Starting a Business in FloridaIn 2015, Florida welcomed a record-breaking 105 million visitors. With more and more Americans and tourists visiting the Sunshine State, business is also booming. From startups to mom-and-pop establishments, there are many good reasons to start a business in Florida. If you’re thinking of opening a business in the state, here are some ideas to get you inspired.

1. Tourist Guide and Transport Services

With some many people visiting the state, it makes sense to put up a business aimed at helping tourists get to know Florida better. Tours are always popular with the older generation, but even the younger generation understands the perks of a well-prepared travel itinerary. The benefits of having a local plan your tours, coupled with the ease of transportation, can become a viable business venture.

2. Restaurant + Bar

People visiting a new city are always on the lookout for food and drinks that are famous in the new place. Putting up a restaurant and/or bar that serves the best of what the city has to offer is always a good business idea. If you’re planning to serve alcoholic beverages, there are companies that can help you buy a liquor license in Florida. Cuban sandwiches, conch fritters, oysters and fish tacos are crowd favorites that go well with mojitos, pisco sour and rum runner.

3. Online Retail Consultancy

With more startups opening their doors in Florida, consultancy can be a lucrative business for you, especially in the field of online retail. The digitization of business opens up a lot of opportunities for digital marketing professionals to transform mom-and-pop operations and brick-and-mortar enterprises into modern-day tough contenders.

4. Home-based Healthcare Services

Florida has always been a popular place for people to retire. It’s no surprise that many business owners are offering health-related services to the increasing older popular. Personalized services help seniors become more comfortable and it’s a good way to build a lucrative business.

Florida, Here We Come

The state government is also very supportive of the startup community. This also helps in developing globally-ready businesses that help Florida in return. More and more business owners are flocking to Florida. It’s about time that you do.