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Giving Your Website a Makeover

Websites, apart from social media profiles, are essential for business. With Web Designer in Raleigh effective implementation, this can be an excellent addition to your digital marketing campaign, as it can extend your reach, increase sales and ROI, as well as give your brand credibility.

Say you already have a website – are you sure that your interface is still relevant? Remember that how it looks and its features affect user experience. Trends change all the time. Every year, new features emerge which could make your website gain more leads. It’s good to know these things because it gives you an idea of what to ask your web designer in Raleigh, NC. How do you know that it’s time for a website update?

Not Optimized for Mobile

Most web browsing is done on mobile devices. As of 2016, mobile use accounted for 65 percent of digital media time. By now, your website should accommodate users going online on their phones and other handheld devices because soon, while it won’t make desktops obsolete, these will be the overtake the latter.

You should get on with optimization because while Google hasn’t rolled it out yet, they will soon implement mobile-first indexing.

High Bounce Rates

Irrelevant content doesn't engage users. These visits will not convert into leads and instead, Google will consider this against your site. Slow load times, as well as unresponsive and outdated website designs also contribute to higher bounce rates?

Low Conversion Rates

Websites are there to help you make a sale. Each page has its own goal, as well: to entice more visitors to click through, subscribe to the newsletter, or make a purchase. When your website isn’t engaging your visitors, these don’t turn into conversions. Redesigning your website gives you a better chance to attract people and possibly convert them into customers.

It’s only the first quarter of the year and trends are still fresh off the press. This year, you may be looking at web designs implementing virtual reality, skeleton screens, and cinemagraphs filling your screens. 

It helps to assess and analyze your web design regularly so that you know which features affect user experience the most. 

Must-Try: The Different Layouts for Your Boardroom

Suggested styles for the boardroom when trying to buy boardroom furniture There are several types of layout for different uses of boardrooms. If you are planning to design a boardroom or considering buying a furniture, it is important that you will first determine the purpose of the area. This is to ensure that the boardroom will be at its most optimal layout for your specific purpose.

Here are some design ideas:

Boardroom Style

The boardroom style layout is a rectangular or oval table set up with chairs placed on all sides and ends. With good working space and atmosphere, this set up is good for group discussions and board meetings. In addition, with the current layout, participants can enjoy good interaction among other participants. On the other hand, this type of layout may not be good in audio-visual presentations; therefore, it is not good for speakers and not ideal for huge groups.

U-shape Boardroom

When planning to have a boardroom that is best for audio-visual presentation, it is ideal to consider the U-shape boardroom style. When planning to buy boardroom furniture for this specific purpose, it is good to purchase U-shape tables or series of tables that can be arranged in U-shape. This type of layout is ideal for audiovisual presentation and group discussions. This setup offers good workspace and interaction among participants, but also not applicable for a large group.

Theatre Style Boardroom

This layout is ideal for a large number of participants. Seats are arranged in rows facing the stage, head table, or speakers. This is the most efficient layout if the boardroom will be designed for attendees that will act as audience. On the other hand, the layout of chairs minimises the chance of having a group interaction and the layout requires a difference in elevation for large groups. For this setup, a proper floor plan of the room must be considered. Elevation of rows of chairs, lighting and acoustics should also be accounted.

Boardrooms should be designed based on the purpose and availability of equipment. International standards in room lighting, noise levels and required type of furniture or theme must be followed in order to provide the best experience or service for its users.

Losing Patience with Patient Records? There is a Solution

Meticulous Record Keeping

Meticulous Record KeepingWhen running a busy medical practice, it can be a challenge to provide convenient and thorough patient care and still find time for the administration. Now you can with the best state-of-art electronic record programs.

Meticulous record keeping is an important aspect of patient care, providing all medical professionals who are treating the patient with an in-depth history of the person’s health, drug reactions, blood type and other crucial data that could make a real difference to the treatment plan and the patient’s quality of life. Equally important is the doctor-patient relationship. Patients visiting the doctor with intimate, embarrassing or worrying symptoms need to know that they can trust their healthcare provider and that they care and will listen to their concerns. It becomes a delicate balancing act, then, between time spent with the patient and time spent updating records.

Doctors are Becoming Burnt Out

Despite patients reporting more satisfaction with the care they receive if they spend more time with their physicians, the average primary care physician is expected to see each of his patients for only 15 minutes per appointment. Nearly half of all doctors surveyed say they feel very stressed and a quarter have symptoms of burn-out. For new doctors entering the profession, the time spent with each patient is even less, averaging between seven and 11 minutes. This has led some doctors to worry that they will miss a crucial detail during the consultation. The reason? They spent a considerable amount of time filling in records and dealing with administration.

Use Information Technology to Save Time

Electronic medical record consulting could solve your problems. You could talk to another doctor in a physician-led IT company who can assist you in implementing an electronic medical record system and show you how to use medical speech recognition software so you can navigate your computer using voice commands and do everything in half the time. Speech recognition also means that when you tell your patient’s story, the records update automatically, so you don’t have to type them up.
For more time to help your patients, learn how IT could revolutionize your practice.

3 Key Tactics in Public Relations Your Company Should Have

Public Relations Concept

Public Relations ConceptMore and more brands are working with public relations companies in Melbourne to help improve their communications with the target markets. In its very essence, PR is the key for effective, consistent and measurable communication.

Whether you are already working with a PR firm like Sphere, or you’re still researching if you need one, here are major strategies in public relations that your company should have:

1. Get to Know Your Target Market

This is especially important for the business-to-customers (B2C) companies. While consumer needs, demands, lifestyles and purchasing habits do change and evolve, if you do not have a good grasp on who you’re selling to, you cannot create informed decisions based on cold, hard facts. For instance, if you’re selling products designed for women, you have to know what specific type of woman you’re selling to. You have to know the habits, purchasing power, demands, needs, fears and lifestyle of the ideal female consumer so you can create campaigns and communicate with “her” through your PR efforts.

2. Be Available All the Time

The so-called “social era” has given businesses a new channel to connect with consumers and vice versa. But this also means that brands need to be responsive and available 100 percent of the time. Unlike before when customers need to call a number and wait to be able to talk directly to a customer representative, these days, all they need to do is to go online and tweet or chat with the brands’ social networking accounts. And if they don’t hear from you fast — or worse, if you ignore them — it can become a PR nightmare.

3. You Have to Have a Strategy

The goal of effective PR is to create and maintain a concise communication with your target market. Effective PR is not just about learning who your target market is but also the channels wherein you can reach them faster. It also involves creating events whether offline and online that can help improve product awareness and lead generation activities. PR firms are able to do these things through strategy. One of the greatest benefits of having a PR firm is that all your efforts will become streamlined with your marketing and sales objectives. All of your efforts can be measured to achieve faster and bigger ROI.

Working with a PR firm is not exclusive to big companies with big budgets. Startup companies can also benefit greatly from streamlined communications. If you’re still wondering if getting a PR firm is necessary, consider these tactics when making your decision.

4 Global-Ready Business Ideas To Start in Florida

Starting a Business in Florida

Starting a Business in FloridaIn 2015, Florida welcomed a record-breaking 105 million visitors. With more and more Americans and tourists visiting the Sunshine State, business is also booming. From startups to mom-and-pop establishments, there are many good reasons to start a business in Florida. If you’re thinking of opening a business in the state, here are some ideas to get you inspired.

1. Tourist Guide and Transport Services

With some many people visiting the state, it makes sense to put up a business aimed at helping tourists get to know Florida better. Tours are always popular with the older generation, but even the younger generation understands the perks of a well-prepared travel itinerary. The benefits of having a local plan your tours, coupled with the ease of transportation, can become a viable business venture.

2. Restaurant + Bar

People visiting a new city are always on the lookout for food and drinks that are famous in the new place. Putting up a restaurant and/or bar that serves the best of what the city has to offer is always a good business idea. If you’re planning to serve alcoholic beverages, there are companies that can help you buy a liquor license in Florida. Cuban sandwiches, conch fritters, oysters and fish tacos are crowd favorites that go well with mojitos, pisco sour and rum runner.

3. Online Retail Consultancy

With more startups opening their doors in Florida, consultancy can be a lucrative business for you, especially in the field of online retail. The digitization of business opens up a lot of opportunities for digital marketing professionals to transform mom-and-pop operations and brick-and-mortar enterprises into modern-day tough contenders.

4. Home-based Healthcare Services

Florida has always been a popular place for people to retire. It’s no surprise that many business owners are offering health-related services to the increasing older popular. Personalized services help seniors become more comfortable and it’s a good way to build a lucrative business.

Florida, Here We Come

The state government is also very supportive of the startup community. This also helps in developing globally-ready businesses that help Florida in return. More and more business owners are flocking to Florida. It’s about time that you do.

Keep Relatives Happy During Family Gatherings at Your Home

Family GatheringFamily gatherings usually happen during the holidays or in the summertime when everyone is looking forward to a nice and delicious barbeque party. At this time, you must ensure your air conditioner is working well.

The winter season is coming to an end and soon, flowers will again show their colors as birds happily chirp their happy tune. It signals that a new season is just around the corner and it will once more be time for backyard barbeque fun with families and friends. As usual, some of the guests will opt to stay inside to chitchat or play cards. This is why at this early point in time, you need to check your air conditioning system to ensure that it is properly functioning when such parties occur. This is to assure that everyone will be perfectly comfortable if ever they wish to stay indoors.

Check condenser

Do not attempt to turn on your air conditioner immediately. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors recommends that you first go out of your house and check the status of the condenser. Remove any cover you may have placed there during winter and clear the surrounding area, making sure that there’s no grasses or debris within a radius of two feet. If there is a need, you may wash it with plain water using a garden hose to remove any leaves and debris that may have been sucked by its powerful fans.


After making sure the physical condition of the condenser is okay, go back inside the house and turn your air conditioner on. Set the thermostat to cool and have the fan on auto setting, then turn the down until it reaches about 68° Fahrenheit. Check the condenser again, verify that its fan is turning and listen for any unusual sounds. Go back to the unit again and feel the air coming out if it is cool. Once again, listen for any unusual sounds. If there is, turn the unit off immediately and call for an air conditioning service to have your unit checked.

Examine Filters and Ductwork

If the air coming out of your unit is not as strong as it used to be, check the filter for any clogs and clean or replace them if necessary. According to Popular Mechanics, a clogged filter blocks the airflow and causes the unit to initiate a shutdown. Check also your unit’s ducts and see if there are any holes or corrosions. If there is a hole, try to cover it up using a silver aluminum foil tape.

Checking your air conditioner and having it serviced way before the season it will be needed the most is definitely much better. At the very least, you would have time to have it serviced and fixed months ahead. This way, you can ensure that your visitors will be very comfortable when they come to visit your house and enjoy each other’s company.

Are Your Gadgets Hurting You?

Patient from Washington with Damaged HearingWhile it is true that gadgets have created simpler of ways of having fun and sharing information, they could also be hurting your bodies. This is especially true if they are constantly on, making gadget-usage a major part of your daily life. A digital lifestyle may seem cool and sophisticated, but it can also take a toll your health.

Eye Health Suffers

If you spend most of your time in front of a screen, you have probably experienced computer vision syndrome. Common symptoms include eyestrain, irritation, blurred vision, and tired eyes. Computer or gadget use could also be contributing to sleepless nights or insomnia. Playing a video game or watching a movie before bedtime suppresses melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

Hearing is Damaged

Digital music players provide entertainment just about any time, but constant exposure to loud noise could increase your risk of hearing loss. Studies suggest that many people today listen to music through headphones that can be as high as 110 decibels. The level of noise matters, as well the duration. Hearing centers in Washington note that exposure to loud noise for hours every day can destroy cells in the inner ear permanently.

Gain More Weight

There is a direct relation between weight gain and high-tech lifestyle. This is mainly because of prolonged sitting while using a gadget. Research suggests that the hours Americans spend watching the TV have been steadily increasing. The sad part is, the more time spent on a TV or gadget means gaining more weight. Also, instead of exercising, more people surf the net or play video games.

More Accident Prone

Using your phone while driving, a psychology study suggests, is much like driving as if you are drunk. It is noted that you are also likely to have an accident with driving while chatting on the phone. A hands-free phone may seem like a better alternative, but the conversation engages some parts of the brain that should be concentrated on the road.

Gadgets are here to stay, but make sure not to overuse them. It is also best to limit your phone or computer use and have a break regularly. Through this, you can take better care of your eyes, ears, and overall health.

A Clear Solution for Achieving Straighter Teeth


InvisalignThink of braces and the ‘train track’ look may come to mind. Fixed metal braces are a reliable and effective way to straighten teeth. However, this long-standing solution comes with a significant cosmetic downside during the course of your treatment. This is often enough to put off adults from undergoing teeth straightening treatment. Invisible braces by Invisalign provide a subtler solution for adults wanting to straighten their teeth.

Using clear aligners, Invisalign can resolve crooked, crowded or gappy teeth, without such a heavy cosmetic burden on your smile. This discreet solution is available at practices in London, including Sheen Dental in Richmond. For mild to moderate cases of crowding, spacing and misalignments, Invisalign is an option worth exploring with your dentist.

The Technology Behind Invisalign

The first stage in Invisalign treatment is to thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. Impressions and photos of your teeth are used to create a 3D image of your teeth. From this a series of clear acrylic aligners are designed, each worn for a period two weeks before being switched out for the next one. Bit by bit each aligner gently moves your teeth into their straighter positions. You will need to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day to ensure your treatment is effective. This however does give you the freedom to remove them to eat, brush and floss.

Regular dental appointments every six to eight weeks mean a close eye can be kept on the progress of your treatment. Once complete, a retainer will need to be worn to keep your teeth in their new straightened positions. You can then enjoy your new look and the dental health benefits they bring. With straighter teeth being easier to clean, bacteria has less chance to accumulate, meaning you are less likely to develop tooth decay and gum disease.

More Options for Straighter Teeth

If in consultation with an orthodontist, you find Invisalign braces aren’t the right choice for you, there are other options to explore. One such option is Incognito lingual braces; attached to the backs of your teeth, they are hidden from view. Conspicuous fixed metal braces are therefore not the only way to go for straighter teeth.

A Car Owner’s Guide to Buying Auto Insurance in North Carolina

New Car

New CarSo you decided to buy a new car and found the make and model you’ve been looking for. You’ve made the necessary arrangements with the dealer and applied for financing. Before you sign the agreement, be sure to shop for an auto insurance policy. In North Carolina, policy rates vary among insurance companies, which is why you must compare your options to find the best deal.

It’s not enough that you fulfilled your goal of owning the car of your dreams. You need protection against the expenses you are likely to incur in case you are involved in a road mishap in the future. Here are the important things you should know when shopping for car insurance in Raleigh or any other cities in North Carolina.

Auto Insurance is Mandatory

You can’t drive a vehicle in North Carolina without liability insurance – it’s mandatory. This policy will cover the costs of repair, medical treatment, and recovery following an accident. While buying an insurance policy means additional expenses, you can’t deny the fact that it’s a wise decision. You’re not just paying for the coverage; you are also preparing for the unexpected. There’s some truth in the saying “better be ready than sorry”.

When you have an automobile insurance, you gain peace of mind and stay compliant with the state’s regulations.

Determining Premiums and Coverage

Insurance companies look at different factors to determine your insurance rates or premiums. These include your age, gender, educational attainment, marital status, driving record, credit score, occupation, location, and the type of car you are driving. An insurance consultant will discuss your options and help you find the coverage that’s right for you.

Auto InsuranceA “Fault” Car Insurance State

Of course, you don’t want to get involved in a vehicular accident, but in case you find yourself in such situation, you have something good to look forward to. Remember that North Carolina is a “fault” car insurance state, meaning it requires the person who is legally at fault to bear the liability for damages or injuries caused by the mishap. That individual may pay for your auto repair and medical expenses through his or her own car insurance provider.

When you file a claim, your insurer will give you the required amount and then seek reimbursement from the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. You may also file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Another option is to file a claim directly with the at-fault driver’s insurer.

Comprehensive Coverage

It pays to have a comprehensive insurance plan that will cover everything. According to the state law, every auto insurance policy sold in North Carolina must include uninsured motorist coverage. Underinsured motorist insurance is also ideal.

In case the at-fault driver has no insurance, uninsured motorist coverage will provide a particular amount you can use to cover the expenses. If the insurance coverage of the at-fault driver is not enough to pay for the damages you sustained, underinsured motorist insurance will pay for the difference.

Accidents outside North Carolina

What if the accident happened in Georgia or any other city outside North Carolina? Well, it’s best to get a policy that will increase to match the minimum requirements of other states. Regardless of who’s at fault, some states would require your insurance company to pay for your damages.

A car insurance policy will come in handy when an accident occurs despite being extra careful. During this difficult time, it’s more convenient to have a reliable source of money to cover the expenses. Now that you know the basics of getting an auto insurance coverage in North Carolina, you can seal the deal and drive home that new pickup or sedan.

What to Consider Before Buying Management Rights

property management in Brisbane
If you live in Queensland, buying management rights in Brisbane can be a lucrative business if you know how it works. The process of management rights involves purchasing letting and caretaking rights for quite a few properties in the city. Before making any move, however, it’s necessary to determine the things you have to keep in mind to avoid costly issues later on.

The profitability of the business

Do your research on the net profit of the business before making the purchase. Have your seller disclose the expected profits, and work with an accountant to establish, whether there is any additional income expected from management services. See whether this extra income is sustainable in the long term.

What duties will be expected to do?

Each caretaking agreement is different from the next, so find out early what exactly are the duties you will be required to do. Investigate whether the services you will be required to do will be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Find out if there are outside contractors to do certain services and the compensation expected for these services.

Establish the expected office hours

Some agreements have specific hours set to have duties performed. Find out from the agreement whether you are expected to be contactable at all times. You may work with management rights professional to review the range of expectations on the contract.

What is the reputation of the management rights seller?

You want to work with a credible seller. Conduct a background check on the developer; find out which other properties the same group owns. Talk to the developer’s previous or existing clients to find out their experience. Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as possible.

Buying management rights can be a great investment. But, if done hastily, it can prove risky. A proper examination of the contract agreement, coupled with proper research into the reputation of the developer, is a good way to start.