Flat Roof Home in LehiPitched roofs are used for most residential buildings while commercial structures have a flat roof. There are, however, no hard and fast rules when it comes to design. The main thing that matters is what’s best for your purposes.

An Even Field

Collins Roofing Inc says that general, flat roofs are cheaper than sloped ones. This is why those who build commercial properties tend to prefer flat roofs. It costs less to construct drainage and some machinery can be installed there. Flat roofs, however, aren’t entirely flat. An incline of 2 to 12 degrees allows water and snow to flow to the gutters, keeping both from damaging the roof. If you live in an area without much snowfall like Southern Utah, installing a flat roof isn’t too much of a problem.

The disadvantage to flat roofs is that they can cost more to maintain. It is harder to find water leaks on a flat roof and if the leak isn’t found, it can cause extensive water damage. Regular maintenance is key to keeping a flat roof in good condition.

Putting it Up High

Pitched roofing serves two different areas well. For areas prone to heavy rain or snow fall, pitched roofs are great for allowing water and snow to easily roll off. For areas prone to heat, pitched roofs will allow the heat to accumulate overhead, keeping the space cool.

Pitched roofs can cost more to build but require significantly less maintenance. This makes it ideal for residences and small residential buildings. Gutters for pitched roofs are significantly cheaper to install and are easier to maintain. Another challenge for pitched roofing is when the area underneath is wide. A sturdy framework of beams is needed to support the roof. This is why, for large homes using pitched roofs, the design will often involve multiple pitched roofs.

Which is Which?

Consider first the conditions in the area where you live. Next, think of the look that you want to achieve. Consult a designer or architect if you are unsure of how feasible your design choices are. This way, you will be able to create an ideal structure to suit your tastes.