Car Lift Wire RopesCar lifts are an important asset for auto shops and serious gear heads. With valuable equipment, it is only natural that you take care of it through preventative maintenance. With thorough care, a car lift can last longer, it can be safe to use, and it can function properly.


Among all maintenance routines, there is one important thing you have to take note of. The lifting cable of your challenger car lift is a vital part that if it is damaged, worn, or defective, you have to postpone usage of the lift until the cable is replaced. Besides signs of wear, you can replace the lifting cable every three to five years.

Regular Lubrication

Another maintenance routine you have to do is to lubricate both the internal and external parts of the wire rope. You can find wire rope lubricants that can penetrate the wire rope to its core and can keep the wire rope lubricated for a long time. Keep in mind, however, to lubricate within a maximum interval of three months.

Damage Inspection

How do you know if your car lift’s wire rope is damaged? Regular wear will appear on the cable over time. You can learn what different kinds of damages look like by researching online. You can also recognize damage if you see a number of strands sticking out of the length of the wire rope.

Alternative Inspection Methods

Alternately, you can notice any damage by cleaning the surface of the cable with a cloth. When you hit a snag, you will know there is damage. You can also flex the cable to expose any hidden damage. Finally, you can use an awl to probe internally to see damage inside the wire rope. On a side note, you can check the sheaves and guide rollers for any signs of wear. Most likely, such signs can affect your wire rope.

Now, you know how to take better care of your car lift. Don't take it for granted and give it the maintenance it needs.