Swimming Pool InnovationsA look back on the swimming pool industry for the last two decades or so shows amazing progress. Manufacturers in Brisbane are jostling with each other as they seek to offer energy-efficient and cost-saving products. For sure, users are getting more quality products from a variety of providers, all thanks to these innovations.

Here are a few interesting trends that a pool builder such as Brisbane Pools & Landscapes can help you incorporate.

1. Pool Alarm System

The swimming pool can be very hazardous if an elderly or sick person falls. Children can also slip and drown. Thanks to newest alarm system, such scenarios are minimised. Some alarms can send signals up to hundreds of feet away. Although the alarm is very sensitive, it does not sense small objects such as leaves and twigs. Remember that this system can also be linked to your mobile phone using an application.

2. Chemical-Free Swimming Pool

Even if you installed your swimming pool just a few years ago, you can still enjoy the benefits of chemical-free swimming pool. There are already several of these in Brisbane. The pool relies on plants for water filtration. Do not worry-the plants do their regeneration process in a separate area. Shape and design choices for these pools are unlimited.

3. UV Light Sanitization

UV light systems are very popular for swimming pools globally. Instead of the conventional chlorine sanitisation, these pools use ultraviolet light. The light alters the DNA of pathogens, killing them instantly. With the bacteria and algae eliminated, you can enjoy a healthy and safe swim.

Convenience and safety in swimming pools are irreplaceable. That is why most swimming pool builders are focusing on innovative products.