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If You Go Gluten-Free, Will You Never Experience Regular American Fare Ever?

Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy If William Davis was right, gluten is the devil. It’s the underlying cause of all physiological and ponderosity issues that makes people sick and fat. But, to people who have been free of the protein for a long time, it means giving a lot of things that they used to enjoy. It’s not the easiest thing to do for many, prioritizing their stale needs in place of their tasty wants.

You should know that that means abandoning most, if not all, American food you’ve enjoyed ever since your parents permitted you to eat your first burger. If this is your first venture into healthy eating, recognize that this is an extremely hard task.

Gluten is Everywhere

Just like oxygen, gluten is ubiquitous. It’s because this combination of glutenin and gliadin is a primary content of wheat, the source of a lot of food. While you can’t live without oxygen, living gluten-free is possible nowadays. But, that means eradicating what has been a constant for humans for the last 10,000 years. If you don’t already get it, this should sum it up: gluten may have influenced the evolution of man.

But, your history alone won’t shape your gluten-free future. Furthermore, you won’t be alone in your voyage for a life independent of gluten. There has been a surge of companies dedicated to supplying gluten-free products. If you don’t do conglomerate-type products, you can buy from smaller-scale operations, such as Metropolitan Gourmet. The advantage of buying from these enterprises is that they can cater to specific needs, unlike the generalized array of goods from big companies.

Clinging on American Food, Without the Guilt

The aforementioned smaller businesses are your saving grace, if you’re not entirely convinced of giving up the food you grew to love. With them, it’s possible to enjoy biscotti and other snacks without the guilt of destroying your body. What’s more important is that you’ll be able to enjoy pizza again. Yes, you heard it right: they sell pizza dough.

But, if your quest for a healthier life, you may encounter some pretty convincing arguments that going gluten-free isn’t the best thing. A major scientific magazine produced a well-thought and empirical argument why filling your life with nothing but gluten-free goods will actually make you unhealthy. The answer? Treat yourself from time to time. A little bit of sinning from your anti-gluten overlords shouldn’t affect your lifestyle in any major way.

In the end, going gluten-free won’t elevate your fitness and health levels to its optimal state. You still need to exercise and eat right. But, without gluten, looking and feeling better is easier to achieve.