Invisalign Treatment in WarwickshireBefore her wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton didn’t have the most stunning smile. During the ceremony, however, many people noticed the Duchess of Cambridge’s sudden smile transformation. Though it wasn’t revealed right away, the secret to the now-princess’ perfect smile eventually got out — and that is Invisalign.

Invisible Braces to the Backs of Teeth

Kate Middleton’s French orthodontist specialises in Invisalign treatment, which involves attaching invisible braces to the backs of teeth. Wearing these invisible braces for several weeks or months can help move the teeth in the sequence determined by the orthodontist. The Duchess of Cambridge wore Invisalign for more than five months before her wedding. That’s why during the ceremony, she was able to capture everyone’s hearts, including Prince William’s, with her perfect smile!

What Do People Say About Invisalign?

Apart from Kate Middleton, other British celebrities also underwent the Invisalign treatment. Keira Knightley, for instance, fixed her several shifted teeth by wearing invisible braces for months. Cheryl Cole, a member of a girl pop group, now dons a dashing smile, too, thanks to Invisalign!

Besides these celebrities, other people are also saying nice things about this treatment. Several MiSmile’s patients, for instance, who’d undergone this treatment, said that Invisalign has helped them feel more confident about themselves. After the treatment, they no longer had to hide their teeth when smiling.

Others shared that wearing invisible braces is easy and convenient, as cleaning their teeth isn’t difficult and they can eat anything they want without worrying about metal brackets on their teeth. Plus, nobody noticed that they’re wearing aligners at all during the treatment!

With these advantages, no wonder many people, including celebrities, are encouraged to get Invisalign. More importantly, this innovative treatment has changed the stigma about braces — that it’s shameful to wear braces when you’re adult as they should only be worn by teenagers.