transporting critical patientsWhen it comes to getting critical patients from one remote location to another, using an air ambulance service is usually overlooked. With all the different transportation available, going through the air offers several advantages.

Air ambulance services like Skymed Aeromedical usually involve the use of helicopters to transport patients, but in some cases and depending on the company, they also have private planes. Either air vehicle gives the edge in getting the patient where they need to be without the hurdles that land transportations usually have. Here are the advantages of using an air ambulance:

Timely Transport

When the patient has a time-critical situation, going by air is the best option to get him or her where they need to be fast. Helicopters or planes do not have to worry about traffic jams, stoplights, or other road driving hurdles.

Access to Hard to Reach Areas

There are areas that are not easy to reach by land, and with individuals getting injured in places like mountain cliffs, middle of the sea and other such locations, using an air ambulance is the best and only choice.

Get Proper Care While Being Transported

Depending on the air ambulance service company, the helicopters or aeroplanes are equipped with proper equipment and staff. By having the right care and personnel, the patient will receive the right care until he or she reaches the hospital.

Higher Chances of Survival

According to studies, critically injured or time-sensitive individuals who were transported via air than by land are more likely to live since they reach the hospital sooner. The medical staff that came with the air ambulance also arrives faster at the scene.

Using an air ambulance tends to be more expensive than using a land-based transportation. For some individuals, their insurance companies can shoulder or cover the cost entirely. Pricier or not, the value of saving lives outweighs any cost.