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Firework Explosions: The Sound of Art in the Sky

Apart from the bright aerial lights that fireworks display during events such as New Year’s Eve and Bonfire Night, one of the aspects of the performance that makes the experience breath-taking is the role that sound plays. Some trusted UK fireworks providers and display organisers have harnessed the power of sound and music in their […]

Products and Services Reviews

Notable Search Tactics to Look Out for in 2014

With the many changes Google is constantly implementing, many businesses seek help from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies to improve rankings on organic search results. Here are some search tactics to take note of this year: Brand Authority From keywords to context, brand and domain authority are now more important because of the Hummingbird update. […]

Products and Services Reviews

Getting the Best Paint Money Can Buy

Choosing a new paint is like picking a new toothpaste. Even though their colours can all look the same, these products can differ in price considerably. It’s true that affordable options are often attractive, but many higher-priced products have better quality and are available in more brilliant colours. If you talk to WA painters, you’ll […]