Elders at HomeFor some adult grandchildren, putting their grandparents or elderly parents in a home or assisted-living facility is out of the question. If you’re one of these people, you probably want your grandmother or grandfather to be close to your own children and somewhere you can always keep an eye on them and monitor their health.

But how do you make this a successful endeavour? How do you provide the same detailed care they do at assisted-living facilities and at the same time keep your grandparents close to you?

Here are some things you should do when you want to care for your elderly parents or grandparents at home:

1. Get a granny flat.

The expenses incurred when constructing a granny flat aren’t as large as you think. Getting transportable cabins for sale can be much cheaper since these are made to your specifications but at very easy to attach to your home. You don’t need to remodel the whole back yard — just get a cabin from a good dealer, preferably a small family business who knows how to take care of the elderly, ClassicCabins.com.au suggests.

2. Hire a night nurse.

If you plan on taking care of your granny during the day, you need someone to take over during the night. You don’t have to pay for 24-hour care, but someone to take over during the night so you get a good night’s sleep is a great idea.

3. Establish a routine.

Just like children, the elderly are calmer and respond better to routine. They know what to get ready for and they also know what to expect. Incorporate their doctor’s appointments and errands into the routine and let them know how the system works. They’ll appreciate your effort more and like how you arrange everything so it’s easier to remember.

Caring for your ageing grandparents can be difficult. But if you know what to do, it can become fulfilling and quite an honour.