SEO Experts in MinnesotaTwitter’s introduction of hashtags in 2007 was a defining moment in social media history. Since then, hashtags have been prominent characters on different social networks.

Used correctly, hashtags are powerful tools for communication; when abused, however, they end up as severe nuisances.

Hashtags 101: # Are for All Things Relevant

Social media users and Minnesota SEO experts specializing in social media use hashtags to mark their posts. For example, if you’re writing about a live event, using a hashtag allows others to find your personal insights about it. On Twitter, popular hashtags appear on the “Trending” section; people interested in sharing their thoughts use these to reach out to others.

Unfortunately, due to the hashtag’s popularity, spamming became a common trend.

Those who search for trending hashtags end up with unrelated posts from people or brands trying to capture their attention. Similar to click-bait articles, these spammers offer empty promises that waste the user’s time. These types of posts often contain multiple hashtags, which also encourage users to follow particular accounts.

The Battle Against Hashtag Spamming

Twitter uses a number of sophisticated algorithms to detect hashtag abuse on their platforms, which also ban accounts every day. Still, these algorithms have a high threshold, which keeps them from banning talkative users who are big fans of hashtags.

Twitter also encourages users to report cases of hashtag spamming; the site delivers by banning reported accounts almost immediately. In spite of their efforts, however, plenty of accounts still abuse hashtags by staying below the threshold.

Say No to Spamming

There are numerous ways to spam hashtags without provoking an account review, but hashtag spamming won’t do your campaign any good either. Twitter users are smarter than you think; they know spam when they see it. Spamming requires a great deal of effort, which wastes your time and resources.

Hashtags are powerful marketing tools, especially if used properly. Don’t succumb to your desire for more attention. Use hashtags properly and #waitpatiently for your efforts to bear fruit.