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Bad Starters: Difficult to Diagnose, But Common to Failure

Most Tauranga vehicle owners, especially long-time motorists, have already experienced some sort of automotive problem in one way or another. Although some of these issues result from manufacturing errors, many of them are due to improper maintenance, misuse and neglect. And while you can always rely on an experienced mechanic to help you sort out […]

4x4 vehicle
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For a Better 4×4: 3 Upgrades You Should Do

There are many improvements you can do to your 4×4 to make it better. Not only in terms of appearance, but also in performance, fuel efficiency, power and handling. You simply need to have the right tools and know where to look for the parts to make this happen. To boost all of these aspects of […]

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Brand New vs. Used Cars: The Real Deal

The age-old argument between buying new or used when it comes to cars will never end, primarily because there will always be both pros and cons for either side. The most important consideration is your personal situation. Buying a brand new car Many proponents of buying a brand new car will cite its warranty as […]

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Here’s When You Should Already Have Your Car Repaired

According to Consumer Reports, modern vehicles can now last up to a total of 11 years, or reach even up to 200,000 miles. However, there are many factors that contribute to this, with proper maintenance and repairs playing major roles. When you fail to maintain your vehicle, delay an important engine repair service, or generally […]

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Circle Time: What You Need to Know to Care for Your Car Tyres

Whether you are new to driving or not, it is still a good practice to have your vehicle checked regularly to avoid road mishaps. The engine, battery, and tyres are some of the major parts of a car that should be maintained in tiptop shape. Below are some things you can take note of to […]

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Three Secrets to Growing Your Brand Image in a Competitive Market

In a competitive business world, having a strong brand makes the difference between barely scraping by and turning a tidy profit. Companies with strong branding strategies have a greater market presence and command a larger share of the market. Successful companies start by understanding the market as well as their customers then proceed to create a brand […]

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Renting a Car vs Driving Your Own

Hiring a large car gives you the advantage of traveling in a large group of family or friends and offers great value for your money. For instance, if your car breaks down, then you do not have any reason to worry; a car agency can provide another car at no charge if the breakdown occurs […]

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Why You Need a Good Panel Beater for Your Car

All car owners have to deal with panel beating services at one point. It may be to repair minor dents and scratches before selling an old car to get a better price. It may be to get the car back into service after an accident. You may also want to restore an old car to […]

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Interesting Facts About Tow Trucks That You Probably Didn’t Know

Tow trucks are useful vehicles, especially when you encounter a mechanical problem with your vehicle.Their responsibility is to tow different types of vehicles. But, there's more to it than that. Industry professional Ready Towing shares a few interesting facts about tow trucks that you probably didn’t know. The tow truck was created in 1916 Yes, they are […]

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Choosing a Driving Course in Tauranga

You can learn to drive without enrolling in a driving course in Tauranga. However, it is better to learn to drive the right way from the start. A licensed driving instructor knows to drill good driving habits into you before bad ones can take hold. Having a few hours with a good instructor is also […]