Christmas Lighting in St. PaulChristmas lights give your home a holiday feel. Whether you hang them outside the house or inside in a Christmas tree, it only means that you are excited and ready for one of most anticipated holidays of the year. Lights can be incandescent or LED bulbs, and each option has its benefits and drawbacks you should be aware of.

If you’re buying new holiday Christmas lights, it is beneficial to know more about your options to choose the right one.

Incandescent Lighting

Known for their warm and yellowish glow, incandescent bulbs give your home a traditional holiday ambiance. As these lights are inexpensive, replacement is never a problem. You can also choose from a range of colors and sizes that will suit your home or Christmas tree. Some manufacturers, furthermore, offer bulbs with designs and patterns that create a more joyful glow and feel.

The main concern for incandescent bulbs is that they are inefficient. While they are more affordable than LED bulbs, the majority of the power (more than 90%) they consume converts into heat instead of light. This is why they become costlier for the long term. There is also a potential to overheat, resulting in fire hazards.

LED Lighting

Many homeowners are now switching from incandescent to LED bulbs due to safety reasons. Apart from having an almost zero chance or burning out, LED bulbs have built-fuses to avoid overheating. They are also more efficient and consume less power than their counterpart. They come in single- and multi-colored options, with festive colors to choose from.

Some homeowners are hesitant buying these lights, as they are more expensive. This is why they are not a practical choice is you want to cover a big tree or a large space. Some people also think that the bulbs emit strong and too bright light. Dimming can solve the issue, but not all types of LED bulb function with dimmer switches.

Your choice lights should complement your Christmas tree and other décors. It is common for some people to combine incandescent lighting with LED bulbs can take advantage of their own benefits.