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Why Should You Clean Your Gutters Regularly?

Gutter MaintenanceThe dilemma of whether or not to install gutters in your home is out of the question. Gutters keep water away from your home, making them a valuable part of your property. Do you know that broken or neglected gutters can cause more problems than just mold build up and foundation problems? You don’t want to deal with leaks in your gutters or worse cracked up gutters from the weight of clogged debris.

Is there more to cleaning gutters?

Increased Safety: Debris in the form of leaves and twigs in rain gutters attract unwanted organisms such as termites and insects, endangering the health of your home occupants. Clogged gutters also increase the risk of flooding in your home during the rainy season. Protect your home by cleaning your gutters at least twice a year.

Better Efficiency: The role of gutters during the rainy season is undoubtedly vital in preserving your home. Failure to clean the gutters regularly reduces their efficiency causing water overflow, says an expert from

Preserving Aesthetic Appearance: Gutters improve the aesthetic appearance of a home. Cleaning your gutters of the gathered moss and clutters more often will keep them looking new and beautiful all year round.

Save: Gutter maintenance is not a tedious task. In addition, some companies that did the gutter installation may offer maintenance services free for some time. Have professionals help you with the cleaning if you can’t do it yourself. Saving the money you would otherwise use in maintenance will not make sense in the future if your gutters are completely out of order and need an overhaul.

Installing gutters is a great step in protecting your property and increasing the value of your home. However, installing is not enough, maintenance is key to getting the value for your money. Keep your rain gutters in good shape all year round.

Britons Seek Financial Security in Gold Currency Following Brexit

Financial Security The immediate repercussions of the ‘Brexit’ vote left the United Kingdom (UK) and the rest of the European Union (EU) with a huge number of problems.

Many major issues, from fears over an increase in the numbers of immigrants being deported from the UK, to major economic changes within the UK and the EU, have left the rest of world with many unanswered questions.

But, for industries like Atkinsons Bullion, the uncertainty has brought some benefits. In the months following Brexit, some niche markets, such as the jewellery and gold market, have experienced a renaissance as Britons learn, anew, the security of investing in jewels and gold.

The modern day ‘gold rush’ in Britain will not be a matter of mining for resources, but the rise of a more pronounced jewellery and gold industry.

The Fall of EU Financial Standards

For decades, Europe was viewed as the impenetrable fort of materialism and financial freedom. But, three days after the Brexit vote, UK stocks and sterling hit rock bottom. UK Reuters reports, that, in the days and weeks following the Brexit vote, many Britons decided to convert sizeable portions of their life savings into gold.

An Unprecedented Vortex

The Brexit vote and the resulting fall in sterling took many people by surprise and caused widespread alarm. The economic uncertainty has had far-reaching effects across the UK economy Reuters spoke to one UK family who invested in gold in the days following the Brexit vote. They stated, ‘[We] are both worried about bank failures and our cash getting swallowed up. I’m also worried about our kids’ jobs and their future.’

Making the Best of the Situation

Prior to the Brexit vote, misleading statistics about the levels of UK funds allocated to the EU encouraged people to vote to leave. However, as with all propaganda, this presented a very one-sided, and allegedly inaccurate viewpoint. In the aftermath of the vote, many have regretted the vote they cast, even though the long-term changes for the UK are still difficult to predict.

For now, many Britons have chosen to protect their savings by investing in traditionally stable gold and jewellery markets.

3 Simple Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

Employee ProductivityDisengaged employees can hurt a company in many ways. Not only does low productivity take from the bottom line, they also spread a culture of indolence, inadvertent or not.

That said, when employees are not motivated to work, they cannot bear the full blame. There are many reasons for workers to not have the drive. Sometimes, they’re not just a good fit for the company.

There are ways to remedy this situation. Check out these three simple changes you can make that will help boost employee productivity.

Impose Brain Breaks

Give employees the freedom to take brain breaks. These breaks are meant to relax their eyes and heads through having a set time where they are not expected to do anything. Maybe they can go out and get some fresh air. It’ll help if your company has a break room with some entertainment like games, a TV, or even just a comfortable couch.

Clean Up the Office

A cluttered environment promotes cluttered thinking. It’s easy to neglect the maintenance of the office, so this is probably one of those things that are better off left to the experts. In Seattle, professional carpet cleaning services like Anderson Carpet Cleaning can be availed easily. Carpets get grime and dirt fast. This contributes to a heavy atmosphere in the office. Also consider other professional services like power washing, window cleaning, and deep cleaning.

Have a Work-From-Home Day

In recent years, telecommuting has emerged as a great tool employers can use to boost productivity amongst workers. This gives employees a sense of freedom that builds trust between them and their company. Practically speaking, it seems that the biggest factor in this setup is the hours saved from commuting. Especially for workers in busy cities, commuting can take hours out of their day. Giving them the chance to work from home once or twice a week gives them that extra hour of sleep or just experience not being in a rush all the time.

If your employees are struggling and are underperforming, consider these options. They can still bounce back, and you can be part of that change!

House Cleaning Pointers: Kid-Friendly DIY Glass Cleaners

DIY Glass Cleaning in AucklandHouse cleaning can be fun when the whole family gets involved. You can start your children with the most basic kid-friendly task of wiping down your glass dividers, balustrades and fences with a kid-safe DIY glass cleaner you can make at home. You can even mix this with your child helping you out.

Basic Natural Cleaner

Arm your child with microfiber cloths and spray bottles fitted for their size while you get the bigger sized ones. Mix 2 cups of filtered or distilled water with 2 tbsp of vinegar and a few drops of your preferred scented essential oil then transfer to your spray bottles. Give it a little shake when spraying. Make sure you supervise your child during their first try. The scent may be a bit strong but it will dissipate once the cleaner dries out.

Lemon-Scented Disinfectant

Add half a cup of warm water to half a cup of vinegar in a bottle. Take two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and add that along with 15 or more drops of tea tree oil and around the same amount of lemongrass-scented essential oil. Cover the bottle firmly and shake. Transfer to your spray bottles and use on your frameless glass balustrades and other glass dividers. By the way, tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant but is gentle on hands.

Sanitizing Glass Cleaner

This DIY glass cleaner is great for mirrors and windows. Take two cups distilled water, 1/2 cup of cider or white vinegar along with 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol then mix. Finally, add 2 drops of orange-scented essential oils. Avoid using this solution during hot days since it can leave streaks due to it drying too quickly.

The glass is so easy to clean; even your children can do it. It can also add class and value to your house and creates the illusion of space. So if you still haven’t maximised the use of glass panels in your house, do so. If not for all the benefits, your youngster will definitely enjoy cleaning them.

3 Ways to Get Your Family to Spend Quality Time Outdoors

Family quality time in New ZealandAs a mum, you would want the entire family to have fun spending time together. Be it a trip to the shopping centre or a movie theatre, or a meal at home, it is always more enjoyable with the whole brood around. But, with the children on their phones and in front of their laptops for hours, and with their dad choosing to lie in bed and watch his shows, this may dampen what can be a fun family affair.

How will you get everyone to spend quality time off the beds and gadgets, and bring it outdoors instead? You may try these ideas:

Clean up the Area

Make them want to go outdoors by giving your lawn a makeover. As this may be quite the challenge, you may want to ask garden maintenance services such as AA Cleaning Ltd to lend you a hand.

A well-kept garden attracts attention and entices the family to go for walks and have a breath of fresh air. It also attracts birds and other wildlife, and that gives you interesting sights to see.

Have a Barbecue

No one can resist food and fun games. Bring them to the yard, and the whole family and even a few neighbours will surely follow. A barbecue lets your family enjoy great food and scenery outside of their electronic gadgets. Let the kids help out with the cooking so they can experience the real thing. Maybe they will want to do it again, and that means more outdoor bonding for you.

Do a Project

You may already have your hands full with parenting duties, and the kids may be too busy surfing the internet and playing video games, but that should not keep you from doing something fun together. You may want to build a tree house, plant flowers, mow the lawn or simply run around like you did when you were your child’s age. Let them get their hands dirty; it is good for them.

Get your family to spend quality time away from their couches, beds and computer screens. With creative ideas, spontaneity and a great outdoor space, your family time can be more fun than ever.

Take Your Garden Stool Indoors!

Chinese Garden in ChinaBarrel-shaped ceramic stools are becoming more and more popular as a decorating accessory. It adds lustre and colour to any room while also acting as side tables or room accents. This fixture is called a Chinese garden stool and, as the name suggests, originates from China.


Chinese garden stools have existed for at least 1,000 years. The shape and design have been linked to the Buddhist garden tradition that incorporates natural elements like tree stumps and smooth rocks as seating for the garden.

Modern Use

Most modern adaptations of garden stools still use the classic ceramic as the material of choice, although metal and wood versions exist. And though they are called Chinese garden stools, they can even be used indoors. Here are some ideas that you can try in your home.

  • Use it as an end table – Modern versions of the garden stool come in vibrant colours such as lime green, red, orange, and blue, with the traditional ones coming in blue and white. You can use them to add a punch of colour to any room. They are the perfect size to hold your drinks and snacks or a book while you relax in your living room.
  • Put them inside the bathroom – Since most Chinese garden stools are made of ceramic, they are naturally waterproof. Because of this, you can place one inside your bathroom to hold a stack of towels or use as a table for a book or your phone while you’re soaking in the tub.
  • Turn them into night lights – You can turn your Chinese garden stools into night lights by simply placing an electric candle or battery-operated light on the inside of the stool. With this, you can light up a dark spot in the hallway or add some mood lighting to any room. And by using waterproof light fixtures, you can even add some ambiance to your garden after the sun goes down.

The Chinese garden stool has been around for some time and it seems that it will be a permanent fixture in homes for quite a while. With its versatility and different characters, it is the perfect accessory to any room.

Perfect Tricks for Roman Blinds

Roman blindsFabric shades like Roman blinds lend a unique effect to a room. Their soft texture and fine prints give rooms a relaxed yet classy feel.

If you want to replicate the same vibe in your home, the Online Blinds Shop reveals several tricks below.

Soft Polish

There is no better window shade to add a soft polish to a room interior like Roman blinds do. They owe it to being neither fluffy nor cold. Unconstructed, flat Roman blinds, for instance, do not complicate textile patterns. For example, the relaxed Roman’s soft bow can polish off a casual breakfast nook nicely.

Arch Windows

Tailed Roman shades effortlessly style up arched windows. In this concept, the rings are inset far from the edges, then you can add a fixture or fitting to the room in the same style and colour as the fabric for a matching look.


Make a little girl’s room fun and vibrant with a singular fabric pattern and colour for window shades, bed headboard and footboard, and window seat cushion. In dining areas, the window shades and seat cushions can have the same colour prints.

Quiet Complements

Flat, transparent Romans can blend in quietly with the room’s furnishings, floors and accessories. It won’t hurt to add volume at the shade’s bottom (e.g. swag or winged offshoots). An all-white bathroom with light, semi-transparent shades would need that additional richness.

Elegant and Modern

Scallop bottoms, panel cascades, fringe bottoms and top button closures speak of a highly decorative look. Austrian Roman shades are the choice for formal style, while you can choose pleated, Asian-inspired shades for a Zen-like theme and embellished shades for opulence.

These are only a few examples of what Roman blinds can do for your room. Other common styles include classy and traditional, modern and minimalist, masculine and stylish. The choice would depend on your overall theme. Even your home’s architecture would speak of that and accessories like blinds have to fit in.

The Doctor as Business Owner: How You Can Grow Your Practice

The Doctor as Business OwnerYour medical clinic provides one of the most important services in your community: healthcare. It is also a business. And in business, if you provide better services and submit to higher standards, your marketing is more effective.

Non-traditional marketing needs

Medical facilities may not use most traditional marketing methods, but they still need marketing to turn a profit. As a physician, your primary responsibility is to care for your patients. But if you own a clinic, a hospital, or a similar facility, you’re also a business owner. And marketing is one of the most important parts of your business.

To market your facility, you have to be able to provide services that are better or which are not present in other facilities in the area. Some doctors, immediately after graduating and passing the board exams, set up their own practice, but though they may be highly effective as doctors they hardly have any idea how to run the business.

Time management

One more problem that doctors typically have to deal with is time management. It’s all too often that a doctor would go to school to learn something new, then when they’re ready to offer it, they find that their schedule won’t allow them so they revert to their old practice without adding anything after spending money on new knowledge.

You need to reorganize your schedule if you are to offer something new in your practice. There are also other aspects of the job that you have to make room for to avoid burning out. For instance, writing reports, doing research, transcribing medical notes, etc.

You may have to hire capable people to help you with reports and research. You may also invest in Dragon speech recognition software to make transcription less time-consuming and fussy, suggests.

Offering more services

The key to making your facility more effective is to offer more services. And to offer such services you need continuing education. Seminars, graduate schooling, and short courses will provide you with more knowledge and invite more opportunities for offering better services.

You’ll also need new equipment to offer some of those services. For that, you need space in your medical facility. So factor that in when you’re planning your practice.

To make your practice more viable and effective, you need to make room for developments in your field and continuing education. This is the best kind of marketing, to be able to offer more than other facilities and practices. And when you have a bigger market, your business will thrive.

Creativity Is Key: Get Your Crush to Say ‘Yes!’ to Your Promposal

School Formal in RotoruaThe school formal is coming up and you finally have the chance to ask your crush to be your date. Should you go with the classic route and ask directly? Or should you be more creative? Impress your crush into saying ‘Yes!’ with these unique proposals.

The Windshield Approach

If you’re not ashamed about being public with how you feel and are sure your crush appreciates grand gestures, rent a limo and write your invitation on a cardboard (For instance, you can write, ‘xx, you make my heart race. Will you be my date to the ball?’), then paste it on the windshield. If you want to save the limo for the ball, you can always use your own car. Your crush will still be taken by the effort you put in.

The Chocolate Weakness

There’s a reason why chocolates are a go-to gift for dates — it’s everyone’s weakness. However, don’t just show up at their doorstep with a basket of chocolate. Take it to the next level and purchase a 7.0 Giant Hershey’s Kisses. Print your invite on a piece of paper and replace the strip of paper that comes with it. You could write declarations like, “xx, I’d kiss the grass you walk on if you go with me to the school formal. -xx”

The Cute Stuffed Animal Appeal

Giving your would-be date a pet would be risky, unless you ask their parents’ permission first. For now, just get a huge stuffed rabbit. Tuck a note in it that says, “xx, nobunny will do. Will you go to the ball with me? -xx”

Remember that the wow factor of your promposal will largely depend on the personality of your crush. Use these tips as a guide and customize your surprise based on their likes and interests. Don’t be afraid to do some research on social media accounts and ask friends for advice.

What an International School Can Offer Students Today

International School in DubaiEach generation of students has their own set of needs and interest. International schools are known to prepare modern learners for global careers, while being up-to-date about their wellbeing. Here are some of the progressive methods international schools are known for:

Learning Styles – Each student has a unique and defining learning style. Some learn by doing, others by watching and thorough interaction. There are habits you cannot change by force to suit a specific teaching method. International school educators attend teacher’s conventions to update and assess their teaching methods and find other creative ways of adapting to different levels of intelligence.

School Collaborations – Managing a school is a business, but that does not mean that “competitors” cannot work together. Some international schools have academic conventions that allow collaboration between different institutions in the region. They have foreign exchange student programs that connect schools from other countries, as well. Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai and other international schools around the world, for instance, welcome different cultural influences to keep their curriculum updated and in tune with international standards.

Internship – Homework, projects, and exams are not the only way to learn. You can teach using these methods, but international schools allow internship and other hands-on methods to learn from experts. Specific courses allow qualified students to talk to speakers and business owners and even take the time to work in their company to get a feel of where they might be going once they graduate. This makes the transition from school to enterprise much easier and can give insights on what to expect.

An updated curriculum may be enough for any learning institution, but not for an international school. Look for a good international school and see if you can pass their requirements as a student. Being academically prepared for the world is one of the best investments you can give yourself.