Asbestos Removal in UtahAsbestos is everywhere. It is in your home, your kids’ school, and in your environment. They’re being used in constructions as a rustproofing and insulation for buildings, sound proofing material, and main chemical for general construction projects.

Asbestos, however, may create a health hazard for your family. When disturbed, it may create dust containing asbestos fibers which may cause a range of health problems when inhaled.

Read on to know its health effects: 


Asbestosis is a result of inhaling asbestos fibers that create a scar in your lung tissue due to inflammation. As a result, it makes it hard to breathe and difficult for carbon dioxide and oxygen to pass through the lungs. This disease progresses slowly and can vary from having no symptoms to fatal results. Common symptoms include shortness of breath, persistent coughs, chest pain and tightness and loss of appetite.

Pleural disorders

Too much asbestos exposure may create thick patches on your lungs’ pleura or in some cases, a fluid in your chest cavity. These conditions are not cancerous, though. They may, however, reduce lung’s capacity to breathe, which poses more health problems when left untreated.

Lung cancer

Aside from cigarette smoking, people who tend to have too much exposure to asbestos fibers have a high risk of developing lung cancer. It may create a tumor, which spreads through your lungs if not treated right away. Most common symptoms include persistent coughing, unexplained weight loss, and labored breathing. People who experience these symptoms do not certainly have lung cancer, but should consult physicians for expert advice.


In general, you can’t easily tell whether a material in your home contains asbestos by just looking at it. You may want to have an expert conduct an asbestos testing to make sure you’re treating it correctly. Aerolite Group explains that professionals will take samples for further analysis and identify health risks especially if asbestos fibers are already scattered in your home.

Keep these things in mind to keep your family safe. It pays to know the right information to detect asbestos.