Family GatheringFamily gatherings usually happen during the holidays or in the summertime when everyone is looking forward to a nice and delicious barbeque party. At this time, you must ensure your air conditioner is working well.

The winter season is coming to an end and soon, flowers will again show their colors as birds happily chirp their happy tune. It signals that a new season is just around the corner and it will once more be time for backyard barbeque fun with families and friends. As usual, some of the guests will opt to stay inside to chitchat or play cards. This is why at this early point in time, you need to check your air conditioning system to ensure that it is properly functioning when such parties occur. This is to assure that everyone will be perfectly comfortable if ever they wish to stay indoors.

Check condenser

Do not attempt to turn on your air conditioner immediately. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors recommends that you first go out of your house and check the status of the condenser. Remove any cover you may have placed there during winter and clear the surrounding area, making sure that there’s no grasses or debris within a radius of two feet. If there is a need, you may wash it with plain water using a garden hose to remove any leaves and debris that may have been sucked by its powerful fans.


After making sure the physical condition of the condenser is okay, go back inside the house and turn your air conditioner on. Set the thermostat to cool and have the fan on auto setting, then turn the down until it reaches about 68° Fahrenheit. Check the condenser again, verify that its fan is turning and listen for any unusual sounds. Go back to the unit again and feel the air coming out if it is cool. Once again, listen for any unusual sounds. If there is, turn the unit off immediately and call for an air conditioning service to have your unit checked.

Examine Filters and Ductwork

If the air coming out of your unit is not as strong as it used to be, check the filter for any clogs and clean or replace them if necessary. According to Popular Mechanics, a clogged filter blocks the airflow and causes the unit to initiate a shutdown. Check also your unit’s ducts and see if there are any holes or corrosions. If there is a hole, try to cover it up using a silver aluminum foil tape.

Checking your air conditioner and having it serviced way before the season it will be needed the most is definitely much better. At the very least, you would have time to have it serviced and fixed months ahead. This way, you can ensure that your visitors will be very comfortable when they come to visit your house and enjoy each other’s company.