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Setting the Stage: Making Your Guest Speaker Feel Welcome


SpeakerInviting a motivational speaker makes corporate events a greater endeavor than the typical meeting or seminar. With this advantage, you have to consider certain responsibilities, so your speaker will feel appreciated.

Montgomery Presents shares a short-list of reminders to set the stage and make your speaker feel welcome:

Choose an Appropriate Venue

Choose a venue that will fit the maximum number of attendees. Most, if not all, keynote speakers will already post on their websites the minimum and maximum number of participants they can accommodate for the motivational speech. If you plan to have catering services for the event, make sure your venue will have enough space. Most of all, the stage should have enough space for the corporate speaker to move around and interact with the audience.

Invite Ahead of Time

Your next target is the audience. Internal affairs will obviously be part of the short list of invites, but you should also let other members of the company participate. If you are planning to invite as many people as possible, send out invitations weeks or even months ahead. This is important if you expect limited seating.

Advertise the Event

Promoting the event is as important as finding the right venue and inviting your audience. This not only encourages people in your company to participate in the event, but also shows the public and competitors your dedication in improving the lives of the people. Post banners or flyers in key areas of your office or business location.

Once you’ve accomplished these three tasks, you just need to maintain responsible management of the people involved, proper scheduling of attendance, and the seating plan. Don’t forget to update the speaker about the number of guests attending — they will surely appreciate the effort you made in organizing the event.

Planning the Essentials for that Business Meeting

Business Meeting

Business MeetingMeetings are designed to communicate the salient points of a particular business. They are not venues for finger-pointing, as well as other less constructive behaviors.

Now, if that business meeting is with someone you’ve never met before, try not to be anxious. Here are some tips to prepare for it.

Before the Meeting

1. Prepare the things you will need early.

Arriving on time is a must, so make sure to have everything set at least a day before. Decide on the briefcase or suit to use. Are you driving to the venue or will you hire stylish CT limos for a great first impression? This is also the perfect time to get all the documents you’ll need for the presentation.

2. Clarify and confirm the details of your business meeting.

Don’t fall into the trap of miscommunication, especially when meeting foreign representatives. Confirm the date, time, and place of the business meeting a few days before the schedule. Reconfirm a day before, just to make sure it pushes through.

3. Have background knowledge prior to the meeting.

Research about the person you will be meeting. Know the kind of business they do. Find a link to their LinkedIn account, if you can, so you have an idea of their achievements and professional background. Keep the information you gather in mind to frame your conversation later on.

More Tips During the Meeting

1. Be clear on what you want to communicate.

Most business meetings fail because one person didn’t communicate the essentials accurately. Keep in mind that you should discuss the important points before the meeting is over. List the main ideas you want to convey, and respect the valuable time of your client.

2. Focus on at least three salient points.

Identify at least three points you want delivered. Be concise and provide adequate justification, should the other person raise questions.

Preparing for a meeting may be challenging, especially for first-timers. But knowing where to focus can save you from almost anything the situation throws your way.

Towards Improved Sustainability of SC Structures

composite construction

composite construction Steel plates come in different sizes, thickness, elements, parameters, and grades. You’ll often see people use them for structural and construction applications, marine and offshore equipment, and military applications. But, more importantly, they’re a fitting material for pressure vessels or containers.

In nuclear power plants, safety and resiliency are two of the most essential factors required in every material on-site. Steel-plate composite (SC) construction delivers evident advantages of modular construction. Improved sustainability of SC structures can enhance nuclear power plants in general.

Reduce Field Labor Force

Compared to conventional construction, SC construction requires less manpower on the field, as it eliminates certain activities. These activities are those related to rebar election, formwork, and curing. To help further this regard, you can use automated welding techniques and field bolting.

Prolong the Site’s Service Life

If you address the potential occurrence of corrosion when you buy steel plate, SC structures may have a lengthy lifespan. Depending on its application, you can get more advantages of these certain stainless steel types. By all means, stainless option is cost-effective in the long run.

Ensure a Safer Environment

In any nuclear facility, it’s an important consideration to decontaminate the exposed surfaces. With the faceplates installed, it enables you to carry out the decontamination process easily during service life and after decommissioning. SC construction helps keep radioactive materials from potentially spreading.

Moderate Energy Consumption

Surprisingly, SC construction can help you save up on your energy bills. During the construction process, it can reduce the necessity for concrete compaction as the free fall placement method mostly leads to a well-consolidated concrete material. In addition, this allows you to maximize options for field bolting.

These are just four of the several benefits you can get in considering improving the sustainability of SC structures. After all, sustainability is an important feature for nuclear power plant structures.

Seamless: Is This New Gutter Systems What You Need?


GutterGutters are critical components of a building, providing protection against the damaging effects of environmental elements, particularly inclement weather. With well-maintained gutters, your chances of dealing with costly water damage, rotting wooden structural components, and indoor flooding are reduced.

However, like any other part of your home, there comes a time when replacement may be necessary. This may be due to improper maintenance and care, or old age. When you’re up for replacement, know that Salt Lake City has a trendy gutter system, and it’s seamless.

The traditional versus the new

The segmented variant is the traditional type of gutters. Homeowners buy and install these in sections, allowing them to do the setting up on their own. However, despite the ease of installation,  seams made the gutters more prone to problems. Though This Old House and other sites offer tips on repairing gutter problems, it’s better if you don’t have to worry about any leaks, right?

Because of this, gutter manufacturers came up with the seamless version. As implied by the term, these don’t have segments. Salt Lake City’s says these new rain gutters come in a single sheet of material, usually steel, copper, or aluminum. Because they don’t have partitions, there are little to no risks of leaking associated with them.

Less maintenance, better performance

Aside from the reduced risks of leaks and other problems, seamless gutters also need less maintenance. They are easier to secure, and because they only come in one piece, installation is faster.

Yes, segmented gutters are less expensive than the seamless option, but the array of benefits and advantages delivered by the latter makes the extra expense worth it. This doesn’t mean it’s your automatic choice, though. Get more bang for your buck by choosing the gutter system that fits your needs — and wallet.

Creative Ways of Keeping Cables at Home Organized

Cables management

Cables management Modern homes have become laden with all sorts of electronic devices that provide comfort, from cooking food, keeping tabs with daily routine, to getting in touch with friends. But they also brought in one heck of a tangled problem: disorganized cables. So, how do you tidy up all your cables and wires at home?

Sorting Out Your Cables

It might difficult to find out which cable connects to what item under all the tangles and mess. Get started by unplugging and disconnecting everything. Gently tug and pull on the cables to get them all untangled. From there, it’s all just a matter of seeing where each cord leads to.

Trying to remember where all those cables connect to can be a tough task. Use markers and Post-it notes to label everything. Bread bag tags can also be re-used for this purpose. Get some colourful sticky tape to group the cables together (such as those in your PC) for easier identification later.

Making Everything Organized

Once you have sorted out the cables, you want them to stay that way. Zip locks are some of the most popular means of tucking in cables together if you are keeping them away. The problem with these is that they can be a pain to remove. The other good way is to use Velcro straps. Some common household items like binder clips and cardboard paper towel rolls can be used for cable organization.

Sometimes, you end up with many unused cables and wires lying on the floor. You can use a simple hanging shoe rack to store these cables. Label each properly for easier Identification. Before keeping away or plugging back cables, look for damaged wire and replace them immediately. You may use Raychem heat shrink tubing to protect cables.

Plugging Things Back Together

An important consideration when grouping related electrical equipment together is to have enough sockets to plug them in. You need to get power strips or surge protectors that have enough outlets. As a safety precaution, make sure you don’t plug in too much equipment in a single protector or power strip. Also, avoid any octopus connection.

Tidy up everything. You don’t want the wires to hang down from the side of the table. So, tape them down to the tabletop or to the side. If you don’t like the look of tape all over your desk, get one of those cable-organizing accessories that work the same way.

Once you have everything done, you’ll get a neat space and a safe one.

Perfect Combination: Doing Companion Planting Right


GardenWise gardeners know that planting a variety of plants makes for a healthy and beautiful garden. Simply mixing in nasturtiums in here and cabbages there, however, is not the way to go; gardeners must carefully choose the right combination of seeds to plant in a technique called companion planting.

Companion Planting and Its Advantages

Certain plants grown close together help one another as they grow. This is the concept behind companion planting — a time-tested gardening wisdom that certain species of plant grow better near certain types of plants as they do near others or when alone.

Companion planting by itself will not work miracles, but when applied in a well-maintained garden, it can produce startling results, as experts like Longacres Garden Centre Ltd. say. In particular, it can significantly improve the use of space, provide increased protection from extreme weather conditions, and reduce the number of weeds and garden pests. For vegetable gardens, these things add up to the best thing in vegetable gardening: increased yield.

How Companion Planting Works

There is a range of plant combinations that truly work. Tall plants, for instance, provide shade for shorter plants that are sensitive to the sun. Vine plants and upright plants also work well, as the former cover the ground and the former grow up, allowing gardeners to use the space efficiently.

Certain plant combinations also help repel insects for organic pest management. Plants with strong smells, such as onions, for instance, repel pests from the more delicate plants. You can plant onions with carrots, as the strong odour of onions can camouflage the smell of carrots, therefore deterring carrot flies.

Whichever combination you use, it is important to take advantage of the varied growth rates of different crops. For instance, plant spinach or cilantro early where you plan to plant melon or squash later; this way, weeds would not have a chance to move in, and you get two crops instead of just one.

Small Gardens: Great Candidates for Companion Planting

Most companion plants must be planted extremely close to each other so they have an effect on one another. This is why small gardens, especially those that use raised beds, intensive square foot gardening methods, and wide rows make natural candidates for companion planting.

Companion planting is an excellent gardening technique, as it provides a range of benefits. It is not, however, a sure-fire ticket to garden success; it must still be accompanied by other proper gardening practices, such as regular watering and well-planned spacing of plants.

Preparation is Key: Disaster Essentials for Your Home


waterA disaster can do more damage when you are not ready. It can come at any time or any place. Sometimes, they may even come with little to no warning. Your comfort during these uncontrollable events depends on your preparation for them.

Everything may seem bright and sunny until disaster strikes and puts your lives at risk. Even when there’s no sign of disturbances happening, you should always have a kit ready to pick up before evacuating.

Here are some of things you should always remember:

Something to drink

Water may be everywhere in a flood, but potable water is not. You should always keep sealed bottles of water in your kit. This should be the first thing you should keep in stock. The human body needs hydration more than anything. In times of crisis, it can be hard to find clean drinking water.

Something to eat

While your body can last without food for a few hours, it is still a necessity for energy. You should stock up on dried goods packed with proteins and carbohydrates. You should have a supply of non-perishable goods – from canned goods to sealed packs.

Something for comfort

Disasters can put you in situations where it can be difficult to live. It may even drive you out of your home. When you are on the road or in an evacuation center, your comfort is your top priority. You should have a first aid kit in case of injuries. Pack your toiletries in a sealed bag. An extra set of clothing, towels and a blanket are necessary.

These items should all be ready to grab once disaster strikes. Don’t worry about your homes. In case of floods, you can easily get water damage restoration in Utah. Your family’s safety is of utmost importance in these situations.

The Greater Evil Between the Two Common Forms of Escape


DrugAddiction to drugs or alcohol is something that no one ever wants to experience. This can go both ways: either for yourself or for your loved ones.

At first, this problem was more common in men. But as time went by, it became increasingly widespread with women as well. Substance abuse has a profound effect on the lives of abusers and the people around them.

A Psychological Difference between Men and Women

Psychological studies have proven that women tend to experience emotions more strongly compared to men. In addition to that, women are generally more caring and compassionate toward other people. As a result, there is a higher tendency for women to suffer because of their emotions if they do not have an outlet to express their feelings. Because of this, when they cannot express themselves, women might get the feeling that they have no one talk to.

Thus, they feel like they are alone in the world. When keeping emotions to oneself will linger for quite some time, women might feel the need to turn to some form of escape to help them cope with all the feelings that they keep bottled up inside.

The Two Most Common Forms of Escape

Alcohol and drugs are among the most common forms of escape not just for women, but for men as well. While consuming alcohol in moderation might not necessarily be a bad thing, trying out illicit drugs, even if it is your first time, is simply a no-no.

This is because drugs have a powerful effect on the brain and the rest of the human body. Most of the time, this powerful effect is something negative. But once it comes to the point that she cannot actually practice what she preaches, then that’s where the trouble begins. Drug rehab centers like provides women with the care they need once substance abuse engulfs their lives.

It is easy for the drug user to say that she has everything under control because she can stop taking drugs at any time. This is easier said than done, as patients might suffer from withdrawal or fall deeper into their abuse if they fail to get the help they need.

Participating in the Granny Flats Revolution

Home in Perth

Home in PerthYou want to be a house owner, but the deposit you have saved is not enough for the cost of a new home. No worries. The money you have set aside may be enough for a modern ‘mother-in-law apartment’ that is perfect for couples just getting started with married life. The demand for granny flats is constantly on the rise. There is no denying their popularity, especially now that contractors are reporting an average of 300 units per year.

A Solution for Lower-Income Workers

A small dwelling may not look like much from the outside, but contemporary granny flats are designed for optimum comfort. A brand-new granny flat built by the likes of or other trusted builder in your area can offer you the kind of lifestyle you deserve. An old idea is being given a new and refreshing twist. It is not altogether surprising that young couples who are facing financial uncertainty are finding an agreeable alternative housing solution.

Great Value for Money

These secondary dwellings or in-law suites have the support of Australian state governments because they make housing more affordable for low-income workers. Builders still need to follow regulations, but restrictions have been lessened Australia-wide, allowing for the granny flat revolution to occur.

The price of rent is soaring across all of Australia, and current property prices discourage ownership. If you want a place to call home, a granny flat is a very good option to explore. A well-designed backyard granny flat offers you ample space and privacy without encroaching on your finances.

Just a decade ago, granny flats were almost unheard of. Now, they are now very popular in Western Australia. Granny flats serve as accommodation for people who struggle with property prices, but want a private space where they can lead their lives in safety and comfort. They are also a practical choice of dwelling for the elderly who need looking after.

SAF Volunteer Corps: Women in Action

Women in Action

Women in ActionMany say that women have no place on the battlefield and that they better serve the country by doing domestic jobs. But, the army is not all about fighting or carrying guns around. Even uniformed personnel, especially women, can make a contribution in serving the country without using force.

Ever since the Ministry of Defence made changes in the National Service by setting up the SAF Volunteer Corps, volunteering in Singapore has never been this serious and ardent. This scheme enables more local and permanent residents to contribute to the safety and security of the country.

Military Roles to Take

All able-bodied individuals who are exempted from National Service – even women — can choose to be part of the specialised group. The targets of the new military corps are women, first-generation permanent residents and new citizens aged 18 to 45 years. With the nature of military activities, they should be physically and medically fit and have a strong desire to do their share for the country.

Volunteers can also choose to serve two tracks: 1) Operations – where women are to guard Singapore’s key installations and to crowd control during SAF-related activities, and 2) Specialist – where women can apply their expertise in maritime, medical and legal fields, among others.

Standard Requirements

As members of the National Service, the volunteer corps also has to undergo a four-week course and wear military fatigues after signing up. This requirement helps volunteers familiarise themselves with the standard operations of the faction and the modus operandi of the military (in general).

The month-long training will provide the participants full understanding of the culture and behaviour in the military environment. This familiarity is what would separate the SAF Volunteer Corps members from civilian volunteers.

Similar to all operationally-ready National Servicemen, these volunteers are to serve the country for up to 14 days every year for at least three years. Employers of these volunteers are likewise compelled to let go of them should the government call for their services.

There is nothing more patriotic than volunteering for the country. Every citizen, whether they are men or women, can do their share in keeping Singapore safe and secure even in the simplest way possible.