Daily Archives: December 2, 2015

Have Time to Relax, Unwind and Have Fun


Relaxing Refreshing one’s mind isn’t just about long holidays or travelling to other countries. Having a chance to pause, reset your thoughts and connect with your inner self can also happen in short but stimulating intervals.

Here are simple yet effective ways to relax when you have limited time:

Immerse Yourself in Music – This isn’t you working while music plays in the background. This is actually stopping everything you are doing and let the melody, the beat and the instruments just take over, while you imagining a relaxing scene that would fit the music you are hearing. Just close your eyes and let the song and your imagination take over. You may have to avoid sentimental love songs, though, if you’re heartbroken, since you might end up sulking at the end of every song.

Personal Coffee Breaks – Don’t include this on your office’s 15-minute coffee break where you hang around fellow employees while still discussing work. You should do personal coffee breaks after work, says industry professional The Royal, where you drive into any of the cafes in the city and order coffee. When your order arrives, put your phone or tablet on silent mode and then hide it. Just deeply inhale the aroma of your coffee and block out all the ambient sounds of the place. You don’t even need to think or visualise anything. Just empty your mind of all the stressful stuff you are worrying about and just “zone out” while you take sips of your hot drink.

Spontaneous Stops – This you can do anytime of the day: while walking to work, while running on a treadmill, while riding the bus. This can happen if you see anything beautiful and you eliminate your worries. Just stop what you are doing, look at that attractive thing and just think happy thoughts about it. Just don’t do this in the middle of conversation or any action that requires your full attention, though.

Your schedule may be demanding, but you don’t have to be the same. Take the time, no matter how short, to allow your brain to rest and reset. Not only do you need it, but you also deserve it.