Patient from Washington with Damaged HearingWhile it is true that gadgets have created simpler of ways of having fun and sharing information, they could also be hurting your bodies. This is especially true if they are constantly on, making gadget-usage a major part of your daily life. A digital lifestyle may seem cool and sophisticated, but it can also take a toll your health.

Eye Health Suffers

If you spend most of your time in front of a screen, you have probably experienced computer vision syndrome. Common symptoms include eyestrain, irritation, blurred vision, and tired eyes. Computer or gadget use could also be contributing to sleepless nights or insomnia. Playing a video game or watching a movie before bedtime suppresses melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

Hearing is Damaged

Digital music players provide entertainment just about any time, but constant exposure to loud noise could increase your risk of hearing loss. Studies suggest that many people today listen to music through headphones that can be as high as 110 decibels. The level of noise matters, as well the duration. Hearing centers in Washington note that exposure to loud noise for hours every day can destroy cells in the inner ear permanently.

Gain More Weight

There is a direct relation between weight gain and high-tech lifestyle. This is mainly because of prolonged sitting while using a gadget. Research suggests that the hours Americans spend watching the TV have been steadily increasing. The sad part is, the more time spent on a TV or gadget means gaining more weight. Also, instead of exercising, more people surf the net or play video games.

More Accident Prone

Using your phone while driving, a psychology study suggests, is much like driving as if you are drunk. It is noted that you are also likely to have an accident with driving while chatting on the phone. A hands-free phone may seem like a better alternative, but the conversation engages some parts of the brain that should be concentrated on the road.

Gadgets are here to stay, but make sure not to overuse them. It is also best to limit your phone or computer use and have a break regularly. Through this, you can take better care of your eyes, ears, and overall health.