Many children in the United States suffer from unintentional injuries. Sadly, many of these accidents can occur tools at home right inside the home. Little ones can grab any item they like or find interesting. For example, children can drop by the tool shed, grab a saw, and accidentally cut their fingers. A heavy object like a hammer can hit their head, potentially causing a traumatic skull or brain injury.

If you're one of those creative and skillful who love DIY projects, it's time to keep your tool shed safe for your children. Make sure it has the following:


Prevention is your best option. As much as possible, keep your children from accessing the tool shed. This will prevent any untoward events from occurring, making your home a safer place for your little ones.

Work Bench

Can’t leave the kids alone? If you need to bring them to the shed once in a while, it’s best to have a work bench, which helps define spaces. Areas meant for work should be off-limits to the children.

Down Draft Table

Tool sheds tend to be dusty and dirty, with small wood slivers cluttering the floor. These tiny particles can be dangerous for the children. They can inhale the dust that can cause respiratory problems and allergies. Small slivers can enter their eyes. Better pair the work bench with a down draft table, which can suction and filter dust as you work.

Fire Extinguishers

According to Nationwide Children’s organization, children are more likely to cause about 400 fires every week, which can lead to more than 900 injuries and 100 deaths annually. These fires normally happen when they are left alone or unsupervised.

Some of the items in your tool shed are flammable. Having the right fire extinguisher can at least, buy you time to save yourself and the children in case of emergency.

Not everything in your home can be a child’s toy. Childproof every part of your property, including your tool shed, with these items.