For high foot traffic areas, wool rugs such as Dhurrie and Kilim are recommended. For bedrooms and formal living rooms, Flokati rugs and oriental rugs are the best choice.


Acrylic rugs offer not only the appearance but also the feel of woollen rugs at a fraction of the price. These were originally designed for use in the bathroom as bath mats due to their inherent mildew and moisture repellant features. Acrylic rugs are quite resistant to staining and fading, which make these the most practical choice for most rooms. The downside is that they are not as durable as wool, and therefore, are not recommended for high-foot traffic areas like hallways.


This type of rug is softer than wool and tend to be more casual in appearance. They can either be handmade, machine-hooked, woven or braided. They are quite easy to clean, but do not last as long as wool or acrylic. High moisture levels breakdown the fibres in cotton rugs, which lead to damage. For people who are conscious about the environment, organic cotton rugs, which are biodegradable, offer the best choice.


Among the different synthetic rugs available, olefin is the most affordable. It is highly colourfast and does well to repeat cleaning with chemicals. They are extremely lightweight, even the biggest one, which make them quite easy to reposition. This rug is not an heirloom type of rug but more of a practical choice for short-term use. If you require a rug in a home where there are many children and pets, this one is the perfect choice.

Owning a Ventless Gas Fireplace: A Short Safety Guideline

fireplace in living room

Choosing a ventless gas fireplace takes more than just focusing on the looks. This product is designed to offer additional heat for short periods only and is not meant to be used as the main heat source. The propane burner releases unburned combustion byproducts in the vicinity. Moreover, the use of a ventless fireplace can increase humidity levels, potentially increasing the possibility of mold and mildew formation. So, you need to follow the instructions carefully to minimize the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning or oxygen deprivation at home.

Here’s a brief guideline from Uintah Fireplace:

fireplace in living room

Measure the Area

Before purchasing a gas powered ventless fireplace, measure the space where you intend to place it. Do this by multiplying the length of the room by the width to determine the square footage. This is necessary when choosing the right model for your house.

Once you have the dimensions, compare those with the ones provided in the manufacturer recommendation. This will make sure you’re choosing one that is safe to use given the area you have. Installing one that’s too large can cause a number of health problems. Inquire about a model that features an automatic shutdown feature in case there’s a problem with the venting or the combustion process. Moreover, choose a model that features an oxygen meter and a carbon monoxide detector. All these safety features prevent life threatening problems with your ventless fireplace.

Safety Standards

Make sure you read the safety standards of different models to determine which one is suitable for your home. For instance, turning the ventless fireplace on for at least one or two hours in the evening to set the mood for relaxation may be appropriate. But letting it run for several hours or more than the recommended use is downright dangerous. Pay attention to all the safety precautions provided in the operating manual. Also, go through the recommended uses and other requirements.

Check the codes

Before you buy a ventless fireplace, know the building codes for your neighborhood. There are some places where the use of ventless fireplaces is prohibited. Some municipalities don’t allow its use even if the state says you can.

Professional Landscape Design: Adding Value to Every Home

Lodge Landscaping

If you’re looking to improve your garden’s aesthetics, it’s important to hire the best person for the job. Choosing the right landscaping designer can save you a lot of money and time. In addition, you’ll also get the best outcome you’re looking for. A good landscaper can make the whole experience of setting your garden a rewarding one. You’re bound to enjoy this for years to come.

Tips for selecting the right Landscaper:

1) Many expert landscapers may send you a quote for their costs and services. Comparing these quotes to help you make a decision, especially concerning your budget.

2) Visit the official website of different landscape designers and search for samples of their works.

3) Make appointments for a consultation visit. By doing this, a representative from each landscape designing company will come to your home. They’ll first examine your yard and give you an estimate on the service cost.

4) Do not hesitate to ask questions about the following topics:

  • duration of the job
  • whether the company has any liability insurance
  • expertise of their employees
  • if the outcome will increase the value of your home
  • their willingness to give a refund in case a serious problem arises

Lodge Landscaping


Your landscape plan must harmonise with the architectural structure of your residence. For example, if your habitat is angular, you can either go for a specifically shaped lawn to complement the sharp edges of your house or reduce those sharp corners with twisting pathways and irregularly shaped grass beds for a lesser ceremonial impression.


Ask for a low-maintenance yard, which includes less turf to scythe, more local vegetation, and well- organized irrigation. Estimate how large a tree will reach at maturity. Also, go for easy-safeguarding lawns with brick or stone that don’t require any form of polishing and concealing.