Cables management Modern homes have become laden with all sorts of electronic devices that provide comfort, from cooking food, keeping tabs with daily routine, to getting in touch with friends. But they also brought in one heck of a tangled problem: disorganized cables. So, how do you tidy up all your cables and wires at home?

Sorting Out Your Cables

It might difficult to find out which cable connects to what item under all the tangles and mess. Get started by unplugging and disconnecting everything. Gently tug and pull on the cables to get them all untangled. From there, it’s all just a matter of seeing where each cord leads to.

Trying to remember where all those cables connect to can be a tough task. Use markers and Post-it notes to label everything. Bread bag tags can also be re-used for this purpose. Get some colourful sticky tape to group the cables together (such as those in your PC) for easier identification later.

Making Everything Organized

Once you have sorted out the cables, you want them to stay that way. Zip locks are some of the most popular means of tucking in cables together if you are keeping them away. The problem with these is that they can be a pain to remove. The other good way is to use Velcro straps. Some common household items like binder clips and cardboard paper towel rolls can be used for cable organization.

Sometimes, you end up with many unused cables and wires lying on the floor. You can use a simple hanging shoe rack to store these cables. Label each properly for easier Identification. Before keeping away or plugging back cables, look for damaged wire and replace them immediately. You may use Raychem heat shrink tubing to protect cables.

Plugging Things Back Together

An important consideration when grouping related electrical equipment together is to have enough sockets to plug them in. You need to get power strips or surge protectors that have enough outlets. As a safety precaution, make sure you don’t plug in too much equipment in a single protector or power strip. Also, avoid any octopus connection.

Tidy up everything. You don’t want the wires to hang down from the side of the table. So, tape them down to the tabletop or to the side. If you don’t like the look of tape all over your desk, get one of those cable-organizing accessories that work the same way.

Once you have everything done, you’ll get a neat space and a safe one.