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Car Title Loan, a Viable Option to Access Cash

People may need to access to extra cash for a variety of reasons. It may be to restructure the finances and re-plan one’s career by investing in a new business or paying off other debts. It may be to finally fund a long overdue and well-deserved vacation before diving again into exhausting work. It maybe […]

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Revamping an Old Car: 3 Ways You can Make it Look and Feel New

There are currently about 18 million registered vehicles in Australia. This data, which is gathered through the Motor Vehicle Census, has continuously increased since 2010. While that is an outcome of the country’s economic progress in recent years, purchasing a new car may not always be a viable option. Even with sufficient financial capacity, buying […]

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Deciding Between Used and New Car Parts

New is not always better than used. There are times when it just does not make practical sense to buy new parts for your car. Most auto repairers will say the same thing, and may even recommend a place where you can buy them. Here are some signs that you should look for reliable auto […]

Daihatsu Sirion (M100RS) hatchback
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Fight Glare with Car Tints

Driving during daytime can be a hassle due to bright sunlight. You’re not spared even in cloudy days, as the UV rays can make it harder for your eyes to adjust to the glare. Eyeglasses help, but it would be better if you had your windows tinted. This not only reduces the amount of sunlight […]

Toyota Camry Hybrid
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Before You Bid: Understanding and Preparing for Vehicle Auctions

Auction houses are ideal places for finding vehicle bargains. Before you commit to a bidding war, however, make sure you know your rights, your budget, and the auction. Read on to learn more about how these events work. How Auctions Work Vehicle auctions are basically bidding battles; the starting price of every vehicle depends on […]

Cars and Auto Parts

Avoiding Lemons when Buying Used Trucks

Buying a used truck or commercial vehicle is a great way to save money in your business. Many automobile companies in Brisbane, including auction houses like Pickles Auctions, offer different makes and models of second-hand trucks. Used cars offer lower prices and less ownership expenses and taxes, but they also pose some risks. One of […]