Meticulous Record KeepingWhen running a busy medical practice, it can be a challenge to provide convenient and thorough patient care and still find time for the administration. Now you can with the best state-of-art electronic record programs.

Meticulous record keeping is an important aspect of patient care, providing all medical professionals who are treating the patient with an in-depth history of the person’s health, drug reactions, blood type and other crucial data that could make a real difference to the treatment plan and the patient’s quality of life. Equally important is the doctor-patient relationship. Patients visiting the doctor with intimate, embarrassing or worrying symptoms need to know that they can trust their healthcare provider and that they care and will listen to their concerns. It becomes a delicate balancing act, then, between time spent with the patient and time spent updating records.

Doctors are Becoming Burnt Out

Despite patients reporting more satisfaction with the care they receive if they spend more time with their physicians, the average primary care physician is expected to see each of his patients for only 15 minutes per appointment. Nearly half of all doctors surveyed say they feel very stressed and a quarter have symptoms of burn-out. For new doctors entering the profession, the time spent with each patient is even less, averaging between seven and 11 minutes. This has led some doctors to worry that they will miss a crucial detail during the consultation. The reason? They spent a considerable amount of time filling in records and dealing with administration.

Use Information Technology to Save Time

Electronic medical record consulting could solve your problems. You could talk to another doctor in a physician-led IT company who can assist you in implementing an electronic medical record system and show you how to use medical speech recognition software so you can navigate your computer using voice commands and do everything in half the time. Speech recognition also means that when you tell your patient’s story, the records update automatically, so you don’t have to type them up.
For more time to help your patients, learn how IT could revolutionize your practice.