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Managing Remote Offices: Making the Work Easier

The growing population of employees who are choosing to work from home should tell you something about the importance not only of comfort but of people's preference to stay close to where they feel most effective. The WFH revolution isn't new but it is in this age of fast Internet connection and easy to configure […]

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Make a Professional Blog: How to Prepare

For those who have had enough of the daily grind to climb the corporate ladder, blogging is an attractive option. The same is true for those who want something else to do on their free time. There are many reasons for starting a blog, but if what you want out of it is to monetise […]

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The Uses of a Visitor Counter in the Physical World

One of the most important measures in web analytics is the number of unique visitors to a website. This tells the website owner and search engines a lot. It’s important for ranking, as well as giving data on how to make a website better. On the other hand, a visitor counter in a physical location […]

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An SEO Expert’s Rules to Achieve a Highly Optimized Website

A highly effective website is not only visually appealing, but should also provide excellent user experience. When a site is properly designed and optimized, it can create a positive image of your brand. This is why it pays to create a well-designed website. Your goal here is to establish your brand online and provide customers […]

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How Should You Pick a Flat Screen TV?

Flat screen TV has come a long way in the last few years, not just in terms of picture and build quality, but the average asking price has dropped dramatically as well. Now that the market has a lot of competition, the number of great models out there is staggering. With so many affordable televisions […]

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Advantages of Outsourcing IT through Managed Services

With the continuous changes and ever-growing demands in the IT world, it is necessary that businesses, particularly those who lack resources, can keep up this development. Nowadays, large-scale corporations prefer using managed solutions just to meet all their IT needs. However, many SMEs are still quite unsure about this solution. To understand what managed services […]

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Building a Solid Facebook Community of Loyal Brand Promoters

Facebook is no longer just a way to catch up with friends, communicate with loved ones abroad or meet new people online. More and more people now also use the platform to research businesses and get to know more about them. In fact, most customers today do more than just find the company’s location or […]

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Recovering After a Disaster Through The Cloud

When people in the IT business talk about clouds, they are actually referring to is an increased capacity in computing data. Experts have come to regard the cloud as the future of file storage and online backup, and that future is now. Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing, which utilizes large groups of remote servers […]

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Behind Every Great Video is a Well-Planned Storyboard

Whether you’re venturing into an online video production, a demo video, or a short film, creating a storyboard should be part of your game plan. A storyboard is simply a graphic representation of how events or transitions in your videos will unfold. Essentially, it’s a series of pictures, and may even look like a page […]

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Videos: Connecting People through Story Telling

Videos are a great way to tell stories and capture people’s emotion. By incorporating visual and audio techniques, videos can demonstrate messages better than written words. As an effective tool of relaying information, you can use them in a number of ways to connect with people and tell your story. Train People There is no […]