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Make Wedding Anniversaries Extra Special in Three Ways

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary in Australia If you are willing to spend a little bit more on your anniversary this year, then good for you. You both deserve celebrating your union more extravagantly. Nonetheless, do avoid the norm and add a little spice by trying something different.

Here are a few suggestions to make your anniversary extra special this year:

Road Trip – Go for a road trip all around a city you always wanted to visit. In Perth, there are many tourist attractions and sites to visit via rental car. All you need to do is check into a simple motel or inn, get a cheap hire car, pack up and roll out. As AriesCarRental.com.au suggests, ake sure you already mapped out your destinations prior to your trip and have all the necessary maps and gadgets to find your way around.

Drive to Dinner – Make dinner reservations in another city. Drive to the place without giving details to your partner. Just make sure you know the dress code and that you both are following it despite the long drive. As a bonus, reserve a room in a hotel near where you plan to dine. Don’t forget to bring extra change of clothes just in case your plan becomes an overnight stay.

DIY Movie Drive-InTalk with a neighbour or friend who has a big yard and let them in on your plan. Once they give a go, set up a movie projector and screen in a fairly secure area in their lot with a lot of parking space in front of it. Invite a few other close friends and acquaintance to drive up to the “movie” on the specific date and time set. Be the last one to drive up to your spot, and make sure your partner doesn’t know about it until the movie actually starts.

Everyone needs to be driven to keep their marriage happy, and this can be taken in a literal context considering the given suggestions. It’s only right to go full throttle on something you really want to keep. After all, your relationship is worth going the distance for.