Family quality time in New ZealandAs a mum, you would want the entire family to have fun spending time together. Be it a trip to the shopping centre or a movie theatre, or a meal at home, it is always more enjoyable with the whole brood around. But, with the children on their phones and in front of their laptops for hours, and with their dad choosing to lie in bed and watch his shows, this may dampen what can be a fun family affair.

How will you get everyone to spend quality time off the beds and gadgets, and bring it outdoors instead? You may try these ideas:

Clean up the Area

Make them want to go outdoors by giving your lawn a makeover. As this may be quite the challenge, you may want to ask garden maintenance services such as AA Cleaning Ltd to lend you a hand.

A well-kept garden attracts attention and entices the family to go for walks and have a breath of fresh air. It also attracts birds and other wildlife, and that gives you interesting sights to see.

Have a Barbecue

No one can resist food and fun games. Bring them to the yard, and the whole family and even a few neighbours will surely follow. A barbecue lets your family enjoy great food and scenery outside of their electronic gadgets. Let the kids help out with the cooking so they can experience the real thing. Maybe they will want to do it again, and that means more outdoor bonding for you.

Do a Project

You may already have your hands full with parenting duties, and the kids may be too busy surfing the internet and playing video games, but that should not keep you from doing something fun together. You may want to build a tree house, plant flowers, mow the lawn or simply run around like you did when you were your child’s age. Let them get their hands dirty; it is good for them.

Get your family to spend quality time away from their couches, beds and computer screens. With creative ideas, spontaneity and a great outdoor space, your family time can be more fun than ever.