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3 Places to Check Out for a Great Gastronomical Experience in Pasig

City of Pasig

City of PasigPasig City is one of the most forward-moving cities in Metro Manila, Philippines. If you’re looking at real estate investments in the metro, then Pasig is definitely one of the best locations you must consider. If you’re a foodie, then you’re in for a treat because the city is crowded with must-visit restaurants. An eclectic bunch of food choices await you. Where should you eat in Pasig City? Here are three of the most popular places to go for a great gastronomical experience.


Estancia is a mall at Capitol Commons that is a haven for shoppers and foodies alike. The unique design of the mall will keep you fascinated as you stroll and find the best restaurant to eat at. You can go Vietnamese at Ba Nois, American at Buffalo Wild Wings and Burgers & Brewskies, Korean at Kyochon, Eastern at The Care Mediterranean, Filipino at X046 Bistro Filipino, and try healthier options at The Wholesome Table. For coffee and desserts, Café Mary Grace, Cinnabon, Craft Coffee, Serenitea, Mrs. Fields, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are your best options.


Gastro is the area at Capitol Commons just outside Estancia for diners who want a more intimate setting. The modern design of the restaurants here will definitely entice you. Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken, Sentro 1771, Black Olive Cerverseria, Tipsy Pig Gastropub, and Starbucks. The quaint ambiance and al fresco dining options will make you want to come back for more.


Kapitolyo is one of the districts in Pasig foodies go to when they are trying to find something new, unique, and has something mouthwatering to offer. When you ask locals where to eat in Pasig, this district will definitely come up because of the man options which are only a few steps from each other. Epic, Mad Mark’s, Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina, and Little Bear Diner will definitely come up.

Pasig City is a great place for foodies to visit so they could experience dining in these exciting and unique restaurants.

Good But Downright Unpleasant, or Otherwise? The Reality of Airline Meals

Airline Meals in Rocklea

Airline Meals in RockleaAdmit it or not, some sort of excitement fills the air at the thought of airline meal services. It is an unexplained phenomenon that results in two opinions: it’s good or it’s not.

Airline food has been receiving a lot of flak for being less than pleasant. Anti-fans of airline food insist it is no better than second-grade frozen meals. The oversized trolleys bring nothing but less-than-substantial pre-cooked meals.

Contrary to popular belief, however, airline food is more than just a ‘meh’ type of food option. Apart from using the freshest ingredients, according to, a local provider of wholesale fruits and vegetables, airplane meals are more interesting than you think.

Debunking the ‘Meh’ Food Principle

Airline meals possess the reputation of being less than pleasant. It is easier to blame the airlines for their mediocre Caesar salad or spaghetti Bolognese, but the truth is, it may be your fault.

During the sky-high travel, cabin humidity drops by at least 15 percent. Due to the less humidity in your throat, the brain’s transport of smell and taste slows down. Researchers estimate that there is a 20 to 50 percent decrease in these senses; the equivalent of suffering from a bad cold.

That perfect chicken parmesan will not only taste different in the air, but it might also require at least 30 percent more salt to taste seasoned.

Fresh is Always the Best

People in charge of preparing the meals stick to the ultimate rule: preparing food at least 10 hours before passenger consumption. In some airlines, meals come with ‘Made Fresh!’ stickers. This does not, however, indicate the food is ready to eat; it means the steak is 30 percent done or the chicken is cooked only 60 percent with the final part happening on the plane.

After cooking, it receives blast chill in special fridges.

Also, contrary to popular belief, airline meals do not need microwaves to cook. The little tray makes its way into convection ovens for 20 minutes.

Airline meals might not be the greatest meals in the world, but these are not the worst either. Each individual pack receives an extensive amount of care and cooking. Give it another chance on your next flight.

The Doctor as Business Owner: How You Can Grow Your Practice

The Doctor as Business OwnerYour medical clinic provides one of the most important services in your community: healthcare. It is also a business. And in business, if you provide better services and submit to higher standards, your marketing is more effective.

Non-traditional marketing needs

Medical facilities may not use most traditional marketing methods, but they still need marketing to turn a profit. As a physician, your primary responsibility is to care for your patients. But if you own a clinic, a hospital, or a similar facility, you’re also a business owner. And marketing is one of the most important parts of your business.

To market your facility, you have to be able to provide services that are better or which are not present in other facilities in the area. Some doctors, immediately after graduating and passing the board exams, set up their own practice, but though they may be highly effective as doctors they hardly have any idea how to run the business.

Time management

One more problem that doctors typically have to deal with is time management. It’s all too often that a doctor would go to school to learn something new, then when they’re ready to offer it, they find that their schedule won’t allow them so they revert to their old practice without adding anything after spending money on new knowledge.

You need to reorganize your schedule if you are to offer something new in your practice. There are also other aspects of the job that you have to make room for to avoid burning out. For instance, writing reports, doing research, transcribing medical notes, etc.

You may have to hire capable people to help you with reports and research. You may also invest in Dragon speech recognition software to make transcription less time-consuming and fussy, suggests.

Offering more services

The key to making your facility more effective is to offer more services. And to offer such services you need continuing education. Seminars, graduate schooling, and short courses will provide you with more knowledge and invite more opportunities for offering better services.

You’ll also need new equipment to offer some of those services. For that, you need space in your medical facility. So factor that in when you’re planning your practice.

To make your practice more viable and effective, you need to make room for developments in your field and continuing education. This is the best kind of marketing, to be able to offer more than other facilities and practices. And when you have a bigger market, your business will thrive.

Exploring the Natural Wonders of Western Australia

Nature ToursHarbouring some of Mother Nature’s greatest landscapes and wildlife, Western Australia is the perfect place to rediscover the wonders of nature. From the oldest rock formations to the earth’s largest fringing reef, the region is yet to offer you the best and most breath-taking nature trip you’ll ever experience.

Trek at Western Australia’s Largest Nature Park

If you’re in for some fun and exciting adventures, then Karijini Natural Park is a must-visit place for you. From amazing hiking trails to crystal clear rock pools and waterfalls, you’ll never get tired exploring every inch and view of the park. Along with your refreshing journey, the area provides campgrounds which allow you to enjoy a day or two stay in the park.

An Up-close Underwater Experience at Ningaloo Reef

Jump right off the shore and witness the world’s largest fringing reef at Ningaloo Marine Park. Stretching along the 260 kilometre-island, this World Heritage-listed bay provides you with a face-to-fin encounter to some of the earth’s rarest sea creatures and coral formations.

Witness the Annual Whale Migration at the Southern Ocean

All Sea Charters recommends that you observe the gentle giants of the sea as they swim off to the waters of Western Australia. From the month of May to September, locals and foreigners get to enjoy the biggest gathering of humpback whales as they make their way to the Flinders Bay. Just 60km off the South West coast, spectators may also enjoy the largest pod of orcas.

View the Wildflowers in Full Bloom

Along with its magnificent sights and destination, Western Australia is also famous for its largest and most dazzling wildflowers on Earth. During the spring time, the state becomes the home of more than 12,000 species of wildflowers which goes in full bloom starting in the month of June in the north and reaching the south coast in November. Never miss the wildflower hotspots which include the following parks:

  • Avon Valley National Park
  • Coalseam Conservation Park
  • Fitzgerald River National Park
  • Kalbarri National Park
  • Karijini National Park
  • Kings Park (in Perth)
  • Lesueur National Park
  • Mount Augustus
  • Serpentine National Park
  • Stirling Range National Park

Experience a spectacular nature trip in Western Australia by including these places on your next adventure. Get a rewarding and satisfying encounter to some of the world’s greatest natural gifts with these suggestions.

EEOICPA Parts B and E Entitle DOE Victims for Compensation

CompensationFrom World War II onwards, workers in US nuclear plants were exposed to radioactive hazards without the proper protective gear or equipment. Because of the lack of precautions, many have become sick or worse, died. 

Thanks to the federal program, Energy Employee Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA), laborers who had fallen ill from working in a US nuclear factory are eligible for financial claims. The amount of money and medical benefits that the ill workers will receive depends on the condition they are suffering from.

EEOICPA has two main parts, Nuclear Care Partners explains: Part B and Part E. They describe the different kinds of conditions and how they will be compensated. Here are the two main parts:

Part B

EEOICPA Part B entitles those DOE workers who suffered from silicosis, cancer (due to radiation), and beryllium disease to a lump sum of up to $150,000. The amount is also given to the survivors of the mentioned sicknesses.

Also, Part B of EEOICPA also gives DOE uranium workers an additional $50,000 on top of the compensation they already received from being qualified for the statements in Section 5 of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act.

Part E

Because coverage was only applicable to the certain employees, Congress passed a law in October 2014 to expand the coverage of the compensation. EEOICPA Part E enables surviving members, Department of Energy (DOE) contractors, subcontractors, and others in a certain age and condition to be part of the coverage, as long as they have been exposed to toxic substances from the nuclear facility.

The financial compensation could amount to a lump sum amount of $250,000.  The exact figure to be received depends on wage loss, survivorship, and impairment.

There is no true compensation for being exposed from nuclear hazards from DOE facilities, and becoming sick or to die from them. However, the cash and medical benefits still go a long way to help ease the burden to both the victims and their loved ones.

Teeth Maintenance: Why You Need Regular Dental Visits

A Girl's Dental Checkup in a Boise Clinic"Visit your dentist regularly, or at least twice every year." You've probably heard about this warning a dozen times before, but there's a reason why experts are persistent about it—to maintain the overall quality of your oral health.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to postpone their regular visits to their dentist's office in Boise. Caring Smiles Dental Clinic noted that many believe they have healthy teeth and gums, but that might only be on the surface. You wouldn't know that there are plenty of bacteria hiding in your mouth, which could cause pain and other problems in the long run.

Impacted wisdom teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth can occur when one of your wisdom teeth does not erupt completely (or grow out entirely). There are many reasons for this; the two most common being insufficient jaw bone or lack of gum space where the tooth can erupt normally. It comes with many different complications, such as decay, damage, gum disease, and damage to other teeth.

Cracks or hairline fractures in or on the tooth

Sometimes, when you bite into something hard accidentally like a bone or seed, it might cause a tiny crack or hairline fracture in the tooth you used. As these are small, you will not notice them immediately. In fact, you may not see them at all until they become a bigger issue.

Hidden gum diseases or decays

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a number of complications, with one of them being pericoronitis, a type of gum disease. Those cracks and hairline fractures can also decay soon as more bacteria enter them.

In most cases, dental problems do not cause pain right away. What's worse is it might be too late until you discover them. This is why you need to visit your dentist regularly.

4 Best Australian Holiday Tours for Animal Lovers

Whale Watching

Whale WatchingYou won’t find 80% of Australia’s wildlife somewhere else. From kangaroos and koalas to platypus and wombats, this country is home to many unique animals. So, if you are an animal lover with plans to visit this country, never miss the opportunity to meet the best of Australia’s wildlife.

Here are some of the most awesome Australian holiday tours for an animal lover like you:

Whale Watching Tour in WA

From a touring vessel, you can watch Southern Right and Humpback whales migrate through the waters of Western Australia between June and December. Make sure to find a seat on the deck during your whale watching tour in WA to have the most beautiful view in this one-of-a-kind experience.

Platypus Encounter in Adelaide or Mackay

It is difficult to spot a platypus in the wild. Seeing this mysterious animal in a close encounter is a unique experience. Go to the Mackay’s Broken River or Warrawong Earth Sanctuary in Adelaide, as they are the most recommended spots for a platypus encounter.

Penguin Parade in Philip’s Island

If you want to see a parade of little penguins, visit Philip’s Island on Victoria’s Bass Coastline. This place offers a special tour wherein you can sit on the beach and witness the penguins walk back adorably to the shore after a day in the ocean.

Koala Research in Victoria

Through the efforts of Earth Watch Institute, you can go on a 10-day expedition in the Great Otway National Park in Victoria researching about koalas. This experience includes koala observations, habitat assessments, and capturing koalas with the help of an expert handler.

These tours are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, so better include them in your itinerary on your next holiday in Australia. Just make sure to plan your visit during the months or season when these tours are available.

3 Types of Golfers You Don’t Want to Meet in the Course

Golf Club And BallWhen you go to a country club, most likely you just want to relax. You only plan to have fun in the pool or unwind with a swing of the golf club. But sometimes, you can’t fully enjoy your time in the club because of the presence of some annoying fellow members. says that the green course is a haven for golfers, whether they’re amateurs or skillful ones. Now, there will always be golfers who don’t know how to respect their fellow players. If you want a stress-free day at the club, better be aware of them. Below are some of the most annoying types of golfers you’ll meet on the course.

  1. The Advice Guy

Without any hesitation, this guy would approach you and give you a swing advice. Though you didn’t ask for his help in the first place, he would still insist on fixing your swing. He would even force you to try one of his oldest swing tricks. And if you couldn’t get it in a few tries, he would annoyingly offer more advice (which is basically just a rap of swing jargons) until you have the courage to shut him up.

  1. The Hulk

This golfer feels like he’s at the World Golf Championships every time he steps on the green. He’s so competitive that whenever he makes a bad swing, he feels he has to throw stuff away and scream in sentences full of expletives just to express his despair.

  1. The Smartphone Guy

This guy can’t spend a minute without a phone near his ear. He believes that his time in the course is a perfect opportunity to multitask. He talks to his secretary, his long-distance girlfriend, or even a therapist – while trying to swing. From time to time, he’d make the shot as he already mastered balancing the phone on his shoulder while taking a big swing.

As you have no power to get them evicted from the club, just try to avoid these golfers on your next tee time. Never let them ruin the kind of fun you’re supposed to have on the course.

The Magic of Retainers

Different Kinds of RetainersDo you remember that sweet sensation of having your braces removed and you feel that your teeth are finally free of metal brackets? Do you remember the feeling of seeing your perfectly straight teeth for the first time?

Well, say hello to ortho retainers, the tool that will help you keep this permanent.

What is a Retainer?

Retainers hold your teeth in place once you are done with your braces. They prevent the teeth from moving out of place due to the absence of force that you used to get from braces. Your dentist takes an impression of your newly aligned teeth to mold your retainers and provide the right fit for your teeth.  

What are the Different Kinds of Retainers?

There are three different kinds of retainers, specifically the Hawley Retainers, Essix Retainers, and the Permanent Retainers.

  • The Hawley Retainer is made from wire and plastic or acrylic. The wire is placed across the teeth and the plastic or acrylic is molded to fit inside your mouth. This kind of retainer is adjustable; however, it is quite noticeable.
  • The Essix Retainer is made from clear plastic. This retainer doesn’t allow your top and bottom teeth to close in naturally. This kind is not easily noticeable when you wear it, as the retainer is made of clear material.
  • The Permanent Bonded Retainer is an orthodontic device that you need to wear all the time. This retainer is glued to the back of your teeth, so people can’t see it. The only downside of wearing this type of retainer is discomfort.
How Do You Take Care of Your Retainers?

Just like braces, retainers need to be cleaned regularly to avoid irritating your teeth and gums. Don’t forget to place your ortho retainers in case that your dentist will provide to avoid bacteria build-up.

Retainers are essential in maintaining the effect of the braces and keep the alignment of your teeth. Consult your dentist to learn more about this treatment.

Why Everyone Wants to Go to Singapore


SingaporeThe dream of overseas travel is one shared by mostpeople.And are those places that manyhave on their list,one of them being Singapore.

The Little Red Dot was named the world’s greatest city by CNN. Here are some of the many reasons Singapore has earned this title:

#1 Best Airport in the World

Being the gateway of a country, the airport plays an important rolein tourism. It is the first place visitors see and experience, and sets the first impression on them. Since Singapore has already taken the number one spot for this, visitors will have a guaranteed smooth and hassle-free travel experience upon arrival and departure.

#2 Diverse Tourist Destinations

You can experience different kinds of tourist activities and be assured that not one will be like the other. Why? The country is made up ofmulti-racial communities and races that practice different beliefs and religion.

Visiting historical sites or culturally relevant places like Sentosa Merlion or the different museums in the citygive you a glimpse of the country’s rich history. The changing times have altered the minds of travellers now. What seemed to be an aesthetic journey purely for sightseeing has now turned into a journey of learning and appreciation, too.

#3 Island-Wide Free Internet Access

Having an almost nationwide internet coverage is a great convenience, especially for locals and tourists.Since everything is online, having internet access can mean a lot of things—access to information and work, social media, etc. The convenience that the internet offers gives more people the opportunity to visit the country. Simply put, backpackers or travellers whose work heavily relies on the internet can get their job done while on vacation in the country.

This is all on top of all the things Singapore is known for, including low crime rates, delectable and unique cuisine, environment-friendly technology, honest taxi drivers and exceptional sanitary standards.

Is Singapore also part of your travel list?