Career ImageThough your performance remains the primary reason for being hired or getting promoted, your physical aspect can still tip the balance of an employer's decision. There have been cases where workers were bumped by someone younger and neater and they are based on justifiable grounds. Read on to find out more about these sound reasons.

Youthfulness and Vigour – The proper stance, voice modulation and a perky air can do wonders to one's image. Studies have shown that applicants and workers that show more vitality get their higher-up's attention. Also, these characteristics can even reflect leadership qualities, which can eventually hasten promotions.

Proper Career Clothes – Common phrases such as ‘the look makes the man’ or ‘dressed for success’ are true in this case since your personal hygiene and what you wear will reflect on your professional self. After all, it takes commitment, discipline and awareness to be attentive to your looks. Coupled with a consistently excellent quality of work, your smart business attire and professional look will definitely catch attention and turn heads.

The Perfect Smile – When your boss meets you at the hallway, they can conclude a number of things about you by just looking at your face. A smile automatically gives them an affirmative view of your attitude and even your physical features. It exudes confidence and positivity which can easily be transferred to your recipient. Fresh Dental recommends that you visit a cosmetic dentist in London for straightening those pearly white or solving those unsightly gaps to enhance your smile.

The Right Accessories – Something as simple as an expensive watch, branded leather shoes, simple everyday-wear jewellery can improve a boring look. Make-up and cosmetics can also be worn as an accessory, and some studies have shown that many likes women who are made up more than those who have minimal or no make-up at all.

Self-improvement should always be a daily habit. If you truly are intent on becoming a better you, change what you can first. Your higher-ups will notice and, hopefully, this will be the start of your career's improvement.