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Losing Patience with Patient Records? There is a Solution

Meticulous Record Keeping

Meticulous Record KeepingWhen running a busy medical practice, it can be a challenge to provide convenient and thorough patient care and still find time for the administration. Now you can with the best state-of-art electronic record programs.

Meticulous record keeping is an important aspect of patient care, providing all medical professionals who are treating the patient with an in-depth history of the person’s health, drug reactions, blood type and other crucial data that could make a real difference to the treatment plan and the patient’s quality of life. Equally important is the doctor-patient relationship. Patients visiting the doctor with intimate, embarrassing or worrying symptoms need to know that they can trust their healthcare provider and that they care and will listen to their concerns. It becomes a delicate balancing act, then, between time spent with the patient and time spent updating records.

Doctors are Becoming Burnt Out

Despite patients reporting more satisfaction with the care they receive if they spend more time with their physicians, the average primary care physician is expected to see each of his patients for only 15 minutes per appointment. Nearly half of all doctors surveyed say they feel very stressed and a quarter have symptoms of burn-out. For new doctors entering the profession, the time spent with each patient is even less, averaging between seven and 11 minutes. This has led some doctors to worry that they will miss a crucial detail during the consultation. The reason? They spent a considerable amount of time filling in records and dealing with administration.

Use Information Technology to Save Time

Electronic medical record consulting could solve your problems. You could talk to another doctor in a physician-led IT company who can assist you in implementing an electronic medical record system and show you how to use medical speech recognition software so you can navigate your computer using voice commands and do everything in half the time. Speech recognition also means that when you tell your patient’s story, the records update automatically, so you don’t have to type them up.
For more time to help your patients, learn how IT could revolutionize your practice.

3 Key Tactics in Public Relations Your Company Should Have

Public Relations Concept

Public Relations ConceptMore and more brands are working with public relations companies in Melbourne to help improve their communications with the target markets. In its very essence, PR is the key for effective, consistent and measurable communication.

Whether you are already working with a PR firm like Sphere, or you’re still researching if you need one, here are major strategies in public relations that your company should have:

1. Get to Know Your Target Market

This is especially important for the business-to-customers (B2C) companies. While consumer needs, demands, lifestyles and purchasing habits do change and evolve, if you do not have a good grasp on who you’re selling to, you cannot create informed decisions based on cold, hard facts. For instance, if you’re selling products designed for women, you have to know what specific type of woman you’re selling to. You have to know the habits, purchasing power, demands, needs, fears and lifestyle of the ideal female consumer so you can create campaigns and communicate with “her” through your PR efforts.

2. Be Available All the Time

The so-called “social era” has given businesses a new channel to connect with consumers and vice versa. But this also means that brands need to be responsive and available 100 percent of the time. Unlike before when customers need to call a number and wait to be able to talk directly to a customer representative, these days, all they need to do is to go online and tweet or chat with the brands’ social networking accounts. And if they don’t hear from you fast — or worse, if you ignore them — it can become a PR nightmare.

3. You Have to Have a Strategy

The goal of effective PR is to create and maintain a concise communication with your target market. Effective PR is not just about learning who your target market is but also the channels wherein you can reach them faster. It also involves creating events whether offline and online that can help improve product awareness and lead generation activities. PR firms are able to do these things through strategy. One of the greatest benefits of having a PR firm is that all your efforts will become streamlined with your marketing and sales objectives. All of your efforts can be measured to achieve faster and bigger ROI.

Working with a PR firm is not exclusive to big companies with big budgets. Startup companies can also benefit greatly from streamlined communications. If you’re still wondering if getting a PR firm is necessary, consider these tactics when making your decision.

A Clear Solution for Achieving Straighter Teeth


InvisalignThink of braces and the ‘train track’ look may come to mind. Fixed metal braces are a reliable and effective way to straighten teeth. However, this long-standing solution comes with a significant cosmetic downside during the course of your treatment. This is often enough to put off adults from undergoing teeth straightening treatment. Invisible braces by Invisalign provide a subtler solution for adults wanting to straighten their teeth.

Using clear aligners, Invisalign can resolve crooked, crowded or gappy teeth, without such a heavy cosmetic burden on your smile. This discreet solution is available at practices in London, including Sheen Dental in Richmond. For mild to moderate cases of crowding, spacing and misalignments, Invisalign is an option worth exploring with your dentist.

The Technology Behind Invisalign

The first stage in Invisalign treatment is to thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. Impressions and photos of your teeth are used to create a 3D image of your teeth. From this a series of clear acrylic aligners are designed, each worn for a period two weeks before being switched out for the next one. Bit by bit each aligner gently moves your teeth into their straighter positions. You will need to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day to ensure your treatment is effective. This however does give you the freedom to remove them to eat, brush and floss.

Regular dental appointments every six to eight weeks mean a close eye can be kept on the progress of your treatment. Once complete, a retainer will need to be worn to keep your teeth in their new straightened positions. You can then enjoy your new look and the dental health benefits they bring. With straighter teeth being easier to clean, bacteria has less chance to accumulate, meaning you are less likely to develop tooth decay and gum disease.

More Options for Straighter Teeth

If in consultation with an orthodontist, you find Invisalign braces aren’t the right choice for you, there are other options to explore. One such option is Incognito lingual braces; attached to the backs of your teeth, they are hidden from view. Conspicuous fixed metal braces are therefore not the only way to go for straighter teeth.

Catchy Taglines that Endorse Marketing Methods Online

SEO Company in BrisbaneWhen it comes to branding, it matters that you have the right tagline for each product and services your company is offering. This makes it easier for your present clients and potential customers to remember you and where you excel. With that in mind, consider the following taglines when using the web to effectively promote and market your business.

‘SEO Works!’ – Also known as Search Engine Optimisation, this is probably one of the longest-running and yet still one of the top promotional tools on the internet. SEO continues to be utilised by companies and business worldwide and has been integrated into most sites on the internet. To know more about this invaluable promotional method, ask an expert and reputable SEO company in Brisbane.

‘Social Media Wins!’ – The internet is now considered the simplest, cheapest and yet one of the most effective means of promotion thanks to social media sites, says an expert from Bambrick Media. You can create event pages, company profiles, tag friends to your accounts and more, all for free. And if you want to put up social media ads, the rates are truly affordable compared to print and TV media while reaching an international audience.

‘Websites are Still in!’ – Many smaller ventures prefer the free social media sites to create their company profiles. However, websites are normally connected to the more profitable and higher quality businesses so it still pays to have your own websites. Besides, you can still connect your social media accounts to your website so those who visit your pages can easily navigate to your website to find out more about your offers and products.

Why limit yourself to just one online marketing service when you can use all of them. After all, it’s truly wise to invest in internet marketing due to its extensive reach and intimacy with its users. Just make sure that you remember these taglines and that you hire efficient internet marketing experts so you know your company’s promotional drive is in good hands.

4 Ways to Maintain Commercial HVAC Systems for Better Sustainability

Commercial HVAC SystemThe heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) can eat a huge portion of your energy bills. Not only does it require a huge amount of power, it is one of the most costly aspects of maintaining a commercial building.

When you keep your building’s HVAC system in great shape, it will be a great investment that can help save costs in the long run. Not only will it reduce your energy bill, it likewise boosts your building’s environmental sustainability and keeps the people inside healthy and comfortable.

Here are the things you need to do regularly to keep a well-maintained HVAC system:

1. Perform Regular Professional Maintenance Checks

Contact a building maintenance company in the UK at least once a year, especially those that specialise in HVAC systems to conduct a tune-up in the building. Have them inspect all equipment and perform repairs or upgrades to make sure your HVAC is running smoothly and efficiently.

2. Replace Your Filters Every Month

This simple yet effective method helps reduce business costs by opening up the airflow and improving indoor air quality, thus helping you avoid lawsuits that could arise from poor maintenance. At best, filters should be changed every month, but do not let three months go without replacing.

3. Seal Off the Air Leaks

A properly trained energy efficiency professional will be able to detect air leakage, where it is coming from and how to close it off properly. The leaks are often in the heating and cooling ducts, and improving insulation can further improve sealing to prevent more leaks.

4. Clean the Air Ducts

Although air ducts remain fairly clean and debris-free, it’s important to have them checked at least every two years to make sure there’s nothing else in there but dust. If you find vermin inside the ducts, it’s time for you to have them cleaned immediately.

A clean and well-maintained HVAC system do not only help provide a healthier environment for your building occupants. It helps save on your energy bill and reduce your commercial operation costs, as well.

3 Reasons Homeowners Need to Contact Their Plumber for Regular Maintenance

Expert Plumber in Park CityOne of the worst experiences a homeowner could experience is having a faulty plumbing system since it could cause wastage of water and damage to house furniture. Another problem most people face is recognizing that the drains in the house are completely blocked. These are undoubtedly great matters of concern.

It is then imperative to have all pipelines and the plumbing system checked regularly to prevent sudden damage or bogging down. Regardless of the nature and severity of the plumbing issue, getting in touch with an expert plumber in Park City, like All Hours Plumbing and HVAC, is important.

Regular Maintenance Prevents Leakage, Saving Water, And Furniture

One of the worst scenarios involving leakages is the damage these inflict on furniture and other appliances. For instance, the sink pipeline bogs down, it could cause damage to the dishwasher, rugs, chairs and even the table, if flooding occurs.

Apart from destroying things in the house, leakages could also pose serious health problems, especially if the pipe damaged is the one removing wastes from the house. Moreover, water is wasted if leakages are not properly fixed.

Prevents Staggering Expenses

When the pipelines are already corroded or damaged, it could mean a lot of expenses from buying a new plumbing system to replacing all pipes. This could cost you a hefty amount of money. However, if you opt to have your plumbing system checked, maintained and serviced on a regular basis, you will save more and it would take a longer time before it would bog down on you.

Plumbers Are Experts

Plumbers are trained and skilled in providing services in the house. Whether it’s a leaking toilet, a dripping faucet or a faulty heating system, they know how to repair and maintain it. Thus, you won’t need to worry about having your plumbing system giving up on you in the near future.

Plumbers are professionals when it comes to repairing plumbing systems. They offer their services so their customers won’t have to worry about plumbing problems in the future. Thus, it’s important to recognize the importance of having it checked from time to time.

The Gift Guessing Game: You Should Know What She Wants

Custom Jewelry in UtahMost women do not like telling you exactly what they want as a gift. They do not want to look like they are making you buy them these things. Also, they also want to see an effort in their partner. You are then left clueless on what to give when special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries come up. If you give the wrong gift, you might even cause them to become upset. It might also seem like you do not listen to anything they are saying.

Gift giving should not be a hard time for you every time there is a special occasion. Here are some winning gift items for you to try.

Custom Jewelry

Nothing says you appreciate them like giving the gift of jewelry. Not only does it show how much you value your partner, it also shows you are willing to spend money to make them feel beautiful. Do you know what is better than giving things like bracelets, rings or necklaces? Make it custom! Transform stunning jewelry pieces into something you and your partner recognize as a symbol of your relationship. You can choose from an array of custom jewelry in Utah and have changes made such as putting your name, inscription or a photo in them.

Love Notes

Who says romance is dead? Even when you have been together for so long, you can still ignite the fire by doing little romantic gestures. Take her on a journey of finding every piece of love letter tucked into different corners of your home. If you want a fool proof plan, you can simply put mini love notes in a mason jar for them to pick and read. While a treasure hunt may be fun, sometimes you just do not want to tire them out.

Giving gifts is all about putting a little of yourself into the object. Make sure every gift is not just something you can buy from the store.

Steel Tanks: The Best Material for Your Well Drilling Project

Steel Tanks in PapamoaWhen you start drilling a deep well for your new water system, you will have several options to choose from for your water tank material: fibreglass, plastic and steel. While all these choices have their own advantages, steel always comes out on top in the long run despite being more expensive. The following reasons should convince you to take advantage of this material.

Steel Is Hygienic

As these tanks keep potable water, maintaining the level of tank cleanliness is vital to prevent water contamination. Thanks to the corrosion-resisting property of steel, steel tanks will keep dirt and bacteria that can make you sick out. Given how steel keeps everything hygienic, hospitals prefer using steel water tanks.

Steel Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

You can buy a steel tank in whatever size or shape you wish. You can customise this material to fit your space and needs. You can even design the tanks to fit with the landscaping and architecture for your home.

Steel Is Built to Last

Steel tanks last a very long time and do not need additional treatment to maintain its strength. In fact, depending on the welding quality, steel tanks have a lifespan between 30 to 100 years. It can also withstand extreme temperatures from fires, making them a dependable material for your water supply. Lastly the tank pays for itself as you will avoid the need for maintenance and replacement.

Steel Is Recyclable

Steel is a more eco-friendly option because 50 per cent of its material is recyclable. Once it reaches the end of its useful life, it will not take up landfill space. Sometimes, you can even get money selling steel as scrap metal when you send it away for recycling, creating a win-win situation.

Steel is indeed a good choice for a water tank material. When using this type of tank, make sure to check for any distortion on the material so that you can raise the problem to a professional tank engineer.

Carbon Steel Equates to a Greener Piping Solution

Carbon SteelDurability and cost are key issues when choosing a product. Installers of piping systems understand that choosing carbon steel is the greener option compared to other materials for it can greatly lower overheads by being more cost effective and durable. A principal advantage of fitting carbon steel is its anti-corrosive nature in closed-circuit systems.

To ensure the piping system is durable, the system should be commissioned, installed, handled and stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid issues in the future.

Keeping It Clean and Dry

Before fitting, always try to protect pipes from damage and dirt, or if possible, do not remove the original packaging. Try to avoid installing the pipes near stainless-steel as this may cause corrosion. As standard, always keep the pipes free from moisture and protect from the elements. The temperature should also be controlled and maintained above dew point. If the pipes are used for chilled liquid, always maintain a vapour barrier in areas where there is possible condensation.

Some carbon steel pipes have a plastic coating, which means it won’t need additional protection besides the pipe ends and uncovered fittings.

Keep It Oxygen Free

Corrosion is likely to occur if there is oxygen in the circuit, especially in concentrations in excess of 0.1 g/m3. This will likely occur in automatic air vent valves, screw connections or compression glands if the heating system has negative pressure. When supplementing and filling with water, the chances of corrosion damage are lesser because the measure of oxygen will be very low.

Proper Commissioning

When there is water and residual oxygen present in the pipework, it will start to corrode and become almost impossible to stop.

By following the guideline of manufacturers, carbon steel is an eco-friendly, long-lasting and lower-cost (for pressed pipes) alternative, making it a popular choice compared with its competitors.

Remove Pests Without Harming Yourself: Proper Use and Disposal of Pesticides

Pest Control in ElkhartPests can bring a lot of hassles. You need to stop them as soon as possible to avoid further problems. Fortunately, comprehensive services are available for pest control. You can choose to use pesticide, though, in case the infestation is mild.

What to Buy

You should know what and where to buy pest control solutions in your area. Pick ready-to-use chemicals instead of powders and other products that require mixing. Buy separate pesticides for indoor and outdoor use. You should also get some bait as part of your initial protection.

How to Use

Before opening the pesticide, read the label first. The label contains information on how you should use the product. Follow the instructions accordingly. Wear long sleeves, pants, mask and goggles when you spray.

Make sure no one is in the house while you spray. Close or cover all possible entry and exit points. Stay outside for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what the label suggests.

What Not To Do

Don’t spray wildly. Doing so will just waste your pesticide. Just aim at the pests and their homes. Don’t apply too much as well. If the instructions say once, just spray once. Spraying twice or even thrice isn’t necessarily more effective. It might even become less effective as the pests become more resistant.

How to Store

An overhead cabinet or the cupboard below the sink are good storage sites for your pest control products. Make sure there are no holes and that they can be locked. Check the temperature of your chosen storage place as well. Put them in one big plastic container before you hide them.

How to Dispose

The label also contains instructions on how to properly throw away the pest control product. Never dispose it along with your usual household waste. Waste collectors will penalize you if you do. You can ask them instead on where to deliver your used pesticides.

Pests can be a burden if left neglected. Keep these things in mind to ensure safety in your home.