stacks of toxic chemicals
Although it might be the first thing you will notice, sewage leak is more than the annoying foul smell that permeates your home and community. It also brings toxic fumes that could be very harmful to your family’s health and environment.

Harmful Effects

As a result of the decomposition process of household waste, sewage gas smells a lot like rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide, a harmful component of sewer gas, is the cause of the foul smell. Hydrogen sulfide can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract. It can also cause a headache and dizziness. Exposure to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide may paralyze your sense of smell while very low oxygen concentrations can immediately kill a person.

The sewage also contains bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases like gastroenteritis.

Preventing Sewage Leaks

Old plumbing systems can cause a catastrophic sewage leak. Salt Lake City, although does a good job with maintenance, still faces problems because of its aging wastewater system. In June 2014 one the city’s leaky sewer discharged untreated wastewater that could have flowed into the Jordan River. The leak was not only potentially harmful to the people exposed to the contaminated water, but to the river’s ecosystem as well.

Sewage leak at home is nothing short of dangerous too. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC suggests that hiring a plumber in Salt Lake City or within your area to come up with a maintenance plan is important to prevent any devastating leaks since most of the major problems stem from neglected small leaks and drain backups.

Health Precautions

If your sewage does leak at home, it is important to avoid direct contact with sewage water or any contaminated area. To avoid any health risks, leave the cleaning up to the professionals since they have the appropriate equipment to deal with sewage leaks such as a mask, boots, and rubber gloves.

Use bottled or boiled water even for washing the dishes until you are sure your water supply is not contaminated and visit your doctor if you feel sick.

Sewage leaks can be a huge threat to public health and safety. Inhaling toxic fumes can cause death at the most extreme level and leakage of toxic chemicals to bodies of water can have a harmful impact on the ecosystem.