4 Exceptional Qualities Garage Roller Doors Possess

Garage Roller Doors

Garage Roller DoorsChoosing a garage door for your Perth home requires careful consideration. One of the most popular options is the roller door, primarily due to its array of benefits. From its compact and easy-to-operate mechanism to its reliability and exceptional strength, you definitely should think about getting this for your home.

To help you realise the value roller doors provide, take a look at these four exceptional qualities.


Professional installers like GryphonGarageDoors.com.au fit roller doors on the interior of the garage entry. The shutter, made of corrugated sheet, rolls up in a vertical manner and coils up overhead, where it remains so until you operate the door.

No clearance area needed

A great advantage to roller doors is their compactness, which means that you do not have to worry about large clearance areas. Since they move only up and down, unlike other doors that swing out, you can maximise your floor area for other, more useful items.


Thanks to the corrugated sheets that make up roll up garage doors, their shutters boast of extra stiffness and strength. This durability makes them less susceptible to physical damages and other problems. Additionally, their impact resistance and strength make your garage safer, which is one of the favoured entry points of unscrupulous individuals, such as burglars and thieves.

Weather resistance

Unlike tilt-up doors, roller garage doors provide greater protection against inclement weather. They perform better when it comes to blocking rain, snow, and other environmental factors. They have enhanced door perimeter sealing properties than the other options you have. Also, because the bottom-most part of these doors comes with a rubber seal, they also effectively control the entry of dust, debris, and pests.

All in all, garage roller doors offer Perth homeowners with a very versatile choice. Add to this the fact that you can get one customised, based on your unique needs and preferences.