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Five Movie Hairstyles to Wear on your Wedding

marilyn monroe

marilyn monroeThe perfect hair is what crowns the entire look of your wedding dress. It is often difficult to decide on a look to wear on your special day. Movies, particularly with women in important roles, have always been the source of inspiration for many brides.

As explained, bridal hair and makeup in Perth is becoming more interesting as many brides are turning to their favourite characters for inspiration on their wedding day look.

Here is a list of the top five movie inspired hairstyles to wear on your wedding:

5. The Mockingbird

The ‘Girl on Fire’s braided hair is stylish and is sure to turn heads. Although you will not be shooting arrows in your wedding, this fiery hairstyle is perfect for the woman with a strong personality.

4. The Marilyn Monroe Look

The original ‘Material Girl’s hairdo is a classic for that ‘fresh out of the train’ look and feel. Simple, yet with many curves, this look will make you feel like you are walking down the red carpet, instead of down the aisle.

3. Elven Hair

This Middle-Earth inspired look combines regality and the otherworldly in an entrancing package. Wear this waist-length silver-gold hair and you will feel like an Elf Queen in your very own kingdom.

2. Femme Fatale

This short and slightly curled hairdo is as stylish as it is mysterious. Unlike the Marilyn, red is the colour that you will be wearing down the aisle. If you feel like sporting the super spy look, then this hair is perfect for you.

1. Snow Queen

The Snow Queen’s braid is nothing short of elegant and is perfect if you have something that looks like Elsa’s winter gown. Just be ready to hear the song ‘Let it Go’ as you walk down the aisle; better yet, why not sing it and make it part of your entourage?

If you are out of ideas as to what hair to wear on your wedding day, why not watch a movie and let women on the big screen inspire you? You will be surprised at the endless possibilities!

Fear of Death: How to Transform Your Phobia to a Healthy Type of Fear

Fear of Death

Fear of DeathWe’ve been told that the only sure thing in life is death. And if there exists only one experience that binds mankind together all throughout history and around the world, it’s also death.

Death is something everyone must face. No diet, no exercise, and no amount of money can avoid it. It is, ultimately, the great equaliser.

The finality of life (as the uncertainty of the afterlife), results in fear for many. We see that fear around us—most of us are trying so hard to stop aging, and we hope and hope that the next pill or surgery, or genetic discovery will help extend our lives.

The fear affects your daily life, and it’s unhealthy. Here are some things you can do to turn it into a healthy type of fear:

Be Prepared—All the Time

One thing that makes death even more frightening is that nobody knows when it will come. Some people live for a hundred years, but others die even before they reach their teenage years. So what can you do? Stop obsessing about death, protect yourself from accidents, and live a healthy life.

Planning your funeral in advance might also ease the fear, as this helps assure yourself that you are ready to go anytime.

Welcome Death

Make the fear of death a healthy fear by welcoming it into your life.

Coming to realise that death will eventually come to you actually has a lot of benefits. For one, it encourages you to maximise the time you have and live in a way that your loved ones and other people will never forget you have existed. Help others and love all the people you encounter while you’re still living. When you do this, you’ll find yourself on your deathbed years from now without a single fear or regret.

Remember That the World is Not Our Home

In order to accept death, accept and understand the fact that this world you’re living in right now is not exactly your home. You are simply a traveller passing through. In a matter of years, everyone will move on to the next life, and everyone will take nothing but memories and imprints of your deeds—whether they are good or bad—as they have created it while on Earth.

People come and go—you came and you’ll go. Death is a game you cannot ultimately win, and the best thing you can do about it is to turn that fear into a healthy fear, and live your life to the fullest while you still can.

Not Just for Women: Why More Men are Entering the Paralegal Profession

team of paralegals

team of paralegalsIt is easy to understand why the paralegal field is a female-dominated profession. As it is considered akin to a secretarial job, men rarely yearned for this role. The typical workplace reality also involves conducting research, preparing documents, interviewing clients, or organizing corporate meetings.

Changing the Stereotype

A growing number of men, however, is changing this stereotype about the profession. According to the National Federation of Paralegals Association, the number of men pursuing this career has increased significantly, and will continue to do so because the position is a practical career alternative for all.

Many training programs in paralegal studies are attracting a wider range of students, including younger groups of people. These students are willing to do some of the lawyer’s tasks, and offer assistance for research and clerical responsibilities.

Why Only Now

Many paralegal students now see the profession as an opportunity to work in an area where there is a future. The skills necessary to be a paralegal these days would translate whether they choose to work in a law office, bank, or even insurance company. The bright outlook for employment in the field is appealing to men.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the number of legal assistants and paralegals is expected to grow by 21 percent. This is due to the changing job responsibilities that will cause paralegals to account for 19.9 percent of the industry in 2022.

Respected Profession

This legal profession is becoming more common because of the popularity of the field of law in mass media. It is now a more of a respected and more recognized profession. Some men also see becoming a paralegal as a way to exploring the possibility of becoming a lawyer.

To meet the growing demand, many educational institutions are now offering online courses and training. Universities and colleges nationwide also provide paralegal certificate courses that suit any schedule.

Comfy Living: What You Should Look for in a Good Dormitory


dormGoing to school far away from home and living in a dormitory or boarding house is your first step into your independent life. Of course, it’s going to be challenging to live in a place where none of the things you’ve been so used to are anywhere to be seen.

The good thing is that there are places that offer cheap accommodations for students. But, even with a very limited budget, you cannot just choose a cheap dormitory and completely compromise your safety and comfort.

Here are some of the things you should prioritise when looking for an affordable student accommodation:

  1. Security

Remember, you are a student — young and alone in your new place. Make sure that the place you choose is situated in an area with a safe neighbourhood.

  1. Peaceful

Again, you are a student. The reason you moved out of your house, live on your own and start braving the independent world is because you are out to study – to finish what you ought to finish. Do not stay in places where your neighbours are all bars and pubs where at 2 am you will just suddenly hear glasses breaking and people shouting.

  1. Accessible

Choose a flat that is near every establishment that will be essential in your student life, may that be food stalls, library, supply stores, malls and even hospitals. You wouldn’t know when you would suddenly need things from these places.

  1. Sturdy Building

Live in a place that will not collapse with just a small jolt of the earth. Security, good neighbourhood, and access to all kinds of establishment are totally useless if you are living in a building that will probably cause fatalities because of its poor foundation.

  1. Homey

Choose a place that you can treat as your second home. Go for a place that can give you comfort even for late-night study sessions.

You Know You Got Yourself a Real Estate Rockstar When He Does These 3 Things

real estate agent

real estate agentIf you’ve decided to sell your home, getting a good agent should be high on your priority list. But, for first-time sellers, how will they find a good one the fast and easy way?

The simple solution is to know what it takes to sell your house. Just like any other agent for any other sale, good people do legwork, negotiate and give the best advice and honest appreciation of your home. Trusted online property estate agents from shares some of the signs you have a good agent:

  • Explains the pricing of your home patiently

A lot of homeowners think that the money they paid for their home or the price of building their house from scratch has anything to do with the current market price. A good real estate agent knows that patience and understanding are important when pricing a person’s house. Imposing decisions and a high-handed attitude are all signs of a bad agent.

  • Uses every avenue possible to market your home—even online

A good agent always exhausts all possibilities of getting your home exposed to the buying public. This includes talking to other online property estate agents and asking for listings and other ways to get your address out in the market.

  • Has a good network of stagers, photographers and videographers

The more media there is about your home, the easier it is to sell. When your agent recommends a photographer, videographer or stager to you, the connection serves as a testament to the agent’s character. Good agents only hire the most professional and excellent of photographers since these people are a reflection of the service the former provides.

Agents who aren’t patient enough to explain the process or give your home the right exposure are just trying to make an unearned commission. Interview at least three agents before choosing the right one for you.

Make Your House a Smart Investment—Choose Properties with Good Value

Property Investment

Property InvestmentThere are certain things to consider before buying properties. Some want to build their own home, while some choose to buy readily constructed properties. Others approach house hunting as a business opportunity by finding homes with high resale value.

If you are planning to have your own place, take a look at these factors to get the property that fits you:

1. Strategic location

Location is one of the biggest factors to consider. Many want to live in convenient settings. However, houses in these places are often expensive.

An alternative is to find assets near the location. Manor Lakes lists this as a reason why display homes are situated in areas where they can easily attract attention. The short commute is worth it if you take a look at the price differences.

Another option is to buy land in undeveloped areas with high potential. You can buy the land for a lower price before developers convert it into the next business district or hub of activity. This way, the cost of building your own home is lower.

2. High-quality materials used

Who would want to invest in a structure built using substandard materials? The quality of materials used is as important as the overall look of the house. Find properties for sale that offer security for your family.

If it is in your interest, you can also choose houses that use green materials. Green materials often translate to energy efficient furnishings, which save money.

3. Added features

Does the property have a fireplace and state-of-the-art alarm? Look for options with these added amenities if you’re buying for business purposes. You can have a higher lease price with these added features, which translates to a faster return on investment.

The features you look for in a property will depend on its purpose. If you plan to move in, a home complete with things you want works best. However, if you’re aiming to make a profit, ask yourself what will make the house attractive to leasing individuals.

Apartment Hunting: Finding the Right Apartment

Apartment Interior

Apartment InteriorIndependence can be exciting, especially if it’s the first time you will be away from your home. The freedom of having a place all to yourself is something you might have imagined when you were younger, and you might have found yourself looking at brochures passed along by property developers in Perth or surfing the web for places where you can live.

Now that you actually can, how do you go about doing it? Here is something to remember when you are looking for your first dwelling.

General Living Comfort

Any apartment worth renting would have to look the way you expect them to be. If you find a piece missing or the windows not working properly, you have to look for another apartment. The same goes for the walls; if they are full of holes and other damage, you know that the apartment is not the one you are looking for.

Proper Electricity

A good apartment will take care of its tenants. Remember to check for the electrical layout of the unit that you are going to rent. If you notice a slight flicker in the lights when you turn them on, be brave enough to ask the property developer why, suggests Perth-based

The same goes for the HVAC and the smoke detectors—the HVAC is for your comfort, and the smoke detector is for your safety. Either one of these not working should make you mark the apartment with a large ‘X’.

You thought living alone was easy, didn’t you? Now that you’ve done your due diligence on the places you want to live, you should pick out which among them is the best choice for you. Property developers in Perth would help you land that dream apartment, so enlist their services if necessary in the end, however, the choice is up to you – property developer or none.

It’s All About how Concrete Looks


concreteConcrete is one of the blandest materials in construction, which shouldn’t surprise anyone since its original design was for durability – looks were not the priority. There wasn’t any problem with this situation until concrete as a material became as strong as it can possibly be without introducing expensive additives and treatments.

This effectively eliminated competition within the industry, and there wasn’t anything separating one concrete company from the next. There were some exceptions like Stryke Construction, but companies obviously couldn’t replicate what they did. Fortunately, concrete isn’t a perfect material, and they have several areas people can further improve upon – the most obvious being looks.

The sudden importance of beautifying concrete set up a race for creating ways to make more appealing what’s essentially a mixture of sand, gravel, and water. Chemists and engineers tried to outdo each other for years; everything from making it shinier to making it slip proof entered the market. But, after all was said and done, a group of finishes emerged that gave concrete a unique look without compromising its durability and strength.

The actual number of finishes included in this group changes depending on whom you ask, but the popular consensus is five. The consensus includes stamped concrete, stenciling concrete, trowel finishes, broom finishes, and rock salt finishes. People value these five looks because of their simplicity in application, and the pattern of the product.

The one thing that endeared customers to these finishes is that they each have a unique look that greatly improved the overall aesthetic without adding any of the cost. This is because they were simply surface touches that didn’t alter the mixture in any way. In the end, the best looking concrete finishes are the ones that used the simplest techniques, and didn’t even delve into any complicated chemistry.