Garden PestsHaving your own garden assures you of fresh fruits, veggies, herbs to augment your food supply. You can even beautify your home with flowers. However, garden pests can make growing your plants and harvesting the literal fruits of your labor a difficult task.

Here are those very persistent pests: 

Aphids – These insects are small and come in large numbers. They feed on fruits and plant sap and are found crowded together happily ingesting the liquids off a branch until the leaves fall off or the crops shrivel up. One simple solution is to apply pepper spray on the branches and use high-pressure water sprays regularly. Also, the more natural means of bug control being encouraged in Utah includes the introduction of aphid-eating insects to your garden like ladybugs and lacewings.

Bugs and Beetles – Some of the more infamous insects under this category are the potato beetle, sowbug, pillbug, stink bugs and squash bugs. Some of these insects, such as the pillbug and sowbug, are actually helpful insects. But in great numbers, they can destroy the roots and newly-sprouted seedlings. The other mentioned beetles feed on the fruit, soft stems and leaves of most plants in your garden. says an effective way to deal with these bugs is weed removal, propagating bug-repelling plants and using chemical-free and natural sprays.

Caterpillars – No matter how cute they are or how beautiful their adult phase will be eventually, too many of these critters will make short work of your plants and crops. True, butterflies and moths do assist in the reproduction cycle of plants, but caterpillars might not leave anything to reproduce. There are moth traps, floating row covers and tar-paper squares available in most garden stores complete with instructions on how to set up. The simplest way is to remove them by hand.

If you end up with an infestation, do call a reputable exterminator to deal with your pest problems. Otherwise, regularly checking your garden does discourage insect growth. Remember, be kind to your garden and it will definitely be kind to you.