LDS Church in Salt Lake CityFounded by Joseph Smith Jr., the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or LDS was established in Fayette Township, New York City in 1803. It has been said that the angel Moroni appeared before Smith and told him about an ancient Hebrew text. On the same year the Church was founded, The Book of Mormon that has the English translation of the said scripture was published.

Today, the once small congregation has slowly grown in number and obtained a large following around the world. Despite being the fourth largest Christian religion today, many are still unfamiliar with the history of LDS and the religion of Mormonism.

If you are someone who is curious of LDS and is a travel enthusiast, here are three countries Cruise Lady says you can visit to satisfy your curious mind.

3. England

A dream country for a lot of travelers, England is one of the perfect places to visit if one wants to experience a good LDS vacation. Make sure to visit the River Bible, where the first LDS baptisms in England were held and the Preston England Temple – an LDS Church in Preston, England.

2. Israel

The Holy Land is one rich with the history of the religion – making it one of the go-to countries for those who wish to go an LDS travel. If you decide to visit, LDS Israel vacations will not be complete unless you go to the Garden Tomb, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane and BYU Jerusalem Center.

1. The United States of America

The United States of America is considered as the home of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Saints Day. The largest population of Mormons resides in this country and a number of must-see places for LDS enthusiasts can be found here. Make sure to visit the Smith Family Farm and Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah Pageant, Grandin Shoppe in New York and the LDS exhibits at Smithsonian Institution, the National Archives in Washington DC.

There are other more countries to choose from for a fulfilling, worth-remembering LDS vacation. Choose wherever you want to go and enjoy the experience alone, with friends or with family.