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Excited for the Yuletide: 3 Great Things About the Holidays


Christmas It is now December, and Christmas is right around the corner in the United States. And for Americans everywhere in the continental US of A, the Yuletide season brings with it a multitude of things to be very excited about. With the holiday spirit permeating the neighbourhood, you should know what the rave is about. Here are only a few things that bring the spark into people’s eyes for the coming holidays.

The Feast

Nothing whets the Christmas spirit better than the prospect of the feast that comes with it. The coming of the Yuletide season comes with it all the feasting and merrymaking. For food-lovers, it is the time where they get to munch on Christmas treats such as gingerbread cookies, fruitcakes and other decadent dishes. For them, this is a yearly opportunity to indulge their sweet tooth. But for the most part, people are just excited at the prospect of sharing a feast with their loved ones in their homes, exchanging stories, catching up, and eating great food.

The Shopping Spree

It’s Christmas. And it is during this time that you will be seeing sales in department stores and other shops left and right. People, especially those who espouse the culture of consumerism go crazy for these bargain bonanzas. And to completely encourage this frenzy, it is also during this time of the year that offices hand out Christmas bonuses, lining people’s pockets up with money still hot from the ATMs.

The Winter

Not the coldness, that’s for sure. But the snow? Definitely. While most people may feel inconvenienced by the frosty precipitation, others see it as a new form of enjoyment. For kids, that means going out in cold weather jackets to exchange well-thrown snowballs at each other. Aside from snowball fights, also come making snowmen and fun in the slush.

Some people however, have other preferences. Some revel in the winter sports. People rush to the many winter sports gear shops to buy skis, K2 snowboards and boots, sleds, skates and the like. Winter retreats make for good places to partake in winter sports such as skiing, hockey, figure skating and such. Definitely a Christmas must-do for the adrenaline junkies.

Christmas is coming, and you had better be excited for it. Get your to-do list together and start planning your holidays!