Car RentalTourists who want to skip the (mis)adventures of commuting around a new city can always rent a car for a more convenient option. However, renting a car overseas can be more complicated because your car insurance at home may not be valid. Website prices usually show just the daily rental rate of each vehicle, so double check with the company what their insurance cost is.

Aside from checking the insurance policy, there are other ways to avoid unnecessary and unexpected charges when renting a car. Here are three simple ways to do so.

Rent What You Need

Do not go overboard when choosing a car to rent. A rental company usually lists down the passenger capacity of each vehicle it has in the fleet and may charge accordingly. If you are travelling alone, opt for a compact car instead of an SUV, which may double your daily rate.

Take into account the luggage capacity of the car, as well, if you are travelling with the family or other people. The last thing you want is to strap your luggage to the roof.

Don’t Dirty the Car

Ace Rent A Car believes that customers should receive thoroughly cleaned rental cars every time. To achieve this commitment, some rental companies are charging customers additional cleaning fees if the vehicle is not in its original neat condition.

So you might want to think twice before lighting that cigarette while driving. Apart from the obvious safety hazard, it might leave burn marks and cigarette odour inside the car that you will have to pay for later.

Don’t Return it Late

This is one of the most unnecessary fees that you can clearly avoid. Although returning policies vary with each company, returning the car just a few minutes later than the expected return time may cost you the equivalent of a half-day rent.

Leave early, return the car early or on time and spend your money somewhere else.

When renting a car, being and able to foresee your needs and responsibilities will not only make your travel less stressful but can cut down on your costs too.