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Products and App Features That Can Improve Your Online Store Sales

Online StoreOne of the most feasible and profitable businesses today is the online shopping website. If you can create an app that features your shopping site alone then even better! That said; here are some of the most popular products and features that you can choose to offer your clients via your store app.

Electronics and Gadgets – It’s hard to choose which item would best fit your budget and needs. How about including a comparison table in your app. Customers can choose products and be presented an easy-to-view tabulation of features and prices of each item they’ve selected. From similarities to contrasts, they no longer need to memorize information just so they can make the final choice.

Appliances – Though your app users can go directly to their preferred brands’ online stores since most of the major names do have one, they will appreciate a non-biased comparison of the items they have selected. Include in your app a rating chart of your products based on reputable testers and users. Also, try to work in discounts and freebies for specific items and bulk buying just to make your offerings even more inviting.

Jewelry – One of the advantages of having an online shop app on your phone is that you can have your item delivered safe and sound directly to you. This is especially important for fragile and expensive products such as jewelry. That said; why not create a personalization feature for their delivery details? The app can include choices for delivery dates, addresses, hours and people who can sign for the item. Contact an experienced iPhone app development company in Denver like tack for options on these features.

Now, how about a client grading system for your site’s services and products? These testimonials and ratings can do wonders for your site. And that’s what matters the most when you do create an app – that your products and services have reached the optimum number of clients and they are satisfied with your app, website, and offerings.

3 Things about SEO that Will Make You Want to Invest in It

SEO FactsIn the kind of world we live in today, where more than 1.6 billion Asians use the Internet as of the November 2015 statistics from Internet World Stats, you should already realise how valuable having online assets are for your business.

But, owning online assets like websites and social media account profiles is not enough to make your business a success, or even just reach your target market. You have to have a great SEO campaign, and to do that, you need to work with an experienced search engine optimisation team.

Do so, and you can reap these three benefits that only an effective SEO campaign can yield.

  1. Search-engine friendliness.

With all the updates and changes major search engines, particularly Google, roll out when it comes to their algorithm, you can become so confused your SERP ranking can hit rock bottom. You want your website to appear as close to Page 1 (or even on Page 1) as possible, and to achieve this, you have to meet all the laws and regulations search engines implement.

A reliable SEO firm will help you ensure your campaign only uses legitimate SEO tactics, such as top quality content ‘crawlable’ pages, relevant keywords, quality links, localised SEO, and site authority among many others.

  1. Brand awareness and recall.

Once you can boast of having a search-engine-friendly website, you can expect its SERP ranking to gradually go up. As a result, more people will know about you, and may even spread the word about your business. These all lead to brand awareness and recall, two things only successful businesses, regardless of size, have.

  1. Online and offline credibility and authority.

The most effective SEO tactics also focus on building a good reputation for your brand, both online and offline, all the while boosting your SERP ranking.

When your website possesses features that point to it having credibility and authority, including relevance, quality and fresh content, verifiable and credible links, and social presence, you can rest assure that consumers will soon see you as a credible and authoritative brand.

Some Interesting Facts about Gold

Facts about Gold

Facts about GoldGold is a precious metal, valued for not only its rarity but also its intrinsic qualities. Most people think gold is just for jewellery and as the focal point of many action movies. However, buying gold in the UK is a good investment because it has so many uses. For example, it goes into the muscles of people to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Gold also goes into space helmets and window glass because it reflects infrared rays but lets in visible light.

Here are other interesting facts about gold as stated by Atkinsons Bullion.

Gold history

The word “gold” comes from the Old English word “geolu,” which means yellow. The Aztecs called it “teocuitatl,” which roughly translates to “excrement of the gods.”  It is likely that most if not all gold arrived on Earth 4 billion years ago during a meteor shower, so that makes a lot of sense. One study speculates that gold probably formed in the collision of two neutron stars. Two Australians found the largest nugget of gold ever found in 1869, measuring 10 by 25 inches. They named it the “Welcome Stranger.”

Gold qualities

Gold is a ductile and dense metal. Pure gold is so soft you can actually change its shape with your bare hands. A cubic foot of it weighs half a tonne. If you hammer an ounce of gold into a flat sheet, it would cover an area of 100 square feet. It would be so thin that a pile of them an inch high would contain 200,000 sheets. It is a good conductor material, and it is non-reactive. That means it never tarnishes, corrodes, or rusts, and you can wear it close to the skin without causing irritation.

Gold in jewellery

Pure gold is so soft that it does not really work with jewellery, but mixed with other metals it will keep its shape. This can be copper, nickel, silver, palladium or zinc. The metal mixed with gold will affect its colour. For example, if you mix gold with enough copper, it will take on a reddish colour, or rose gold.

Karat is a measure of the purity of gold. It is different from carat, which refers to the size of diamonds. Pure gold is 24 karats. When you talk of 14-karat gold, this means it is 14 parts gold and 10 parts of another metal.

Gold is a remarkable metal in many ways. It deserves its place as a popular choice for adornment as well as investment.

Sparing Yourself from Spare Part Problems

Auto Spare PartsThere comes a time for every machine when parts start to go bad. It can happen to your Tamrock or your car; with no possible hope of it working the same way with just repairs, replacements will be required. This is precisely why spare parts are important to consider when purchasing anything with moving parts. Getting spare parts is easier said than done and there are many factors to consider when shopping for replacement parts like availability, prices, and quality.

Engineered Precision Machining explains that it's very easy for anyone to get caught off guard from either spending too much on a replacement part or buying bad parts all together if their sources are not reliable.

Do your research

It’s always important to know your vehicle from top to bottom so you know exactly what parts you’ll need for replacement; should they ever go bad. It’s also good to research on reliable spare part suppliers from reputable companies to avoid getting bad parts to begin with.

Have reserves

Like a spare tyre or extra fuel, you have them for emergency purposes. It is the same principle as well when it comes to parts. Parts not working are just as bad as a car with no fuel or a flat tyre. So as much as possible always have the spares with you already beforehand to avoid future headaches on the road. You do not want to be that unprepared person who had to push their car all the way to the repair shop because of broken parts.

Connections will save you

When you’ve found yourself a reputable supplier, always make an effort to maintain good relations with them. Maintaining good relations with your spare part supplier is just as important as maintaining your machine itself. Neglect to do so and you could find yourself with headaches you could have prevented.

Finding spare parts can be a daunting task if you don’t plan ahead; but if you follow these steps to the letter, you will have all the know-how you need to do so.

Is Your Site Mobile-friendly? Know Why You Should Make It Responsive Now

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web DesignMany digital marketers say that responsive web design is arguably one of the most important features a website can have today. This is true now that mobile browsing has skyrocketed. If it’s still unclear to you why going responsive is beneficial, then perhaps a quick orientation on this innovative feature is necessary.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design allows the layout of any website to be viewed to change according to the device your readers use. The image size adjusts automatically, as well. The same content is available to the viewer, but while everything is neatly laid out on a laptop screen, a single column may only be available on a smartphone screen. There are links and other tools available so that you get the same information. This allows any website to adapt to different types of hardware.

Why should you go for it?

Ask any website design expert in Provo or anywhere in Utah and they’ll tell you that going responsive is an ideal bet because it makes your site a highly visible and guest-friendly one. In fact, Google — the largest search engine out there — reported that they like responsive websites.

Google has been giving rewards to mobile-friendly sites and sites that offer multiple device support. Responsive web design is now among the ranking signals, not a preferred configuration. Evidently, Google is also penalizing those who are making it difficult for them to index and organize content for ranking. This includes non-responsive sites because user-experience is less optimal for multi-device users.

If Google’s recommendation were not enough to convince you, then perhaps, listen to what Internet users prefer — consistency and ease of use. If they view your site on one device and return to it using another gadget, they have to see the same content. Otherwise, you can lose a potential customer.

Guide to Smart and Responsible Community Mortgage Loans

Community LoanAcquiring a new property or getting a new vehicle is among the life goals of people in general. They serve as symbols of your success and a testament to your determination and hard work.

But if you don't have enough funds yet, you can consider community loans to help you with mortgage. In turn, this brings you close to realizing your dreams.

Evaluate every available option

Decisions abound when buying major purchases. More often than not, individuals resort to financing companies to seek loan packages that may have varying interest rates and policies. Prior to being granted with the loan, background checking is instituted to assess your financial health and stability. Calculated judgment is necessary before jumping to any deal to prevent you from wallowing in financial turmoil in the end. It is definitely important to concretely comprehend the underlying premises of the loan to enable you to find the best deal.

Agree to something you can afford

In buying or constructing a house, you may be overwhelmed with the problems of finding the right property and the right loan. There is no stone-written rule on the right or wrong time to buy a home. It will all depend on your financial power and your circumstances. There are community mortgage loans that offer attractive loan structure and rates that you can take advantage of if you want to borrow as a group.

Before embarking into the journey to searching for the perfect house, establish first with the bank or any lending company the amount you are allowed to borrow. You need to know your borrowing capacity as well as the repayments you need to work out.

This information is vital to help you assess whether you could absolutely pay it considering your monthly income. It can also prevent you from seeking properties beyond your financial means. It would be wise to find a mortgage package that would be in line with your needs and objectives.

Adults and Braces: Aesthetics, Better Bite, Stronger Teeth

Adult BracesMany people believe that orthodontic treatments only has a sole purpose: to straighten out teeth to improve one’s smile and facial appearance. Although this truly is one of the functions of wearing dental braces, its benefits may go beyond just enhancing a person’s looks.

Better self-perception and self-worth

A dentist licensed to carry out orthodontic treatments, such as braces in Farnham, provides patients a way to have them look at themselves better and give themselves credit. In other words, because they their teeth looks a lot better after having their positioning and alignment corrected, they may enjoy an improvement to mental and emotional well-being.

The beautiful smile created by the results of wearing properly placed braces allows for a person to interact with others more easily, smile more often and enjoy being in social environments. This may then give them the edge in many of the crucial components of their life, from their academics to their careers to their social lives.

Corrected bite

Dental braces, given that the orthodontist used the proper appliances, corrects the alignment of the teeth, which usually occurs due to malocclusion.

Malocclusion may involve Class 1 Malocclusion (the most common in both UK adults and children), wherein the upper teeth slightly overlap the ones at the bottom; Class 2 Malocclusion (overbite), wherein both the upper teeth and jaw severely overlap their bottom counterparts; and Class 3 Malocclusion (underbite), wherein lower jaw juts forward, resulting in both the lower teeth and jaw to overlap its upper counterparts.

Crossbite, open bite and crowded teeth are also some common types of malocclusion.

Stronger teeth

Because braces move the teeth to their proper or desired locations, patients may improve their oral hygiene and better clean and care for their teeth and gums. This then helps them achieve stronger, longer lasting natural teeth.

Contact a dentist licensed to carry out orthodontic treatments and services now to enjoy all these benefits and more.

Toxic Emissions from Liquid Storage Tanks

Liquid Storage TanksLiquid substances consist of different elements, some of which are dangerous to the health. While reliable storage equipment may keep the hazardous effects at bay, they can only do so much. Exposure to air and other elements still lead to fatal injuries, health problems, and even death.

Recent deaths in the oil industry are proof of the critical effects of vapor. A young oilworker has been found dead on top of a tank while checking the temperature of the liquid. High levels of petroleum vapor were the alleged cause of death.

Petroleum vapor is just one of the common toxic emissions from storage tanks. Others include:


Oil and petroleum, largely consist of hydrocarbons. Fuel combustion releases the chemical compound into the air, making it easier for the substance to enter the body. Hydrocarbons are common in industrial settings, and turn into vapors in above ground oil storage tanks, due to weather conditions and intense heat.

Inhaling hydrocarbon fumes can cause asphyxiation, disorientation, and even death.

Sulfur Trioxide

Some storage units contain liquid fertilizers, which may likely have medium to high levels of sulfur trioxide. When it mixes with air, the colorless substance gives off white fumes that react with water, which may cause a stinging sensation when inhaled. They later turn into sulfuric acid.

Sulfuric Acid

The highly corrosive and odorless substance causes irritation and allergies, which may make it seem like it has a pungent smell. Exposure to other elements may lead to explosions and respiratory problems. Coming in contact with low concentrations of the yellowish liquid may cause severe burns, blisters, swelling, and permanent damage to the area, usually the skin or eyes.

These are just some toxic fumes from common industrial liquids. Whether or not they’re stored in tanks, a whiff can cause irreversible damage and even kill.

3 Ways to Use (or Not Use) Stopwords Right

SEO in MelbourneMuch has been said about stopwords; the common words search engines often ignore because they don’t change the meaning of the content. From an SEO perspective, they’re just unnecessary additions that make no difference whatsoever. Or not.

It’s true that stopwords carry no weight in the eyes of Googlebot at times, but that doesn’t mean they absolutely have no good purpose. In fact, smart use of stopwords would improve your messaging that’s otherwise would sound awkward.

In a nutshell, the use, or non-use, of stopwords factor in the following:

Optimising Titles Effectively

Stopwords are only taboo in titles. Every self-respecting digital agency in Melbourne, London or San Diego knows that titles are the only remaining relevant meta tags today. Meta title creation has character, or pixel, limitations, so dropping unnecessary articles, conjunctions or prepositions is paramount not only to avoid exceeding the maximum count but also to observe brevity.

Brief titles should always be easily understandable and stopword–clogged titles or phrases only detract the meaning of what you’re saying. Unless a stopword or two could dramatically change the thought of your title, don’t include any of them.

Integrating Keywords Naturally

On the other hand, there shouldn’t be stopping you from using stopwords on keyword integration. Especially that practically all keyword phrases lack proper preposition, the use of ‘in’, ‘on’ and ‘at’ are essential in most cases.

Remember, you’re producing content for both search engines and real people. Put a premium on grammar when inserting awkward keywords.

Enhancing User Experience

In light of natural keyword integration, responsible use of stopwords paves the way for good user experience. Ungrammatical phrases aren’t only off-putting, but also ruin the integrity of your pieces. As you strive to create reliable content with substance, use stopwords to write grammatically correct sentences to please the readers.

Experienced content writers know when and when not to use stopwords. If you want to optimise all elements of your content, leave the creation to those that can maximise their utility.

Inkblots: Creative Writing and Its Effects on the Writer

Hands On Old TypewriterWriting is a form of expression and everyone can do it. But, if you’re passionate, you can even major in it in college and pursue a career in writing afterwards.

Do you like reading? Prose and poetry take on many forms, and there is a number of writers to choose from. Even works by Shakespeare are relevant until now.

Creative writing forces you to be imaginative and to be aware – even question – your surroundings. Sometimes, you don’t just provide one perspective, but multiple perspectives as well. Like other forms of art, writing should never be taken at face value, unless that was the intention. This teaches students not to assume, but to investigate.

At school, English classes lay the groundwork for the nature of language. With creative writing, you use language to expound on something to create a story and evoke emotions and reaction from their readers.

Apart from how your writing affects other people, it also affects your quality of life and health. The American Academy provides information on how creative writing can be good for you.

It Encourages Deeper Learning

When a person learns something, there is recall when it is explained in their own words. Plus, to create better content, you need to find new sources of inspiration and information and write around those.

It Helps Practice Communication

Writing helps you look for the right words to evoke certain reactions from other people. If you want to express an emotion through your writing, the English language is extensive. There are certain words that trigger a certain emotion when read.

It Has Therapeutic Value

Expressive writing helps boost a person’s well-being and its effect isn’t short-term. For the stress that they encounter on a daily basis, creative writing could be their outlet because there, they can express who they are.

Thinking of honing and improving your skills in creative writing? Why not enroll in a creative writing class? Remember that it’s never too late to start writing. Even if you’re curious or just really passionate, try it. Creative writing encourages you to let your mind wander and write to your heart’s content.