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Common Myths About Small Business Loans You Should Stop Believing


LoanMany entrepreneurs remain skeptical about the idea of a small business loan, mainly because of the myths that surround it. For them, the assumption is that such a loan will only make cash flow management a little harder than usual.

Only this isn’t the case – that’s because it is easy to debunk these myths with just a few facts from the lending market. Here are three myths business owners need to stop believing about small business loans, as compiled by

Flawless Credit History is a Requirement

The credit history of a borrower will always be a major deciding factor on how much the interest rate will be and whether or not the lender would approve the loan. But, it is important to note that it is not the only factor for this.

There is more to the company than just a FICO score or D&B rating. Many lenders, also rely significantly on the strength of the management of the business. Getting comfortable with the experience and diversification of the management team is important.

This, however, doesn’t mean borrowers should be lax. It is always good to improve the credit score of a borrower – be it an individual or a business entity.

An Algorithm Decides Everything

Quite a lot of lenders have begun using online applications for loans. This has led to the misconception that a programmed algorithm decides the fate of each application. Of course, this is not true. While online applications have reduced the waiting time to mere minutes, there are actual persons who review everything. A computer, after all, cannot completely judge the character of a borrower.

It Takes Months to Receive a Term Loan

Some business owners shy away from filing for loans because they think the money will not get sent by the time they need it. When dealing with a community bank, response times are often quicker as approvals can be made locally.

It is time for business owners to be more aware of how the lending market works. Stop believing in these myths and be better at cash flow management.

How Can I Tell If My Adopted Child Likes Me?


AdoptionAdoption is always tricky, the government has several controls and pieces of legislation to protect the children from illegal activity. But going through the red tape and paperwork is quite easy compared to the adjustments most adopting parents never expect – the children themselves.

There are couples who want to adopt a child who isn’t a newborn. In fact, services like Heartsring Adoptions encourage couples to do this, as it gives the children hope that they can find a loving home at any age. But if a couple does decide to do this it means that the youngster already has a life of their own by the time they come along.

The child will already have memories, habits, thoughts, and a personality formed by people who may have different values from the couple. This kind of situation will make would-be parents ask one very important question: “Does my child like me?”

It’s actually quite difficult to gauge what a child does and doesn’t like, especially since the most basic wish any parent has is for their children to like them. But this is a question that parents need to address as soon as possible, since it can get in the way of other important aspects of child-rearing – like discipline.

So, how can new parents be sure if the child they’re adopting genuinely likes them? The first thing they need to do is to not give them toys right off the bat. It’s a basic rule when dealing with children – and even adults – that nothing is given, everything is earned.

When a child receives a reward for no other reason than an attempt to gain their favor, it gives them the idea that everything should come easily. They fail to form a meaningful bond with the parents and instead become attached to the gifts. The only reason such children will behave or follow instructions will be because they’re expecting something in return.

The true measure of affection is when a child follows the rules of their parents because they understand that the instructions are for their own good. Mould children into people who like their peers for the right reasons, and not the rewards.

What Burglars Love: Malfunctioning Garage Doors


burglarIn the kind of society we live in today, it pays to be very careful and vigilant, especially when it comes to your safety and security. Rates of crimes, particularly those that involve home invasions, are on the rise. Those who do not practice caution are at the greatest risk, as burglars usually go for the easiest target.

The Numbers

According to, property-related crime is among the leading causes of crime reports in Salt Lake City.

In a report published by the Neighborhood Scout, it was indicated that, for every 1,000 residents, 78 of them are victimized by such unlawful acts. Burglary is one of the most common methods used to perform such crimes.

This brings us to the importance of ensuring that your garage door is fully-functional and problem-free, but if it’s not, you can always ask for residential garage door repair services in Salt Lake City.

The Risks of a Malfunctioning Garage Door

Burglars prefer homes that are easy targets. Home owners who leave their doors and windows unsecured are at greater risk of becoming victims of these crimes. However, those who leave their garage doors compromised are just as easy targets as those who forget to lock their doors and windows.

Malfunctioning garage doors are like unprotected doors and windows; they can easily be opened through simple tweaks and jiggles. Neglecting to fix problems affecting this entry point of your home can result in disastrous consequences, including becoming a victim of property crime.

Furthermore, problems with garage doors also pose health and safety risks. Heavy parts of the door can become loose and fall on someone, causing serious injuries and even fatalities.

Getting Garage Door Problems Fixed Right Away

Once you notice any issue with your garage door, make sure that you promptly have it checked or repaired. Invest in residential garage door repair services Salt Lake City specialists offer, so that you can protect your home, family, privacy, and possessions.

Cavities are Contagious: Can Mums Spread Tooth Decay to Babies?

Children’s Dental Problems

Children’s Dental ProblemsMany children’s dental problems start at home.

A new study is calling the attention of parents to alert them about the serious oral health risk of sharing a spoon with kids during mealtime. According to researchers from the University of Oulu, dental caries can be contagious. They discovered that a mother’s own oral bacteria play a huge role in cavity creation on infants and toddlers.

To come up with the conclusion, the researchers analysed the health knowledge and behaviour of 313 mothers of kids under the age of three. Since certain dental hygiene habits can prevent the most common oral diseases, the study focused on the mothers’ age, smoking habits and tooth brushing techniques.

Oral Bacteria Transmission

Dental professionals like notes that the transmission of cavity-causing bacteria occurs during a period in which the baby’s immune system is not fully developed. The study’s findings indicate that parents with active tooth decay pose serious health risk for children.

The culprit is the Streptococcus mutans, which is a bacterium that a person can pass through the transfer of saliva. The most common cause of bacterial transmission was kissing the baby on the lips (38%), followed by sharing utensils (14%). In the study, oral hygiene and dental visit have proven to be important in the prevention of dental caries in toddlers and infants.

Preventative Dentistry

Babies’ dental health must start at home. Parents should make an effort to avoid bacterial transmission during feeding. It is important to take the children to the dentist to prevent or treat early childhood tooth decay.

To ensure the development of healthy and strong teeth, every parent must set a daily routine that will make their kids understand the importance of tooth brushing, flossing, avoiding certain food and regular dental checkup.

Despite all the challenges parents face, it is not an excuse to overlook the child’s oral health and overall wellness. An understanding of dental hygiene and bacterial transmission will help parents become aware of reducing the risk of dental diseases.

Disaster Recovery: Is Your SME Ready for the Worst Case Scenario?

Hard Disk

Hard DiskSmall and medium enterprises (SMEs) are at higher risk of encountering problems in their operations. As such, they need all the measures they can prepare to prevent these from getting worse. A research presented by Aviva noted that about 50% of SMEs don’t have data recovery and business continuity plans (BCP). Surprisingly, another 16% claimed that they don’t need one. Data is the lifeline of every business and yet its protection doesn’t seem like a priority.

The Importance of Backup

No matter how secure the systems you install in your computers, you can’t be sure of the possibilities. What if an intruder steals your laptop? What if a fire breaks out in your building? These situations can take place unexpectedly. If you don’t have a single backup, whether in the cloud or external storage, you might spend weeks or even months to recover data completely. That is, if you still can recover them.

Backups help save your business in case of accidents, theft and many other unforeseen incidents. In case you encounter corrupted files, however, you need to have a hard drive and SD card recovery expert on standby. The same goes for your cloud storage.

The SME Survival Kit

Backup with caution. Be careful when hiring cloud storage companies and buying external storage devices. Get the highest performing in the industry, as this isn’t the time to look for low-cost options. You need those that can meet the demands of your business, not make you spend more when they fail.

Regardless of the security systems and backups you have, you still can’t be complacent. Make sure that only a few have access to the most important files of your business. As such, even if you overlooked potential offenders, your data is still safe from inside jobs.

Don’t let a single mistake cause the downfall of your business. As an SME, you need to be more attentive of the problems your business could encounter to help it keep moving forward.

Business Ideas for Salt Lake City Entrepreneurs

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake CityLiving in a big city such as Salt Lake in Utah means a lot of opportunities. Among them, opening up your own business. But how will you squeeze in with your competitors? There are a lot of ideas for businesses, even if you’re just starting.

Here are some of them:

1. Walk dogs.

With most people living in high-rise buildings, those who have pets at their homes don’t have the luxury of a wide space for their furry friends. Someone who will walk their dogs will serve as a treat for pet owners. Of course, this comes with the responsibility of learning how to properly care for the pooches… and not just letting them walk around the city.

2. Let people relax.

Opening a spa and wellness center is perfect in the city. A study suggests that people living in highly urbanized areas are more prone to psychiatric disorders, rather than those living in the countryside. With a lot of stressors in the metropolis, a spa center will serve as a haven for city dwellers.

Opening this kind of business can be more difficult than walking dogs, as you have to determine what kind of treatments you’ll be offering. Not to mention, purchasing equipment — and keeping in touch with spa service companies. Fortunately, says, Salt Lake City has several spa service firms that can clean and maintain your equipment, such as pools, spas, and hot tubs.

3. Munch time.

Opening a restaurant, café, or food truck is probably the more obvious choice, because who doesn’t love food? The only trick here is to place yourself in a strategic location. Plus, you have to know what type of food you’ll serve. Will it be Western? Or would you rather bring the exotic Asian taste to Utah?

There are still a lot of choices, but it all boils down to how much you’re willing to shell out for your investment… and if the returns will be worth it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to select a type of business that will not only fit the people where you’ll be servicing — but your personality and priorities as well.

No Bad Hair Day: The Right Way to Care for Your Hair Extensions

Hair extension

Hair extensionWhen it comes to appearance, the important thing that women focus on next to make-up is their hair. Nobody wants a bad hair day, especially if they have hair extensions to maintain. This raises the question, “How do you keep your hair extensions looking beautiful?” and hair extension professionals in Austin, TX share some of the basic grooming tricks to live by:

  • Washing

Use high quality shampoos when washing your hair. Make sure you untangle your extensions from the tips to the roots before shampooing. Don’t rub the shampoo on the extension to prevent tangling. Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any shampoo residue.

  • Conditioning

Applying conditioner after washing is a great way to maintain the softness of your locks. Nonetheless, you should avoid applying conditioner on or close to the hair attachments, as this may loosen the extensions and cause them to fall off. Gently dry with a towel and remove the tangles from the roots to the tips.

  • Hair Styling

Avoid using flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons when styling. Too much heat from these styling tools can ruin your extensions.A better alternative to styling is applying leave-on conditioners and instant styling products. Check the label first; some products have high alcohol content that can dry your extensions.

  • Hair Extensions Treatments

Don’t attempt to dye or perm your hair extensions by yourself. These hair treatments require different chemicals, which can potentially damage your extensions. If you want that perfect look for your hair, consult your stylist and get ideas.

  • Hair Care When Swimming

Try to stay away from salt water and chlorine as much as possible. These may cause your hair extensions to mat up and tangle. You can wear a swim cap or keep it in a high up-do to avoid your hair from soaking up too much salt water or chlorine. Wash and condition your hair immediately when you’re done swimming.

With proper care, you won’t have to deal with bad hair days. Your hair stylist should give the specific do’s and don’ts, as well as the hair products that work best with your new extensions.

Advantages of Outsourcing IT through Managed Services

IT Solutions

IT SolutionsWith the continuous changes and ever-growing demands in the IT world, it is necessary that businesses, particularly those who lack resources, can keep up this development. Nowadays, large-scale corporations prefer using managed solutions just to meet all their IT needs. However, many SMEs are still quite unsure about this solution.

To understand what managed services are, here’s a list of benefits that you can get from this solution.

Control Outlays & Costs

IT managed services allows you to cut down all unnecessary expenses because it has a fixed cost. In short, you only pay for the service for as long as you need it. This solution also helps you save time, effort, and money in hiring and training a highly skilled IT staff, which can be exhausting and expensive.

Provides Complete & Comprehensive IT Solutions

Quickly resolve any system error and override issues by hiring a professional managed services provider in Saint Paul. By having this solution, you can easily fix any problems with the use of the most efficient and comprehensive solutions that are perfectly tailored to your IT needs.

Offers Secure & Industry-Compliant Services

Managed services ensure that your system can catch up with the complex demands of the field by implementing industry-compliant solutions. Along with that, managed services also allow you to easily understand all the fundamental requirements for all types of regulations, as well as comply with them.

Creates More Reliable & Dependable IT Infrastructure

Keeping your workplace neat and tidy is hard enough, but not as hard as maintaining your in-house IT infrastructure. That is why, to avoid compromising the quality and performance of your system, it is always better to have a dependable and skilled IT staff dedicated in keeping your unit running smoothly at reasonable rates.

To guarantee the growth and development of your business, it is important that pay attention to every single detail in your company. That is why in handling and managing all your IT requirements, it is best to use IT managed services to help you stay focused on your business without worrying about making complex IT decisions.

Stop Biting Your Nails! (And Other Essential Nail and Hand Care Ideas)

Hand and Nail Care

Hand and Nail Care With the huge nail art craze, your hands are sure to be front and center. Follow these simple nail and hand care tips from Black Champagne Salon and Spa to keep your cuticles in tip-top shape and hangnails at bay— unless you want to ruin a perfectly good manicure or nail art that you splurged on big time at the nail salon.

•  Always keep your nails clean to avoid bacteria from festering under them. Clean your hands with a gentle cleanser and avoid those with harsh ingredients that can dry your hands and nails. Wear gloves when cleaning, laundering and washing dishes.

•  Practice proper nail hygiene. Use sharp and clean clippers or scissors for trimming nails straight across, and rounding the edges in gentle curves.

•  Don’t expose your hands in excessively icy or hot water. Extremely cold water can result in your capillary vessels to constrict and dilate, which leads to redness, while hot water will dry out your skin because it strips of sebum.

 Moisturise with lotions or oils. While oils are better at moisturising your skin, if you’re not big on feeling oily, you can use a hand cream or lotion instead. Make sure to apply on your nails and cuticles as well.

 Keep nails strong by applying nail hardener.

Practice good cuticle care. Torn and dry cuticles will make your nail art or manicure look old. Also, cutting cuticles may cause bacterial infection, so make sure to exfoliate your hands and only nip hangnails that easily wiggle.

 While the majority of people doesn’t do this, it is important to moisturise your hands after applying hand sanitiser because the amount of alcohol in sanitisers can easily dry out your hands and nails. You can also go for more natural hand sanitiser alternatives.

 Never pick at your cuticles and bite your nails. These can easily result in damage to your nail beds, and one wrong cut can cause bacterial infection.

•  Consider biotin supplements. Consult with your doctor if you can take biotin supplements since studies show that supplementing with biotin can help in strengthening brittle or weak nails. Plus, it can do wonders for your skin and hair as well.

By taking proper care of your hands and nails, they will always be strong and healthy. In addition, your manicurist will love you for it.

Get These Tests Done Before Buying That Home

Buying a Home

Buying a HomeBuying a home is a very large investment, which is why you should make sure the house is safe. One way to make sure is to have it tested for several health hazards, including lead, mold, and asbestos.

Lead Testing

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, homes and buildings constructed before 1978 have the highest likelihood of containing lead paint. It was only in 1978 that the federal government passed a law banning the use of such products.

The government disallowed the use of lead-containing paint because it’s one of the primary causes of lead poisoning, a serious health hazard that resulted in fatalities.

So before you buy that home, check the year of construction. Consider enlisting the services of a Salt Lake City lead testing firm to be sure.

Mold Testing

The presence of molds in a home means there’s excess moisture, an indication that there are possible problems with the plumbing and drainage, as well as issues with the building’s structural integrity.

While most species of molds are not deadly, there are some that produce mycotoxin, a type of toxic substance that can cause serious health problems. In addition, exposure to molds, even the nontoxic ones, can lead to allergic reactions, especially in those with compromised immune systems.

A comprehensive mold test can help you determine if the home has serious problems.

Asbestos Testing

Previously a favored construction material, asbestos had exceptional heat resistance and strength. However, being exposed to its fibers can have serious effects on the health, including an increased risk for lung cancer.

While exposure usually just happens when a material that contains asbestos is damaged or disturbed, it is still life-threatening. Home buyers should never forget to check for asbestos before buying a home.

Your family should be safe in the home you buy. Do your part in keeping them safe by making sure they will not be exposed to harmful substances.