Burger in BrisbaneImagine holding a firm bun in your hand and smelling the meaty goodness before taking a bite of the juicy meat with melted cheese and luscious bacon. Unfortunately, your nutritionist would protest that this not really a healthy craving. Little did they know that you can still enjoy a burger in Brisbane and still maintain your toned body.

According to Farah Fahad, the dietitian and founder of The Farah Effect, balancing your cheat day food with healthy meals can help add to the total nutrient density and caloric content of your meal. For instance, separate carbs and proteins if you have issues with digestion. Below are detailed instructions for your favourite cheat meals:

During cheeseburger longings

Fahad suggests pairing your cheeseburger with a kale salad. She says that a cup of kale contains 80 ml of vitamin C which helps absorb the iron from the meat. You can combine this with practically any vegetable that is high in vitamin C. Add two slices of tomato on your burger and have Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli on the side. If this does not convince you, read about the favourite NYC splurge of Gigi Hadid.

During pizza cravings

A slice of your beloved pizza includes over 10 grammes of fat, so better consume it with broccoli. This vegetable contains large amount of soluble fibre, or viscous fibre that absorbs water to create a heavy, gelatinous substance. The Institute of Medicine reveals that the dense fibre can restrict the absorption of cholesterol and dietary fat. It achieves its duty by fastening it onto those two and bringing them to the digestive tract. This will then get rid of fats in the stool instead of absorbing into the bloodstream.

An expert from Burger Urge maintains that you do not need to sacrifice the finer things in life. You just have to match it with a healthier equivalent to help burn more fat and aid in digestion.