Awning DesignsAwnings have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Centuries of refinement and experimentation have led to the modern awning — overhangs that are simple in design, but intricate in function. Exterior coverings for exterior walls may be simple fixtures, but there is so much more to modern awnings than the simple act of propping up a piece of dyed cloth. Not to say that modern awnings are not up to the task.

Better Variety

Awnings function far beyond providing shade. With the proper layout and location, they can also aid a home’s ventilation by influencing drafts of wind and air circulation. But, one of the most striking roles awnings have developed over the centuries was their capability to serve as stylistic fixtures; at times even more than their role as functional ones.

The earliest instances of awnings were limited to thick pieces of cloth draped over stilts. In fact, shipbuilders were typically the ones responsible for putting up awnings during the ancient times, as they were able to apply their knowledge of making sails to the installation process. Today, awnings may consist of all a variety of materials, from plastic to wood to metal to glass. None of them lacking in function, but unique and stylish in their own ways.

Options under the Sun

People can now mix and match the styles and designs of different eras of outdoor shade. Rustic awnings can possess a modern feel by switching out shingles for earth-tone steel. The applications can go the other way as well, as flat awnings can now take a more traditional twist by switching plastic panels for wood or coloured glass.

No matter the type and use; be it the event-level coverage of terrace awnings or the modest design statements of sun awnings, the sheer variety awnings have now grown into leaves homeowners as well as commercial designers with no drought of options for their next project.

Awnings provide homes seemingly lacking in flair with a much-needed splash of colour and functionality. Modern awnings have come a long way from the makeshift roof extensions of ancient times, and people can now enjoy the full advantages of its rich history.