Kitchen StaplesYou have finally started living on your own. While you are enjoying your freedom, your fridge (and tummy) is not really enjoying the daily Chinese takeaways and quick drive-thru munch. Here is a simple list you can bring on your next visit to the grocery, to help you have a yummy, if not decent meal at home sans deliveries. With this list, you can finally use the beef base, instant noodles, mayonnaise, and other staples that have been sitting in your pantry for quite some time now.

List of pantry must-haves

  1. Eggs

You can eat it boiled, scrambled, fried, or as an additional ingredient to a dish. Eggs will always be a staple. Aside from being a versatile ingredient, it is also healthy.

  1. Pasta

Just boil it and top it with whatever toppings you desire, and voila! You already have your dinner. Plus, uncooked pasta can be stored in the pantry for quite some time, so it’s the perfect go-to meal whenever you need one.

  1. Soup Base

Add more flavor to your pasta, sauces, meat dishes and veggies. It can also be stored in your pantry or your fridge making it the perfect staple emergency ingredient.

  1. Frozen Produce

Chicken and fish are always the safest choices as they go along with different kinds of ingredients you can find in your pantry. Marinate with some spices and herbs heat a bit and you already have a meal.

  1. Garlic and Herbs, Salt and Pepper, and Sugar too!

They add flavor and savor to all the dishes you can practically think of. So yes, it should be a staple.

  1. Olive Oil

This serves as the perfect sauce for your pasta, or chicken breast, or veggies. Who says yummy can’t be healthy?

  1. Vegetables

Most green can be eaten raw, so when you are feeling lazy to cook, take a bunch, pour on your dressing and you can have your lunch for the day. Have veggies as additional ingredients for your pasta and other dishes too.

No more hungry days and cheers to healthy, and easy home-made meals. Thanks to these pantry staples.