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Smooth Operations: How to Avoid Common Issues Found During Elevator Inspections

elevator sign

elevator signAre elevators hazardous to your health?

This question is perhaps what many tenants are asking every time there is an accident in apartments or condominiums. In the United States, research shows elevators make 18 billion passenger trips every year and some of those trips resulted in 27 deaths.

There are several types of elevators: passenger, home, LULA, freight, and personnel. Elevator malfunction may cause minor injuries, or worse, death. This is the reason every building owner is responsible in making sure the elevators have a certificate of inspection. All buildings should expect a periodic annual inspection.

To make your elevator safer, you may want to know the common problems and ways to avoid them.

Failure to Open or Close Properly

No one wants to be trapped in an elevator, especially if the temperature is warm or when elderly persons are on board. Though this situation does not cause major injuries, the experience can be traumatizing and you can face potential legal troubles. Doors cause the most problems, which is why regular maintenance is necessary.

Repair and Maintenance Concerns

Some elevator issues, such as slow operation or system downtime, are noticeable. Some problems, however, are not obvious, which makes it more dangerous. Keeping a commercial building’s elevator system in good condition is paramount. It takes vigilance and maintenance. Don’t ignore regular inspection, as the elevator’s performance will decline quickly. It’s best to seek the help of experts if you are planning to install new LULA elevators.

Lack of Safety Signs

Doors are not the only source of elevator problems. Not having enough safety signs can also cause problems. Outside of each elevator, it’s important to have a big sign that says, “In case of fire, do not use elevator” or “Passengers only. No Freight.” Load capacity and instructions are also important. Some buildings became victims of vandalism, where people remove signs.

Your building’s elevators are complex, but they are also vulnerable to wear and tear if neglected. By following the tips above, you can prevent legal issues, costly future work, and elevator breakdowns.

4 Creative Fixes for Making Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger


bathroomA cosy bathroom is different from a cramped one. Even if your bathroom is lacks in space, it does not have to feel like you are constantly squeezing your way in. If you feel like your bathroom walls are always closing down on you, chances are you need a bathroom refurbishment to address the problem.

By changing and upgrading particular parts of the space, it is actually considerably easy to change things up and add to the bathroom’s appeal. Take a look at the following fixes to make your tiny bathroom look bigger:

Mind the Floors

The secret to making your bathroom feel more spacious is all on the floor. It is important to have a flowing, seamless flooring design, so as not to emphasize just how small the space actually is. Bathroom International says there are various flooring options you can use to achieve such effect. To be sure, pick tiled flooring, so you can fit them easily.

Do Not Spare the Corners

Most homeowners feel that they do not have enough space for basic bathroom essentials. But this is because they do not make full use of what is available. Corners, for instance, are not just for your plant ornaments or magazine stand; you can install a corner sink there as well. This facilitates more space for moving around.

Pick Glass Screens

Solid shower screen panels tend to restrict the visual appeal of a room. They can make any space look smaller than it actually is, so it is better to choose glass shower panels instead. If you are worried about privacy, you can always use film panels.

Use More (Fashionable) Mirrors

Mirrors do not have to be plain and ordinary. There are mirrors available today with modern designs that can give your small bathroom a huge visual boost. You can even choose backlit mirrors for a more sophisticated appeal.

Small bathrooms do not have to feel small. By upgrading a few fixtures, you can improve the ambience and make it cosier and comfortable for anyone.

Home Tutors: Giving Your Kids an Extra Academic Boost


Some high school students who do well academically, start to struggle and lose track as soon as they enter college. This manifests in the form of bad grades on papers and coursework, and not being able to keep up in class. There are also occasions when they struggle with homework, as they don’t know how to approach the work.

tutorIn these cases, getting the help of a home tutor in Brisbane is one of the most ideal ways to stay on track.

Some students improve their class standing by approaching their professors and teaching assistants. In case this help isn’t sufficient, they can find information at the student centre or online about home tutoring.

According to experts like Progressive Home Tutors, many tutors offer their services over the Internet and help students do well in college. The concept of getting a home tutor in Brisbane is catching on. Some students do better after one-on-one tutoring sessions. Students can understand the complex ideas as their personal tutor would focus on teaching them.

When looking for the right home tutor, here are important points that you should consider:

1. Budget

It is important for parents and students to check the tutor’s rates. As the tutoring industry expands, this learning setup becomes costly, especially when added to college fees and book expenses. You should, however, consider it a good investment, giving your kids’ schooling a boost.

2. Skills

What students have to consider when they want to hire a home tutor in Brisbane is the style of teaching, level usually taught, and the amount of experience. It is a good idea for students to look for native language tutors, so that they can learn faster. There are also people who teach foreign language speakers who need to keep up with their academic standing.

3. Time

Many home tutors in Brisbane also go to their students’ houses if needed. Students have to find out how much time a tutor would spend on a subject, as they might need longer periods for complex subjects. Some tutors can provide insights on how much time they think a student will need to catch up with their peers. This would help in planning the educational path of the students.

When hiring a tutor through a website, it pays to check their references and testimonials. Assess how other students responded to their services, so you can weigh your prospective tutor’s effectiveness.

App The Ante: Apps That Increase Productivity

using a phoneIn today’s digital world, it is not only the devices that drive us, but applications. Innovative app developers constantly create and innovate programs to make websites easy to access on various devices besides desktops and laptops.

These new devices are tablets and smartphones.  Users can now use their smartphones to function online anywhere regardless of location. The popularity of these programs spread by word of mouth as there is no better marketing forum than a satisfied customer base. defines apps as software for mobile devices, and they have various timesaving benefits for the average user.

How can These Apps Increase Productivity?

  • Apps are meant to help consumers save on time and money. Even ordinary persons have several tasks that need to be done at regular intervals.
  • The possibilities and ideas that lead to better and efficient programs are immense. App developers constantly create new ones to address all kinds of conceivable need.
  • Because apps are on mobiles, and you can use mobiles anywhere, then they can function from anywhere efficiently.
  • These apps automate some tasks and thus save your time to concentrate on other pursuits.

The Internet and Online Marketing

These days, Internet and online marketing fosters campaigns that can go viral in seconds.  Online marketers now use this social phenomenon to advertise with greater returns compared to conventional marketing, as it is less expensive.

Mobile users on their apps play a huge role in the potential of a campaign to be viral. Users constantly share on the web, which creates a chain effect to reach a much wider audience.

Increased Security

Newer apps now increase security, instead of decreasing it. These apps can lock essential data, encrypt private information, and back up sensitive records on apps that access cloud services. This makes apps appealing to users with private information.

Apps are hardly merely games and trivial programs. The recent apps are now as complex as software on desktop machines, and easily as useful.

How Safe is Your Working Environment? : Secrets to Preventing Chemical Spills in the Workplace


workplaceChemicals are important in many industries, especially in the development of new technologies for economic growth. In the work environment, they can make jobs easier and simpler. The use of chemicals, however, is both beneficial and risky for people.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to create a healthy and safe working environment. It does not matter if you have thousands or hundreds of strong employees, your business depends on them. Accidents can happen in a matter of minutes when you least expect it, and failure to reduce risks can lead to injuries, costly cleanup, and property losses.

Read on to know how you can control or prevent spills at your workplace.

Write Strict Policies

This is a good way to educate your employees about the importance of finding solutions and preventing potential injuries. Putting together a policy involves hard work and knowhow. Your safety rules should promote cleanliness and encourage workers to take every step necessary to make the workplace safe for everyone. Remember, attention to health and safety is important to achieve key business objectives.

Place Spill Pallet

Chemicals can be life threatening, as they may irritate the skin, eyes, and other body parts. Fortunately, using containers for the spills help prevent harmful materials from getting in contact with your employees. Apart from your workforce, spill pallets can protect your investments. According to Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co., a premier provider of safety and drum handling needs, prevention is a smart financial decision that’s much better than making reparations.

Store When Not in Use

To prevent chemical spills, proper storage is a must. Always advise your workers to keep unused chemicals in their appropriate storage area. Doing this allows them to reduce the possibility of accidentally knocking over a container. This is also a way to keep the working area organized and free of clutter. Just make sure your employees store toxic substances together from the same category, as some of them easily react when mixed with others.

Though these tips may be a bit complicated, at the end of the day, you will be glad you contribute to a safer haven for your employees.

Recovering After a Disaster Through The Cloud

disaster cloud

disaster cloudWhen people in the IT business talk about clouds, they are actually referring to is an increased capacity in computing data. Experts have come to regard the cloud as the future of file storage and online backup, and that future is now.

Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing, which utilizes large groups of remote servers which are networked together in order to allow the sharing of tasks, namely data processing, data storage, as well as online access to computer services and resources. It is an essential IT tool for business growth and development.

More than being a tool to grow business, however, cloud computing is also an important part of recovery after a business disaster. It offers solutions to complex problems that can plague businesses and stall productivity. One such cloud-based solution that can prove to be an invaluable solution is hosting services for SharePoint.

Every business has its moment of ups and downs. It takes skill and resolve to soar to great heights, and even more so to climb out of the proverbial ravines during the low points. Every company needs to have a solid plan for disaster recovery solutions.

On that note, many companies can utilize the cloud to help their businesses through particularly rough patches of disasters. The cloud can help maintain the level of compliance, and even generate new business. How exactly can this happen? The cloud does not only store and protect data; it also provides fast and reliable methods for working with data sets and copies, thus providing a new range of business opportunities. The capabilities of cloud-based services allow for the creation of highly resilient business structures.

The benefits that cloud solutions offer are well worth the investment and you’re sure to see quick results as you swiftly recover from the pitfalls of business disasters.

Face Your Fears with These Awesome Extreme Sports

white water rafting

white water raftingAdventure seekers are constantly craving an adrenaline rush, and simply can’t get enough of it. If you are among the many who can relate to this, then trying out extreme sports is the way to go. Some can be dangerous, but you can’t have fun if you don’t take risks. Make sure you’re ready to cast all the fear away before trying these out.

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions, Inc. offers insights as to what extreme sports to try:

White Water Rafting

White water rafting requires you to paddle and ride a pump-up raft down rough and fast-flowing water. You only need to do three things: paddle to steer the raft, hold on for dear life, and scream your lungs out. Face different obstacles when you go down waterfalls and rapids. Depending on the rapid level, things can get pretty dangerous, so professional guidance is necessary.

Bungee Jumping

Unlike other extreme sports, you don’t need any skills to bungee jump. What you do need is a lot of courage and strength. Freefalling from hundreds of feet above the ground with only a harness and bungee cord to save you is enough thrill to last a lifetime. After the jump, you still have to endure bouncing up and down the cord settles.


For surfers, surfing is not just an extreme sport, but a way of life. There’s a unique and engaging culture that surfers have, and you can’t help but become curious especially if you like water sports. Try its numerous variations, such as kite surfing, wave surfing, or wind surfing.

Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit flying is probably the closest you can get to actually feeling like you’re flying. The process is scary, though, and you need to be a very skillful parachutist before even attempting this. Control is really important to have a safe wingsuit flying experience.

Don’t let fear prevent you from taking on these challenges. Cross something off your bucket list today by trying out these extreme sports.

Picture Taking Made Easy with Drones

droneIn today’s world of Instagram and Snapchats, taking pictures has become more of a regular thing than a hobby. It helps that more and more technologically advanced gadgets are currently being offered in the market to make the picture-taking experience even more enjoyable. Among the most popular ones are drones.

What are Drones?

Technically, a drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle. Akin to a flying robot, it is typically remote controlled, although there have been models where the flight plan is embedded in the system itself. The latter does away with the need for someone to control the vehicle.

Generally, drones are used to carry out dangerous missions. Of late, however, smaller drones have found themselves a more mainstream use – that of a carrier of cameras at high altitude. This allows photographers to take great bird’s eye view shots without having to ride helicopters. Unfortunately, since drones would have small vibrations from its engine, the pictures could appear to be a bit blurry. This is where drone stabilizers come in.

Tips on Choosing Drone Stabilizers

DSLRPros recommends checking a number of things before buying drone stabilizers for sale:

  1. Use a gimbal.

Gimbals tend to be a bit pricey, but they could prove to be a good investment, especially if you are looking at using your drone for a long time. A gimbal is generally a remote head that complements the movement of the drone, allowing you to take clearer pictures.

  1. Optimize the gain settings.

Even with a gimbal in place, you might notice some leaning in your pictures or some blurry areas. To lessen the vibration, you can tweak the gain settings to about 80%. You might also need to have a software installed to address this.

  1. Balance your propellers.

Even without a gimbal or tweaks in your gain settings, you can stabilize your drone and your camera by making sure your propellers are balanced. A quick way to do this is to have hardened carbon propellers.

By following these simple tips, you can easily take cinematic drone shots you can share with friends and family.