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What an International School Can Offer Students Today

International School in DubaiEach generation of students has their own set of needs and interest. International schools are known to prepare modern learners for global careers, while being up-to-date about their wellbeing. Here are some of the progressive methods international schools are known for:

Learning Styles – Each student has a unique and defining learning style. Some learn by doing, others by watching and thorough interaction. There are habits you cannot change by force to suit a specific teaching method. International school educators attend teacher’s conventions to update and assess their teaching methods and find other creative ways of adapting to different levels of intelligence.

School Collaborations – Managing a school is a business, but that does not mean that “competitors” cannot work together. Some international schools have academic conventions that allow collaboration between different institutions in the region. They have foreign exchange student programs that connect schools from other countries, as well. Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai and other international schools around the world, for instance, welcome different cultural influences to keep their curriculum updated and in tune with international standards.

Internship – Homework, projects, and exams are not the only way to learn. You can teach using these methods, but international schools allow internship and other hands-on methods to learn from experts. Specific courses allow qualified students to talk to speakers and business owners and even take the time to work in their company to get a feel of where they might be going once they graduate. This makes the transition from school to enterprise much easier and can give insights on what to expect.

An updated curriculum may be enough for any learning institution, but not for an international school. Look for a good international school and see if you can pass their requirements as a student. Being academically prepared for the world is one of the best investments you can give yourself.

A Quick Guide to Passing the SHSAT

Exam Preparation in New YorkBack 2012, around 27,000 students took the SHSAT. Less than 20% of those students passed. Fewer students pass it because the test has a completely unique format.

The SHSAT is not the kind of test that last-minute crammers can ace. Procrastination and lack of preparation will only lead to a slim chance of passing. This extremely competitive test needs intense preparation.

The Actual Test

The SHSAT is divided into two main sections: Verbal and Math. Education professionals normally recommended spending half the time allotted (more or less 75 minutes) on each section. However, on the actual exam, neither proctors nor assistants are there to time the sections and warn the students that they must proceed to the next. Indeed, it can be hard for an eighth grader.

Acing the Exam

Central Park Tutors says the best way to pass the SHSAT is to know what to study and how to study. There are many SHSAT tutoring guides in NYC, and they will teach everything a student needs to know. To pass, students must learn the strategies to improve their scores. They can’t rely on luck. Parents must help their son or daughter in physically and mentally preparing for the test.

They should help each other in looking for the answers to common questions that are given in the SHSAT, and find out how to get ahead using the structure of the test. It’s equally important to know how the test is timed. Exam takers have two and a half hours to finish the exam.

Parents can buy prep books or register their children to extensive private tutoring. But at the end of the day, everything will still depend on the effort and hard work of the child.

Some Interesting Facts about Gold

Facts about Gold

Facts about GoldGold is a precious metal, valued for not only its rarity but also its intrinsic qualities. Most people think gold is just for jewellery and as the focal point of many action movies. However, buying gold in the UK is a good investment because it has so many uses. For example, it goes into the muscles of people to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Gold also goes into space helmets and window glass because it reflects infrared rays but lets in visible light.

Here are other interesting facts about gold as stated by Atkinsons Bullion.

Gold history

The word “gold” comes from the Old English word “geolu,” which means yellow. The Aztecs called it “teocuitatl,” which roughly translates to “excrement of the gods.”  It is likely that most if not all gold arrived on Earth 4 billion years ago during a meteor shower, so that makes a lot of sense. One study speculates that gold probably formed in the collision of two neutron stars. Two Australians found the largest nugget of gold ever found in 1869, measuring 10 by 25 inches. They named it the “Welcome Stranger.”

Gold qualities

Gold is a ductile and dense metal. Pure gold is so soft you can actually change its shape with your bare hands. A cubic foot of it weighs half a tonne. If you hammer an ounce of gold into a flat sheet, it would cover an area of 100 square feet. It would be so thin that a pile of them an inch high would contain 200,000 sheets. It is a good conductor material, and it is non-reactive. That means it never tarnishes, corrodes, or rusts, and you can wear it close to the skin without causing irritation.

Gold in jewellery

Pure gold is so soft that it does not really work with jewellery, but mixed with other metals it will keep its shape. This can be copper, nickel, silver, palladium or zinc. The metal mixed with gold will affect its colour. For example, if you mix gold with enough copper, it will take on a reddish colour, or rose gold.

Karat is a measure of the purity of gold. It is different from carat, which refers to the size of diamonds. Pure gold is 24 karats. When you talk of 14-karat gold, this means it is 14 parts gold and 10 parts of another metal.

Gold is a remarkable metal in many ways. It deserves its place as a popular choice for adornment as well as investment.

Nurturing Child Development: Benefits of After School Program on Your Kids


ChildcareNurturing your kid’s faculty at an early age can ultimately help them develop their physical, mental and emotional capacities. As a parent, you would want nothing more than to see your child succeed. One good way of enhancing their learning faculties is by enrolling them in some out-of-school programs. Continue reading this post to further understand what this activity can do for your kids.

Cultivates Your Child’s Interaction Skills

Reading, writing, drawing, and the likes are just some of the available activities. After school care institutions, such as Family Matters Homebased Childcare, focus on these core areas. To be specific, this type of curriculum enriches your son or daughter’s overall cognitive and thinking skills. It will help build your kid’s speech, which in turn develops their receptive and expressive language faster than the usual pace. It will provide them with better communication skills as they grow old.

Promotes Discipline

Another benefit of after school activities to your little ones is that it develops their sense of responsibility and discipline even at an early age. It will teach your kids, particularly the toddlers to act appropriately. One good way to nurture this trait is by creating some simple house rules at your home. So that, even if they are not in school, they still know that it is their responsibility to follow rules and instructions regardless of how simple that may be.

More importantly, this helps kids enjoy school. It is not a hidden fact that most children are scared of going to school because it is a totally different, foreign, and new environment for them. However, that should never be the case anymore because when you enrol your kids to any after school programs, they

will find out how fun and happy it is to be at school. With all the fun things they are learning and fun activities they are doing, the academe will surely leave a positive mark in their minds.

Home Tutors: Giving Your Kids an Extra Academic Boost


Some high school students who do well academically, start to struggle and lose track as soon as they enter college. This manifests in the form of bad grades on papers and coursework, and not being able to keep up in class. There are also occasions when they struggle with homework, as they don’t know how to approach the work.

tutorIn these cases, getting the help of a home tutor in Brisbane is one of the most ideal ways to stay on track.

Some students improve their class standing by approaching their professors and teaching assistants. In case this help isn’t sufficient, they can find information at the student centre or online about home tutoring.

According to experts like Progressive Home Tutors, many tutors offer their services over the Internet and help students do well in college. The concept of getting a home tutor in Brisbane is catching on. Some students do better after one-on-one tutoring sessions. Students can understand the complex ideas as their personal tutor would focus on teaching them.

When looking for the right home tutor, here are important points that you should consider:

1. Budget

It is important for parents and students to check the tutor’s rates. As the tutoring industry expands, this learning setup becomes costly, especially when added to college fees and book expenses. You should, however, consider it a good investment, giving your kids’ schooling a boost.

2. Skills

What students have to consider when they want to hire a home tutor in Brisbane is the style of teaching, level usually taught, and the amount of experience. It is a good idea for students to look for native language tutors, so that they can learn faster. There are also people who teach foreign language speakers who need to keep up with their academic standing.

3. Time

Many home tutors in Brisbane also go to their students’ houses if needed. Students have to find out how much time a tutor would spend on a subject, as they might need longer periods for complex subjects. Some tutors can provide insights on how much time they think a student will need to catch up with their peers. This would help in planning the educational path of the students.

When hiring a tutor through a website, it pays to check their references and testimonials. Assess how other students responded to their services, so you can weigh your prospective tutor’s effectiveness.

How to Taste Wine like a Sommelier

White wine

You sip, take a palate cleanser, and repeat. The process is simple yet so complex. For those who have no affinity for the finer things in life, wine-tasting may seem like a mundane and needless activity. Most likely, many of these naysayers prefer being drunk to experiencing the delicate and ensnaring wonders of the endeavour.

This is not the case if you’re a sommelier, or someone who has trained their taste buds to test the quality of wines. Sommeliers are usually employed by upscale hotels and restaurants, such as Park Hyatt and Vue De Monde. Some have undergone formal training at schools or institutions, such as the Australian Hotels Association.

Without a doubt, their profession is one of the most enviable in the world. More enviable still are the skills they have developed over the years. Now, if you feel like changing course and decide to taste the finer things in life, you might as well put wine-tasting on your list. Here are some tips on how you can do it like a pro.

White wine

How to Assess

Stand by the 3S: sight, smell, and swirl. The sight mainly refers to the colour or transparency of the wine, which gives you a lot of clues about how it’s crafted. The colour intensity will tell you how bold the taste may be, while the transparency or opacity will help you identify the age of the wine or the type of grape used.

The smell will help you enjoy the wine by reminding you of some things. You can use this criterion when determining its age and the type of fruit used. If the aroma doesn’t appeal to you, that’s when you swirl your goblet to release more smell. Finally, taste the wine. Tasting primarily involves paying attention to the taste’s evolution from the moment the wine hits your lips to the time you swallow it.

How to Pair the Wine with Food

A sommelier is trained to know how to pair a type of wine with the right food. If you want to impress your guests, don’t make the mistake of pairing a sweet white wine with fish or the sparkling wine with red meat. The key to proper pairing is to think about what complements each other in terms of the taste.

For instance, a light and dry wine complements green veggies and fish. Light red wines go well with hard cheese. Lighter dessert wines can go with smoked or deli meats and soft cheeses. You can make the most of full-bodied red wines if you pair them with red meats. The combinations are endless; you just have to learn how to complement, or in some cases, contrast.