Suggested styles for the boardroom when trying to buy boardroom furniture There are several types of layout for different uses of boardrooms. If you are planning to design a boardroom or considering buying a furniture, it is important that you will first determine the purpose of the area. This is to ensure that the boardroom will be at its most optimal layout for your specific purpose.

Here are some design ideas:

Boardroom Style

The boardroom style layout is a rectangular or oval table set up with chairs placed on all sides and ends. With good working space and atmosphere, this set up is good for group discussions and board meetings. In addition, with the current layout, participants can enjoy good interaction among other participants. On the other hand, this type of layout may not be good in audio-visual presentations; therefore, it is not good for speakers and not ideal for huge groups.

U-shape Boardroom

When planning to have a boardroom that is best for audio-visual presentation, it is ideal to consider the U-shape boardroom style. When planning to buy boardroom furniture for this specific purpose, it is good to purchase U-shape tables or series of tables that can be arranged in U-shape. This type of layout is ideal for audiovisual presentation and group discussions. This setup offers good workspace and interaction among participants, but also not applicable for a large group.

Theatre Style Boardroom

This layout is ideal for a large number of participants. Seats are arranged in rows facing the stage, head table, or speakers. This is the most efficient layout if the boardroom will be designed for attendees that will act as audience. On the other hand, the layout of chairs minimises the chance of having a group interaction and the layout requires a difference in elevation for large groups. For this setup, a proper floor plan of the room must be considered. Elevation of rows of chairs, lighting and acoustics should also be accounted.

Boardrooms should be designed based on the purpose and availability of equipment. International standards in room lighting, noise levels and required type of furniture or theme must be followed in order to provide the best experience or service for its users.