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6 Easy and Effective Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Woman with Healthy SkinHaving a healthy, glowing skin doesn’t always have to be costly. A healthy lifestyle and a good skin care regimen are all you need to prevent skin problems and delay the aging process.

Here are some reminders to help you get started:

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause skin problems, such as wrinkles and age spots, and increases your risk of skin cancer. To ensure maximum sun protection, you need to do three basic things:

Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 generously and reapply every two hours.

Seek shade between 10 am and 2 pm when the sun rays are at their strongest.

If you’re not using sunscreen, you can wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants to protect your skin from the sun.

Remove Your Makeup Before Going to Bed

Never sleep with your makeup on. Un-removed makeup may clog the pores on your skin, causing blemishes, blackheads, and other problems. If you don’t have a makeup remover, use olive oil instead. This will remove the makeup and dirt from your face just as effectively as a makeup remover will.

Other than your nightly routine, you should consult one of the skin care experts in Austin. The team can help you maintain a healthy, smooth, and beautiful skin.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an indispensable part of keeping a healthy and radiant skin. Exfoliate at least once a week to remove the layers of dead skin cells. You can buy ready-made exfoliants or make your own using powdered walnut mixed with yogurt.

Maintain a Healthy diet

Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meat. Research suggests that there is a link between unhealthy diet and acne. A diet rich in vitamin C and low in sugar and unhealthy fats and carbohydrates promotes a more radiant skin. You should also drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself.

Get Your Beauty Rest

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Your skin will look tired if you don’t get enough sleep, and you’ll develop unsightly eye bags.

It just takes simple steps to ensure a healthy, glowing skin. Follow these tips and you can never go wrong.

Know When it’s Time to Get Rid of Your Wisdom Teeth

A young woman getting a tooth extracted Based on figures from the American Public Health Association (APHA), about 10 million wisdom teeth are removed every year and Americans spend about $3 billion for it. Do people need to get rid of their wisdom teeth, though?

The Wisdom Behind Wisdom Teeth

Studies show that if wisdom teeth don’t cause any discomfort or problem, then it’s okay to keep them. As long as they’re healthy, there’s no need to go through the painful process.

Some of the common problems related to wisdom teeth include gum infection (due to trapped food pieces) and poor growth (when the tooth grows crooked or facing the wrong direction — some are slanted or horizontal, as if in a sleeping position). There are also instances when wisdom teeth grow so far back that it’s difficult to clean them.

The Right Time for Extraction

Here are some symptoms you should watch out for if you’re experiencing wisdom teeth pain. Salt Lake City dentists noted that it’s important not to delay extraction if it’s truly necessary.

  • Gum disease and tooth decay
  • Jaw stiffness or pain near an impacted tooth
  • A swelling in the gum tissue that has formed around or on top of an impacted tooth
  • Crowding teeth, which is common for people whose jaws are not large enough to accommodate wisdom teeth

While many people can spot these symptoms right away, only a dentist can diagnose gum disease and other periodontal problems that require dental surgery. If you continue to experience jaw pain and stiffness, book an appointment with your dentist.

Due to the bad impression wisdom teeth removal has accumulated over the years, many people choose to delay surgical treatment for as long as possible. However, delaying treatment means that the symptoms will only get worse and could affect nearby teeth and your quality of life.

Are Your Gadgets Hurting You?

Patient from Washington with Damaged HearingWhile it is true that gadgets have created simpler of ways of having fun and sharing information, they could also be hurting your bodies. This is especially true if they are constantly on, making gadget-usage a major part of your daily life. A digital lifestyle may seem cool and sophisticated, but it can also take a toll your health.

Eye Health Suffers

If you spend most of your time in front of a screen, you have probably experienced computer vision syndrome. Common symptoms include eyestrain, irritation, blurred vision, and tired eyes. Computer or gadget use could also be contributing to sleepless nights or insomnia. Playing a video game or watching a movie before bedtime suppresses melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

Hearing is Damaged

Digital music players provide entertainment just about any time, but constant exposure to loud noise could increase your risk of hearing loss. Studies suggest that many people today listen to music through headphones that can be as high as 110 decibels. The level of noise matters, as well the duration. Hearing centers in Washington note that exposure to loud noise for hours every day can destroy cells in the inner ear permanently.

Gain More Weight

There is a direct relation between weight gain and high-tech lifestyle. This is mainly because of prolonged sitting while using a gadget. Research suggests that the hours Americans spend watching the TV have been steadily increasing. The sad part is, the more time spent on a TV or gadget means gaining more weight. Also, instead of exercising, more people surf the net or play video games.

More Accident Prone

Using your phone while driving, a psychology study suggests, is much like driving as if you are drunk. It is noted that you are also likely to have an accident with driving while chatting on the phone. A hands-free phone may seem like a better alternative, but the conversation engages some parts of the brain that should be concentrated on the road.

Gadgets are here to stay, but make sure not to overuse them. It is also best to limit your phone or computer use and have a break regularly. Through this, you can take better care of your eyes, ears, and overall health.

Stop Hurting Your Tooth’s Enamel

tooth enamel
You may not know it, but some of the things you thought were harmless can do real damage to your teeth. Your daily oral hygiene, as well as the way you consume foods and beverages, can compromise your teeth and gums, with a noticeable effect on your tooth enamel.

Enamel, which is also the hardest substance in the body, is the outer layer of hard tissue on your teeth. This maintains the tooth’s shape and structure, with a role in preventing tooth decay. Enamel experiences either good or bad actions every time you eat, drink, or brush. Erosion is one common negative effect, which wears away the tooth surface and biting edges.

Immediate Brushing after Meals

Brushing can prevent tooth decay, but doing it the wrong way can do more harm than good. If you brush immediately after consuming acidic food or beverages, enamel erosion is likely to happen. Immediate brushing accelerates the erosion of the teeth’s outer layer, as well as the layer beneath it. It could also push the acid deeper into the enamel. Wait for at least an hour or so before brushing,

Too Much Acidic Foods and Beverages

Meridian dental care centers note that acidic and sour fruits like lemon, lime, and grapes contain high levels of citric acid that can damage the enamel. Fermented products like yogurt and pickles are quite acidic too. These also include soda, fruit juices, and caffeinated beverages. Avoid consuming these often, as they can hinder the mouth’s ability to fight acid attack and enamel erosion.

Saliva’s Power and Frequent Acid Attacks

Apart from keeping your mouth moist, saliva also protects the enamel from the acid in your foods and beverages. If you consume too many sour foods, the acid can build up to levels that is too much from what your saliva can handle. If an acid attack happens frequently, the mouth will not have time to repair itself, resulting in wearing away of the enamel.

With enamel erosion, the underneath layer will become visible. This causes your teeth to look yellowish, with increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Avoid enamel wear by limiting your consumption of acidic foods and visiting your dentist for regular care.

Orthodontics Treatment: Understanding the Need Among Teens with Teeth Problems

orthodontic treatment
Teenagers experience many bodily changes, which often make them conscious of how they look or how others see them. This includes being worried about their teeth. Some of them still have bunny-like teeth, while others have overcrowding teeth. It is at this stage that parents seek the help of orthodontists to ensure that their teens will receive proper treatment.

Why Orthodontics Treatment is Necessary

Some of the most common teeth problems as enumerated by Kids Health are misaligned teeth, gaps between teeth and crooked or overcrowded teeth.

Any of these issues are treatable with the help of dentists using good quality orthodontics appliance. For instance, teenagers who have misaligned teeth and have tooth gaps can wear braces to straighten and align the teeth. They may also need retainers to maintain their perfect smile.

Why Quality Appliance is Necessary

Wearing orthodontics is not enough; they should be of high quality. Simply put, providing patients with quality orthodontic appliances give a guarantee that the outcome will be the best one. Apart from this, you can win the loyalty and the heart of your patients. The possibility of multiple referrals becomes achievable, as well.

Why Immediate Action is Necessary

One thing you need to understand is that immediate action is necessary. This means that you need to address the problem the first time. With crooked or misaligned teeth, for instance, the longer you’ll make your teen undergo orthodontics treatment, the worse their problem would become. Avoid this with early intervention.

Teenagers who suffer from teeth problems must not hesitate in seeing an orthodontist. Visiting them will ensure that treatment is received at the earliest. It could also mean achieving the perfect smile in the shortest possible time.

Beyond the Foul Smell: The Serious Danger Behind Sewage Leaks

stacks of toxic chemicals
Although it might be the first thing you will notice, sewage leak is more than the annoying foul smell that permeates your home and community. It also brings toxic fumes that could be very harmful to your family’s health and environment.

Harmful Effects

As a result of the decomposition process of household waste, sewage gas smells a lot like rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide, a harmful component of sewer gas, is the cause of the foul smell. Hydrogen sulfide can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract. It can also cause a headache and dizziness. Exposure to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide may paralyze your sense of smell while very low oxygen concentrations can immediately kill a person.

The sewage also contains bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases like gastroenteritis.

Preventing Sewage Leaks

Old plumbing systems can cause a catastrophic sewage leak. Salt Lake City, although does a good job with maintenance, still faces problems because of its aging wastewater system. In June 2014 one the city’s leaky sewer discharged untreated wastewater that could have flowed into the Jordan River. The leak was not only potentially harmful to the people exposed to the contaminated water, but to the river’s ecosystem as well.

Sewage leak at home is nothing short of dangerous too. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC suggests that hiring a plumber in Salt Lake City or within your area to come up with a maintenance plan is important to prevent any devastating leaks since most of the major problems stem from neglected small leaks and drain backups.

Health Precautions

If your sewage does leak at home, it is important to avoid direct contact with sewage water or any contaminated area. To avoid any health risks, leave the cleaning up to the professionals since they have the appropriate equipment to deal with sewage leaks such as a mask, boots, and rubber gloves.

Use bottled or boiled water even for washing the dishes until you are sure your water supply is not contaminated and visit your doctor if you feel sick.

Sewage leaks can be a huge threat to public health and safety. Inhaling toxic fumes can cause death at the most extreme level and leakage of toxic chemicals to bodies of water can have a harmful impact on the ecosystem.

Even the Duchess of Cambridge Did It! Here’s What People Say About Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Treatment in Warwickshire

Invisalign Treatment in WarwickshireBefore her wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton didn’t have the most stunning smile. During the ceremony, however, many people noticed the Duchess of Cambridge’s sudden smile transformation. Though it wasn’t revealed right away, the secret to the now-princess’ perfect smile eventually got out — and that is Invisalign.

Invisible Braces to the Backs of Teeth

Kate Middleton’s French orthodontist specialises in Invisalign treatment, which involves attaching invisible braces to the backs of teeth. Wearing these invisible braces for several weeks or months can help move the teeth in the sequence determined by the orthodontist. The Duchess of Cambridge wore Invisalign for more than five months before her wedding. That’s why during the ceremony, she was able to capture everyone’s hearts, including Prince William’s, with her perfect smile!

What Do People Say About Invisalign?

Apart from Kate Middleton, other British celebrities also underwent the Invisalign treatment. Keira Knightley, for instance, fixed her several shifted teeth by wearing invisible braces for months. Cheryl Cole, a member of a girl pop group, now dons a dashing smile, too, thanks to Invisalign!

Besides these celebrities, other people are also saying nice things about this treatment. Several MiSmile’s patients, for instance, who’d undergone this treatment, said that Invisalign has helped them feel more confident about themselves. After the treatment, they no longer had to hide their teeth when smiling.

Others shared that wearing invisible braces is easy and convenient, as cleaning their teeth isn’t difficult and they can eat anything they want without worrying about metal brackets on their teeth. Plus, nobody noticed that they’re wearing aligners at all during the treatment!

With these advantages, no wonder many people, including celebrities, are encouraged to get Invisalign. More importantly, this innovative treatment has changed the stigma about braces — that it’s shameful to wear braces when you’re adult as they should only be worn by teenagers.

Spotting a Good Dentist is Key to Getting Rid of Your Child’s Fear

Friendly Dentist in HertfordshireChildren are normally afraid of the dentist, especially if they have imaginative minds. However, you can change your child’s perception once you bring him to a great dentist who works at a friendly clinic.

You may still be able to recall the first time that your parents told you to visit a dentist. You could have reacted in so many ways; however, there are only two famous reactions – the “yes” and the “no!” Now that you may have a family of your own, it might come as normal if you hear the two-letter-word answer from your kid the moment you asked him to go to the dentist with you to check his teeth. You just have to devise a way to get him to agree with you with a resounding “Yes!”

Look for an Amiable Dentist

You must have already heard of horror stories that create a bad image for dentists in the eyes of your child. So before this becomes a permanent thing, better look for a dentist that you can rely on and can change his perception. recommends you bring your child to the dentist early on. While your child is still in grade school, try to constantly bring him to a dentist who smiles a lot. This will help your child feel comfortable and more at ease. Before you know it, he will not resist anymore every time you tell him to go to the dentist.

Friendly Dental Clinic

Aside from the fact that the dentist has the jolliest face in town, it would also help if the dental clinic has a relaxing environment. This means that you and your child will not be reminded of the hospital look. Rather, you would just feel like you are at home and that the clinic drives a sense of comfort, fear will be the last thing that your child will feel. WebMD reiterates that a smile from the dentist, in addition to a relaxing clinic, can do wonders in easing the fears of the child.

Uncompromising Service

In addition to giving your child a smile and providing patients with a clinic that reminds them of home, another characteristic of a great dentist is that it gives superb service. So despite the jolly look, you can see that he is downright serious when it comes to doing his job. This can be ascertained from feedback given by previous patients. Usually, a child-friendly emergency dentist in Hertfordshire gains the trust of the community since they can rely on him during times of immediate dental attention.

So you see, no matter how much you will convince your child that the dentist is a friend, if he does not have firsthand experience about how friendly the dentist really is, you will find it hard to make him believe you. However, once you have brought him to a friendly clinic and he gets to meet the dentist, then you can look forward to the day that he will love going to the dental clinic.

Caring for Grandparents at Home: 3 Major Tips

Elders at Home

Elders at HomeFor some adult grandchildren, putting their grandparents or elderly parents in a home or assisted-living facility is out of the question. If you’re one of these people, you probably want your grandmother or grandfather to be close to your own children and somewhere you can always keep an eye on them and monitor their health.

But how do you make this a successful endeavour? How do you provide the same detailed care they do at assisted-living facilities and at the same time keep your grandparents close to you?

Here are some things you should do when you want to care for your elderly parents or grandparents at home:

1. Get a granny flat.

The expenses incurred when constructing a granny flat aren’t as large as you think. Getting transportable cabins for sale can be much cheaper since these are made to your specifications but at very easy to attach to your home. You don’t need to remodel the whole back yard — just get a cabin from a good dealer, preferably a small family business who knows how to take care of the elderly, suggests.

2. Hire a night nurse.

If you plan on taking care of your granny during the day, you need someone to take over during the night. You don’t have to pay for 24-hour care, but someone to take over during the night so you get a good night’s sleep is a great idea.

3. Establish a routine.

Just like children, the elderly are calmer and respond better to routine. They know what to get ready for and they also know what to expect. Incorporate their doctor’s appointments and errands into the routine and let them know how the system works. They’ll appreciate your effort more and like how you arrange everything so it’s easier to remember.

Caring for your ageing grandparents can be difficult. But if you know what to do, it can become fulfilling and quite an honour.

Top 5 Orthodontic Treatment Myths Debunked

Orthodontic Treatment in Stansbury ParkWith the availability of information on the internet, many people find it hard to distinguish what is right or wrong. In fact, some are frightened or unsure of undergoing orthodontic treatment because of the misconceptions.

Here are some of them:

Orthodontic Treatment Myth #1: Orthodontic Treatment Is Just for Children

Considering that you have a generally healthy periodontal condition, you could undergo orthodontic treatment at any age. In fact, 1 out of 5 people undergoing orthodontic treatment is an adult.

Orthodontic Treatment Myth #2: Treatment Will Take Too Much of my Time

Not really, you could actually complete your orthodontia treatment in less than six months, says Stansbury Park Orthodontics. The treatment duration will be dependent on specific dental malpositions, a movement required, and appliances to be used.

Orthodontic Treatment Myth #3: Wearing Braces Is Extremely Painful

Take note that there’s a big difference between feeling pain and feeling discomfort. Most of the discomfort you’re feeling will fade away in a month or so, or a day or two after each adjustment. Generally, the discomfort you feel won’t really get past the point where taking pain medication won’t provide relief.

Orthodontic Treatment Myth #4: Only Braces Could Give Me That Beautiful Smile

Although fixed braces are pretty much standard in orthodontic treatment since they’re efficient and versatile, nowadays, there are other technologies and devices capable of correcting malocclusions and they come in various types and materials — clear or colored brackets as well as plastic and ceramic materials that look and feel more aesthetically pleasing. Do note, however, not all newer orthodontic appliances could correct the more complex malocclusions.

Orthodontic Treatment Myth #5: I Simply Can’t Afford Orthodontic Treatment

Simply not true. Early orthodontic treatment is actually cost-effective rather than waiting for more complex orthodontic issues to develop, which will cost you more later on. Likewise, plenty of orthodontists offer flexible payment plans and you could also use third-party providers to help you pay for the treatment.

To sum up, orthodontic treatment is one the most effective cosmetic procedures that are suitable for people of all ages. It could be completed in a reasonable amount of time and with minimal aches and discomfort. That said, don’t let these orthodontic treatment myths stop you from getting that smile you’ve always wanted.