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Ways to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Man and woman talking to their real estate agent about their home they're sellingSelling your home may not be an option for you right now, but there may come a time when you will need to sell your property either because you are moving to another place or cutting some costs.

In these cases, it is of vital importance you ensure your home is ready should you decide to sell it. If you want sure-fire ways to boost the resale value of your property, do the following.

Regular maintenance

No matter what the condition of your home is when you bought it, chances are the weathering agents, pests and other factors will affect it. Because of this, there should be a building maintenance plan for your home. Best to make it a regularly scheduled one so you can address issues in their infancy.

For your HVAC system’s maintenance, hire a company is composed of specialists and engineers focused on commercial building maintenance in the UK, such as M&E Maintenance Solutions Ltd.

Do staging for visits

Social media and the Internet is the trend nowadays in the property industry. More than ever, homeowners must make an effort in making the home beautiful in photos posted for their listings. This is how home staging will be able to help.

Implement a low-key landscaping plan

If you are a homeowner looking to sell a property, do not ever disregard your lawn, as this is usually the first thing people will see once they make a visit. Drawing up a landscaping plan for this very reason is ideal.

Add energy efficiency features

Believe it or not, energy efficiency features are becoming a priority among homebuyers. This will bring up your chances of negotiating a better deal.

In conclusion, you do not have to settle for a low resale value. All it takes is the foresight to prepare ahead even when the option of selling your home has not occurred to you and your family yet

Make Your Roof Last for Generations

Roof builder spraying paint on metal roofThe service life of a roof depends on the climate and choice of material. If you live in an area that sees plenty of rain during the year and chose a roofing material and structure prone to leaks, your home will suffer. You will lose not only the roof but also ruin the entire house due to water damage.

For homeowners who have a clear plan about refinancing or reselling their property, it is necessary to pay attention to these tips from seasoned roofers in Tauranga.

Proper roofing care

A metal roof requires a different set of maintenance procedures from that of an asphalt roof. Maintenance must focus on the roof itself to make it last for many generations. For instance, asphalt roofs with plenty of cracked shingles are prone to leaks.

Immediate repair or replacement of damaged shingles is one of the key pillars of proper roof care. Metal roofs may require occasional recoating or a refinishing to boost waterproofing properties.

As for metal roofs, it is also essential that they are installed properly. Otherwise, you will be wasting too much effort and resources on minor repairs due to lack of structural integrity.

A roof made of wood requires an additional consultation with pest control professionals. Insects and microorganisms that thrive on warm, moisture-rich, and dark locations might find a home in moisture-laden shakes and shingles.

Inspection after severe weather

Some homeowners only call a roof maintenance service when their gutter is almost ready to fall to the ground after severe weather. Unfortunately, for these people, the roof also falls into neglect. They do not realise the roof must get an inspection twice a year and not only when things fall apart.

These bi-annual checks can help identify small problems, and the crew may act on these problems promptly. Make sure that your roof not only looks great but also is internally sound and in optimal condition year-round.

Choose the Right Metal Roofing for Your Home

Steel RoofingRoofs come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. How are you supposed to choose a roof for your new home from the hundreds of options available? Choose a roof based on the advantages that it can give your home.

Long Lasting Roof

Amongst all the roofing types available, you can choose metal roofing for your home as it gives you several great advantages. A metal roof can last for decades. In fact, it may be the longest lasting roof type, as other options usually last for only two decades at most. You can also enjoy energy efficiency, long warranties, and a great return on investment with a metal roof.

Noise Reduction

One of the myths of a metal roof is that it is noisy. On the contrary, coupled with solid sheathing, a metal roof can actually reduce the noise from rain, hail, and other kinds of bad weather. It reduces noise much better than any other kind of roof.

What is the right metal for your Roof?

You can acquire the metal roofing supplies you need from any metal fabrication company here in Utah. Before you can procure the supplies, however, you should consider what metal you should use for your metal roof. You can choose among a variety of metals such as copper, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

Steel and Aluminum

You can opt for a steel roof, which is a common choice. Steel roofs allow for an extensive range of highly durable paint finishes and has a zinc coat for protection from corrosion. Alternatively, you can choose aluminum, another common metal roof material. Aluminum inherently resists rust and corrosion, but you have to coat it for color. Aluminum is weaker than steel as well.

High End Metals

Other metals than the two previously mentioned are highly expensive. These high end materials include copper and stainless steel. You can use copper, which resists rust and is malleable. A stainless steel roof also resists rust and is sturdy. An alloy roof, finally, provides strength, durability, and great weathering.

With these in mind, you’re now prepared to choose the right material for your roofing needs.

Keep Relatives Happy During Family Gatherings at Your Home

Family GatheringFamily gatherings usually happen during the holidays or in the summertime when everyone is looking forward to a nice and delicious barbeque party. At this time, you must ensure your air conditioner is working well.

The winter season is coming to an end and soon, flowers will again show their colors as birds happily chirp their happy tune. It signals that a new season is just around the corner and it will once more be time for backyard barbeque fun with families and friends. As usual, some of the guests will opt to stay inside to chitchat or play cards. This is why at this early point in time, you need to check your air conditioning system to ensure that it is properly functioning when such parties occur. This is to assure that everyone will be perfectly comfortable if ever they wish to stay indoors.

Check condenser

Do not attempt to turn on your air conditioner immediately. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors recommends that you first go out of your house and check the status of the condenser. Remove any cover you may have placed there during winter and clear the surrounding area, making sure that there’s no grasses or debris within a radius of two feet. If there is a need, you may wash it with plain water using a garden hose to remove any leaves and debris that may have been sucked by its powerful fans.


After making sure the physical condition of the condenser is okay, go back inside the house and turn your air conditioner on. Set the thermostat to cool and have the fan on auto setting, then turn the down until it reaches about 68° Fahrenheit. Check the condenser again, verify that its fan is turning and listen for any unusual sounds. Go back to the unit again and feel the air coming out if it is cool. Once again, listen for any unusual sounds. If there is, turn the unit off immediately and call for an air conditioning service to have your unit checked.

Examine Filters and Ductwork

If the air coming out of your unit is not as strong as it used to be, check the filter for any clogs and clean or replace them if necessary. According to Popular Mechanics, a clogged filter blocks the airflow and causes the unit to initiate a shutdown. Check also your unit’s ducts and see if there are any holes or corrosions. If there is a hole, try to cover it up using a silver aluminum foil tape.

Checking your air conditioner and having it serviced way before the season it will be needed the most is definitely much better. At the very least, you would have time to have it serviced and fixed months ahead. This way, you can ensure that your visitors will be very comfortable when they come to visit your house and enjoy each other’s company.

4 Essential Maintenance Chores to Keep Your Indiana Home in Good Condition

Home Maintenance in IndianaYour home can provide financial security, not just shelter in Indiana. With enough equity on the property, you can resell it for a tidy profit. But you need to keep it good condition. And this requires some hard work.

In addition to the usual cleaning, you need to do the following essential home maintenance chores:

1. Roof Repairs

When your roof begins to leak, you’ll want to get a repair service right away. Do not wait until it becomes a big problem, causing water damage to the exterior of your home. To reduce repair costs, check it before it starts causing issues. If you’re able, look for broken tiles or loose components. You should also check the gutters for blockage due to leaves, dirt, and other debris.

2. Heating and Cooling Inspection

Checking your thermostat isn’t enough. Get reliable heating services in Indiana to check and maintain your heating and cooling systems. This can prevent expensive replacements when the system breaks down. An untimely breakdown can further add to your discomfort. More importantly, a regular check can avoid hazardous situations, which could occur with a gas leak from your gas furnace.

3. Refrigerator Cleanup

A clean refrigerator not only keeps your food fresh. It also maintains your health, preventing spoilage that causes food poisoning. Overall, a clean, organized fridge just makes storage and retrieval easy.

A weekly cleanup is ideal. But if you don’t have the time, simply wipe down spills and just keep everything in their rightful place. When you do this consistently, you prevent bacteria from building up, and you make the full cleanup easier.

4. Yard Work

Finally, your garden is the first thing visitors see. If it is a mess, it doesn’t leave a good impression. A yard with overgrown shrubs and uncut turf can also make it easy for intruders to get into your home; criminals can use your untrimmed hedges and large plants as cover.

The maintenance of your home is a big responsibility. But it’s a chore that keeps your property in good condition, protecting your from harm and ensuring your financial security.

Does Your Furnace Have the Right to Be Noisy?

furnace maintenance
If your gas furnace is constantly annoying you due to noisy operations, what do you do? Do you just settle for the noise?

Or, do you turn to someone like a furnace repair expert in Salt Lake City such as Larsen HVAC for a solution?

You have the option to let the noise persist until you get accustomed to it. After all, it is noise that you can simply drown out with sounds from the TV or music player. However, this may not always be the best solution.

Is a Noisy Gas Furnace Normal?

On one hand, yes, a noisy gas furnace can be normal. It is an indication that your furnace is working. More importantly, it is an indication that your furnace is working properly.

The noise could come from a forced or induced draft motor. This is a possibility. The other possibilities are due to the burners (that burn gas a bit loudly) and the blowers (that blow air through ductwork).

On the other hand, no, a noisy gas furnace cannot be always normal. If you hear a strange noise for the first time, there may be a problem. Loose bearings and broken parts in your furnace motors may be the culprit.

If there are no loose bearings and broken parts, the problem may be because of the changes over time. If some of its parts are undersized or oversized, your gas furnace will make noise more than usual. In such a case, this requires immediate attention.

The Solution

A noisy gas furnace is an indication of a defect. While you can solve it on your own, leaving the task up to the pros is an alternative. If you don’t want to worry about your furnace’s noise, why not ask a pro to solve it for you?

Check out Larsen HVAC services. For furnace repair, Salt Lake City residents can avail of dependable services. You can call the professionals at a convenient time. Fill them in on the problem, and they will help you out!

Your HVAC Unit Might Not be a Total Wreck After All… 2 Things that Could Be Wrong

HVAC ConcernsIs your HVAC unit not working? A common response is to think it is a total wreck. You have 2 choices: (1) invest in a replacement, or (2) approach a pro for repairs.

The 2nd option, which is to approach a pro, like an HVAC repair expert, to check your defective HVAC unit is better. For all you know, the unit isn’t totally damaged, and it’s definitely not worth throwing away. There are just a few issues with it.

1. A Contractor is Worn Out

If an HVAC unit’s motors and compressor do not start, check the contactors. In an HVAC unit, there are 3 of these. You can locate the contactors for the condenser motor’s fan, for the motor, and for the compressor.

If (at least) 1 of the 3 contactors shows indications of wear and tear, an HVAC unit might not be functional at all. This is due to the formations (such as the pitting and the arcing) on it. This will make the establishment of an electrical connection (to power the unit) almost impossible.

2. The Compressor Causes Slugging and Keeps Seizing

Does your HVAC unit’s compressor operate with too much heat? Does it contain the correct amount of refrigerant? If not, that’s the problem!

Ensure that your HVAC unit’s compressor is charged with the correct amount of refrigerant. If it is overcharged, it will cause liquid slugging. If it is undercharged, it will seize.

The Solution

Are you a resident of Utah (or a nearby area within the state)? If so, you can go to a reliable service provider. Larsen HVAC notes that to avail of professional services for HVAC repair, Utah residents can choose from among a number of good options.

If you cannot determine the problem with your HVAC unit per se, turn to the services offered by the experts. HVAC units will be fully checked by these pros, and solutions for repairs will be given. Other than to suggest replacing your old unit with a new one, maybe the pros have a better proposition.

Secrets to Cleaning up and Organising Your Home after the Holidays

Tidy Up All the Holiday Clutter

Tidy Up All the Holiday Clutter in AucklandThe holiday season has just ended. You still feel like it’s in the air after getting all your presents, seeing the whole family and setting up all the holiday decorations.

Speaking of decorations, there’s that dreaded chore of cleaning it all up. You have to keep everything away again and get rid of the Christmas tree.

Unfortunately, you don’t have a utility vehicle to bring your Christmas tree to a recycling facility or throw it out. A specialist from Metropolitan Rentals advised to get Metropolitan rentals or ute rental in Auckland to help you clean up and organise your home after the holidays.

Here are some more tiny little secrets on how you can keep your home spic and span after the holidays.

Prepare Two Boxes

You’ll use these two boxes to sort the decorations and all the things you got during the holidays. Of course, you shouldn’t include the presents that you particularly liked.
In one box, toss all stuff that you want to keep or use again for the next holiday season. Label it with the word ‘keep’ or anything you like. Put all the other remaining items in the other box.

You can throw away the items from the unlabelled box. Make sure that this box and items in it will go to where you intend them to be. Otherwise, it will go back to you.

Recycle or Donate Discarded Items

Alternatively, you can recycle or donate items in the unlabelled box. You can also do this with items from the ‘keep’ box. For example, you can recycle Christmas cards as gift tags for the next holiday season.

How About the Christmas Tree?

Get a pick-up truck or ute rental in Auckland to get rid of your Christmas tree. It’s the perfect vehicle to transport huge items such as a tree.

However, make sure that you bring your tree to the right facility or throw it away in an appropriate area. Don’t just leave it at the side of the road.

Air Ducts: Is It Necessary to Have Regular Professional Cleaning for Them?

Air Duct in MishawakaAir ducts are part of the HVAC system and because of this, undergoing scheduled maintenance for ducts is necessary. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know the adverse effects of leaving their air ducts unmaintained.

With winter near, do you think your air ducts can handle the weather? says a routine cleanup is necessary because ducts are prone to many problems and if you don’t take action immediately, it affects the indoor air quality of your home.

Common Air Duct Issues

Misaligned, loose, or unsealed ductwork may result in air leakage. This means that it is susceptible to letting air escape into an unusable space, which causes energy loss and may even welcome harmful gases into the home’s HVAC system.

HVAC systems have air filters that make sure that the air passing through is free of impurities. However, as time passes, this collects various things, such as dust, pet dander, dead insects (even rats), and pollen. These can compromise your home’s indoor air quality and cause an array of health issues. Infants, the elderly, and those who have existing respiratory problems are at most risk in this situation.

The presence of cockroaches and rodents can aggravate allergies and worsen other respiratory problems. Much of the dust stuck on air filters consist of cockroach and rodent droppings, which can also turn into breeding grounds for bacteria that will inevitably distribute the contaminants throughout the home.

Saving Energy and Money

When your HVAC system undergoes routine cleanup, it has the opportunity to last longer and operate more effectively, which will save you money for energy bills.

So, how often do you have to clean air ducts? Depending on your situation, you might need to clean it more than twice a year, especially if there are smokers in the household, residents suffering from asthma or allergies, and pets that shed too much. If you are renting a place, you might want to check the air ducts before you move in and if you renovated your home.

Before the cold weather sets in, make sure that you call a trusted, reliable HVAC company in the vicinity and inquire about routine cleanings for your home’s air ducts.

Christmas Lighting: Incandescent or LED?

Christmas Lighting in St. PaulChristmas lights give your home a holiday feel. Whether you hang them outside the house or inside in a Christmas tree, it only means that you are excited and ready for one of most anticipated holidays of the year. Lights can be incandescent or LED bulbs, and each option has its benefits and drawbacks you should be aware of.

If you’re buying new holiday Christmas lights, it is beneficial to know more about your options to choose the right one.

Incandescent Lighting

Known for their warm and yellowish glow, incandescent bulbs give your home a traditional holiday ambiance. As these lights are inexpensive, replacement is never a problem. You can also choose from a range of colors and sizes that will suit your home or Christmas tree. Some manufacturers, furthermore, offer bulbs with designs and patterns that create a more joyful glow and feel.

The main concern for incandescent bulbs is that they are inefficient. While they are more affordable than LED bulbs, the majority of the power (more than 90%) they consume converts into heat instead of light. This is why they become costlier for the long term. There is also a potential to overheat, resulting in fire hazards.

LED Lighting

Many homeowners are now switching from incandescent to LED bulbs due to safety reasons. Apart from having an almost zero chance or burning out, LED bulbs have built-fuses to avoid overheating. They are also more efficient and consume less power than their counterpart. They come in single- and multi-colored options, with festive colors to choose from.

Some homeowners are hesitant buying these lights, as they are more expensive. This is why they are not a practical choice is you want to cover a big tree or a large space. Some people also think that the bulbs emit strong and too bright light. Dimming can solve the issue, but not all types of LED bulb function with dimmer switches.

Your choice lights should complement your Christmas tree and other décors. It is common for some people to combine incandescent lighting with LED bulbs can take advantage of their own benefits.