Public Relations ConceptMore and more brands are working with public relations companies in Melbourne to help improve their communications with the target markets. In its very essence, PR is the key for effective, consistent and measurable communication.

Whether you are already working with a PR firm like Sphere, or you’re still researching if you need one, here are major strategies in public relations that your company should have:

1. Get to Know Your Target Market

This is especially important for the business-to-customers (B2C) companies. While consumer needs, demands, lifestyles and purchasing habits do change and evolve, if you do not have a good grasp on who you’re selling to, you cannot create informed decisions based on cold, hard facts. For instance, if you’re selling products designed for women, you have to know what specific type of woman you’re selling to. You have to know the habits, purchasing power, demands, needs, fears and lifestyle of the ideal female consumer so you can create campaigns and communicate with “her” through your PR efforts.

2. Be Available All the Time

The so-called “social era” has given businesses a new channel to connect with consumers and vice versa. But this also means that brands need to be responsive and available 100 percent of the time. Unlike before when customers need to call a number and wait to be able to talk directly to a customer representative, these days, all they need to do is to go online and tweet or chat with the brands’ social networking accounts. And if they don’t hear from you fast — or worse, if you ignore them — it can become a PR nightmare.

3. You Have to Have a Strategy

The goal of effective PR is to create and maintain a concise communication with your target market. Effective PR is not just about learning who your target market is but also the channels wherein you can reach them faster. It also involves creating events whether offline and online that can help improve product awareness and lead generation activities. PR firms are able to do these things through strategy. One of the greatest benefits of having a PR firm is that all your efforts will become streamlined with your marketing and sales objectives. All of your efforts can be measured to achieve faster and bigger ROI.

Working with a PR firm is not exclusive to big companies with big budgets. Startup companies can also benefit greatly from streamlined communications. If you’re still wondering if getting a PR firm is necessary, consider these tactics when making your decision.